Nov 3, 2013

4 Which is better? Yamaha FZ Vs. Honda CB Trigger

Comparison between Yamaha FZ-16/S and the Honda CB Trigger

Since it's launch the Yamaha FZ-16/S has been the the most desirable 150 cc Street Sports motorcycle available in India. Probably the only thing that prevents it from being the best selling 150 cc motorcycle in India (which has been the Bajaj Pulsar 150's turf for over a decade) is its relatively low fuel efficiency figures (around 35-40 kmpl) for a 150 cc model.

The TVS Apache RTR 160/180 models are too small to have the same kind of presence that the FZ has, the Hero Xtreme is not too everyone's taste in its styling, the Hero Hunk, Suzuki GS 150R bring nothing special to the table and the Pulsar 150 is too common on the roads. Honda CB Unicorn is too commuterish.

Honda tried to break into this desirable 150 cc with it's Dazzler in 2010. But did not taste the success it was looking for. As a result the Dazzler was discontinued and a new redesigned model called the CB Trigger has been launched. Is the Honda CB Trigger good enough to take the Yamaha FZ-16/S head on?

The normal consumer evaluates a purchase in 3 steps:

    [1] Looks
    [2] Price
    [3] Performance (including fuel efficiency)

Yamaha FZ-S

Honda CB Trigger

Following are some of the comparisons between the Yamaha FZ and Honda CB Trigger carried out by some of India's prominent auto publications.

All the comparisons nearly has the same verdict. In terms of performance and fuel efficiency there is not much that separates both these models. In terms of price the Top variant of the Honda CB Trigger is costlier than the Yamaha FZ. In terms of styling/looks/appeal there is no doubt that the Yamaha FZ trumps over the Honda by a good margin.

So is the Honda CB Trigger a good buy over the Yamaha FZ-16/S? '

Well unless you are a Honda fan, I say no..!! The Yamaha FZ-16/S still lords over the Honda. Even if Honda gives a rear disc and Combined Braking System on the CB Trigger as options.

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K.K.VinayKumar said...

"Yes, Yamaha!" Yamaha FZ is "Lord of the streets" no one can dethrone it, not even Honda & Suzuki.

Anonymous said...

cb trigger is similar to cb 300 r a single cylinder air cooled engine bike from brazil...tank,scoops&head light similar to it but rear portion little different....fz dont led tail or clear lens indicators which common every bike these days....single disc version bang for buck hope eat p-150 sales which outdated instead of fz...

Varun Murali said...

@ anonymous you know what happens to a rat when it tries to eat poison the rat rests in peace forever the first rat being dazzler and now the second in the row is gonna be the trigger. p150 will pull the trigger at the honda's trigger as usual...

Anonymous said...

yamaha fz can never match the seating comfort of cb trigger and the mileage it gives is almost 55-60. what about the mileage of yamaha fz it even never touches 50. No one on the indian roads goes for combi brake systems. The front disk brake and rear disk brake variant of honda cb trigger is 83,000 which is still less than yamaha fz

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