Dec 1, 2013

10 2014 Pulsar 200NS: New Colors with Minor Changes. Yellow Color Discontinued

First updates of the Pulsar 200NS since its launch..

Pulsars have always had this European flair in its design..

..and therefore decals / stickers does not suit it

The Pulsar 200 NS has been around for a year and half now and it was time for its first upgrade. Bajaj has responded by what looks like, making small cosmetic changes. It is actually quite uncharacteristic of Bajaj who is known to provide substantial additions in its upgrades.

So is it an indication of a maturing manufacturer? Or is it simply the lack or direct competition? You decide for yourself.

The All Black Color seems to be in Pure Black this time

So what are the changes in the 2014 Pulsar 200NS upgrade?

  • New Colors: 3 Dual Tone (Black with White, Blue, Red) and 1 Single Color (All Black)

  • "Matt" Finish Handlebars (Black Color)

  • Tank Pad/Tank scratch guard

  • Dark color engine casings/covers

Mustard Yellow Discontinued: Sadly Bajaj seems to have discontinued the "Mustard Yellow" color of the Pulsar 200NS. According to me that was the most attractive color and Bajaj should have continued with it. Nevertheless according to reports the all Black color seems to be in the Pure Black shade and not in the Brownish Black shade that was initially launched.

Pure Black replaces Brownish Black: The Pure Black shade has always been synonymous with Pulsars. In fact Black Pulsars have been infamous as the chosen vehicle involved in many police cases..!! I am sad to see the Mustard Yellow being discontinued but if the Black shade is indeed Pure Black, then it would be worth checking out.

Pulsars have always had this European flair in its design and therefore decals/stickers does not suit it. I am therefore not too excited by these dual tone paint/sticker jobs. A few so called bloggers are stating that the dual color is same as that on what is available in Indonesia. But actually the color combination/decals on the Indonesian Pulsar 200NS is different.

Small but thoughtful changes: What is similar to the Indonesian version is the darker colored engine casings, the tank pad and Matt finish handlebars. giving the handlebars the Matt finish is something which was needed. The glossy paint on the Pulsar 200NS was prone to chipping.

Any mechanical changes? Change in Price? There has been no official word about the 2014 Pulsar 200NS apart from uploading its photos on its Facebook page and official site. Therefore probably there would be any mechanical change or a change in its price. There was no big issues with the Pulsar 200NS anyway. But what would be welcome is if Bajaj has provided some improved damping on its engine block to cancel the slight resonance that seems to appear at some specific rpm range.

I have been planning to get the Pulsar 200NS someday and was thinking of getting the Mustard Yellow color, but now with it gone hope the Pure Black color saves the day for me. No dual tone Pulsar for me..!!

And by the way Mr. Bajaj, I wouldn't mind paying 10K-15K more for an ABS version. Thank You..!!

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Anonymous said...

And my vote for your last point.


K.K.VinayKumar said...

Black n White looks cool.

Cleaner said...

Payeng me too thought about getting a P200NS in mustard yellow but just as I was about to buy one but unfortunately some retard at Bajaj thought discontinuing it would be a good idea. Now some guy who claims to be the manager of a local Bajaj SVC keeps calling me and tries to force me a black colored NS, he says yellow color NS has bad quality paint and the engine of them are very bad. I'm sure as hell he is trying to make a ch**ia out of me, well, my last name is already Sutiya.

Anonymous said...

@payeng wat happnd to duke200 plannin?u said u luv to hav orange monster in ur parking space?

Payeng said...


Money bro.. money

Anonymous said...

ABS pls even if given as an option like the RTRs. Come on Rahul sir, we too need safety on these SBKs :(

Sathya said...

pls blog about auto expo 2014 many new bike launches

Anonymous said...

I have surfed a lot about this beast.. And now I am just afraid of the stickers graphics added to this dual tone pulsars. We live in India. And Indian places are so fckn danger to the stickers and even paint in some places.. And even if not judging on the basis of places, will these stickers be able to stick to the hunk bearing all the seasons and temperature? Humidity, heat, rains, winters. It's a QUESTION MARK.

Anonymous said...

Plz continue the mustard yellow color.......plz..

Gruhkhoj Kolhapur said...

very interesting and attractive blog and post.. i likes it..

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