Nov 12, 2013

3 Pulsar 200SS/400SS will compliment (in Price) the KTM RC 200/390

2 new sets of spy photos of the full faired Pulsar caught testing..

Pulsar 200SS (?)

Great stuff for “Dhoom” bike lovers but personally I would love to see a naked Pulsar 400"NS"..!!

This name is not the official name given by Bajaj but doing the rounds due to speculations given birth after by Mr. Bajaj’s statement that "Bajaj would launch 2 Super Sport models soon".. hence the speculated “SS” tag, since Bajaj already calls the naked 200 Pulsar as Pulsar 200NS (naked sports).

Pulsar 400SS (?)

Mr. Bajaj has already mentioned that one of the full faired variants would be based on the 375 cc (373 to be specific) engine that does duty on the KTM 390 Duke (and now the RC 390 as well). If KTM can call the 375 cc model as 390 Duke and RC 390 why can’t Bajaj call its big full faired model as Pulsar 400SS..??

Nevertheless just in one day, 2 sets of the full faired Pulsar have surfaced. The model under test is heavily camouflaged which makes it difficult to make out the details. But what is obvious from the photos is the Perimeter frame and engine casing that looks similar to the Pulsar 200NS, which raises doubts that the under test model could be based on the 200 cc engine. Still it is not clear is the models caught testing sports the 200 cc engine or the 375 cc engine. But there are a few things and features that can be made out from the photos..

Tech and features on the Full Faired Pulsar

    [1] Fuel injection tech should be a natural addition as people will be ready to pay premium because it’s a full faired model (and not because of the Fi tech per se)

    [2] ABS: The speed sensors can be clearly seem in one set of photos

    [3]Steel braided brake hoses: The steel braiding prevents in expansion of the rubber brake hoses and helps in providing much better feedback especially when ridden (& braked) hard

    [4] Twin Projector headlamps: Most probably utilizing the set that would be used on the KTM RC series that would be manufactured in the same plant where the Pulsars are manufactured

    [5] LED Turn Indicators: The ones that are seen on the KTM 200/390 Duke

    [6] Perimeter Frame: The frame that makes the Pulsar 200NS a special bike has also been carried forward

    [7] Comfortable and slightly sporty handlebars: The handlebar position seems to be in the Honda CBR250R Sports Tourer mould. Makes sense as the KTM RC 200/390 already have Super Sports riding position. But.. in that case does the Super Sports Tag really suit the full faired Pulsars?

ABS on the Pulsar 200SS?

It’s a typical Bajaj modus operandi to give maximum value so the Pulsar 200SS might very well get Full Fairing, Fuel Injection and ABS as well.. only issue is that it makes the KTM 200 Duke look bad. But who says that the KTM 200 Duke can’t get ABS in India, after all in Europe even the 125 Duke gets it.

Price of the Pulsar 200SS..?

In my previous post, I have put my reasons how the KTM RC 200 & 390 would be priced to tackle the Standard and ABS variant of the Honda CBR 250R (or 300R). I therefore am of the opinion that the Pulsar 200SS & 400SS would be priced aimed at taking the market share of the Yamaha R15. Which means we should expect a price point of around Rs. 1.25-1.35 Lakhs for the Pulsar 200SS.

Price of the Pulsar 400SS..?

Now this is something which I am not too sure.. will it be more than the KTM 200 Duke (currently at Rs. 1.50 Lakhs on road) and would it be more, less or at par with the yet to be launched KTM RC 200. It’ll be interesting to see.

Great stuff for “Dhoom” bike lovers but personally I would love to see a naked Pulsar 400NS..!!

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ROyal said...

If you check the speed rating on the can make out it is 200

Anonymous said...

i like this... When launching in indonesia??

Gunawan MS said...

so, twin projector headlamp, instead of the conventional low beam projector + high beam elliptical reflector in P220F. I guess the projector would be the dual beam (hi-lo) type, using a small solenoid switch to move the projector shield up & down creating both beam output. INTERESTING ! But i guess the bulb is still gonna be conventional halogen instead of HID, which sucks for high beam passing light function. Unless Bajaj goes crazy with LED lighting for headlamp, which i thing quite unlikely.

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