Nov 18, 2013

1 Pulsar 200NS new colors (?)

New Colors for the Pulsar 200NS..

A few years back one could be sure that Bajaj used to make substantial change/upgrade to its models 2 years (on an average) after its launch. Of late Bajaj has been actually been slow in doing so. In case of the Pulsar 200NS, after about a year and half of its launch, Bajaj has finally given the Pulsar 200NS new colors and what looks like, small changes as well.

Pulsar 200NS in Red and Black

Bajaj has posted a few photos of what looks like new colors for the Pulsar 200NS. The bike now has more decals on it now. Whether its a good thing or not and if it goes with what Pulsar stands for? Well, debatable. Will have to check it out in the flesh.

What new on these new Pulsar 200NS?

  • Dual tone color scheme

  • Darker color engine casings/covers

  • A cute looking tank pad

The decals are different in design from the ones (Pulsar 200NS) that are on sale in Indonesia but the color on the engine casings and the tank pad look similar to what is found on Indonesian Pulsar 200NS models. I hope that the handlebars on the new Pulsar 200NS also gets the same matt black power coating on the handlebars instead of the current glossy black paint (on the Indian models).

Indonesian Pulsar 200NS

Till now two new colors have been uploaded on the Pulsar Facebook Page. It remains to be seen if more colors will be introduced, whether these are replacements of the existing colors, additional color options or maybe limited edition colors. One have to wait for the official confirmation.

According to me it could well be the new colors for the Pulsar 200NS as a similar thing happened with the older Pulsars when they were converted into dual color schemes (in 2011). In that case we can expect a couple of more colors as well.

Pulsar 200NS in White and Black

Personally I would love the current "Mustard Yellow" color to continue and if possible a "White" color as well.

How do you find the new color options?

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Veerendra Giddaluru said...

I think both Indonesian version & current Indian version look good. But the new dual tone colors are not really standing out, I think only the blue/black combination looks some what good. Personally didn't ride it even once, but all the reviews were asking an upgrade of tyres. So, Bajaj will score a point if they provide better tyres. Hope Bajaj comes up with an engine guard for p200NS, it will enhance the look of bike. I also wish that Bajaj offers ABS as an option, it's desirable on a bike as capable & powerful as P200NS.

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