Nov 7, 2013

2 KTM RC 390 On Road Action Photos & Video

Collection of photos of the KTM RC 390 on the road..

A new set of photos that show the KTM RC 390 Super Sport motorcycle in its elements on the street. Plus an official Video that shows off the RC 125/200 & 390 that are "Ready to Race"..!!

KTM RC 125/200/390 Official Video

Can't see the video? Watch it on Youtube: Click here

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Veerendra Giddaluru said...

Indicators on RVMs is a nice touch, gives a neat look to fairing, perhaps aerodynamic too! If the pricing announced for RC 125 @ 4500 euros is any indication, people in India can also expect RC 200/290 at 20-30k premium over Duke 200/390.

Payeng said...

Agree Veerendra, the RC 200/390 looks all set to be priced at Rs. 20-30K Premium over the 200/390 Duke.. which means smashing value for money.

It would makes things though for Yamaha R15, Honda CBR150/250R (or the 300R if it comes)

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