Nov 10, 2013

5 KTM RC 200 and 390 Price in India?

What could be the on road price of the RC 200 and 390 that would be launched in India?

If KTM matches the price as I have speculated.. has to be ignorant about motorcycles or a Honda fanboy to go for the Honda CBR250R/300R

It's just a matter of time before KTM launches its "mini" Super Sport models the RC 200 and RC 390 in India. In most certainty the RC 125 much like the 125 Duke won’t arrive in India as it would be priced out of reach of what Indian’s would like to pay for a 125 cc model. So how much would the RC 200 and RC 390 be priced in India?

So far there has been no official indication for the price in India. But actually it is not too difficult to speculate on the India price. And I am sure that the price would remain around the same level that I would be speculating here.

KTM RC 200 and RC 390 On road Price:

Lets look at how the KTM 200 and 390 Duke are priced in India. The 200 Duke is available for on On Road price of around Rs. 1.50 lakh and the 390 Duke for a lip smacking around Rs. 2.0 Lakh on road in most cities of India. Coming straight to the price speculation, in most probability the RC 200 will be priced at around Rs. 1.75 lakh on-road and the RC 390 at Rs 2.25 lakh on-road for most of the cities in India.


For most part the RC 200/390 are based on the already in production and on sale KTM 200/390 in India. The engines would most certainly be in the same state of tunes, there are slight change in the chassis but like the other body parts it would in all probability be shared with the faired (125/)200/390 variants. The ABS and Metzeller tyres that the 390 Duke gets and the 200 Duke doesn't, would be the same story for the RC 200 and RC 390 as well.

Very tough times for the Honda CBR250R (300R)?

Honda CBR300R

The Honda CBR250R Standard variant is already priced at around Rs. 1.7 Lakhs on Road and the ABS Variant at Rs. 2.1 Lakhs on Road. I am sure that KTM can and will go for the Honda CBR250R's jugular vein with its RC 200 taking care of the the baby CBR's stardard variant and the RC 390 sweeping clean the ABS variant.

Now even if Honda decides to launch the 300 in India, it will only make things tough for itself, as there will definitely be an increment in the price. And if KTM prices the RC 200 and RC 390 in the range that I have speculated, except for the fanboys, Honda will have a really tough time convincing the Indian customers to buy the CBR250R (or maybe the 300R) in place of the so desirable KTM RC 200 and RC 390.

The KTM RC series already has much more desirable styling. The 375 engine of the KTM is much more powerful than the Honda's 250/300 engine. The RC 390 has ABS and the tyres of the KTM RC 390 is of much superior variant.

If KTM prices the RC 200 and 390 as what I have speculated, one has to be ignorant about motorcycles to go for the Honda CBR250R/300R.

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Veerendra Giddaluru said...

I've no doubt about the prices you mentioned, I won't be surprised even if KTM prices the RC series just about 15-20k premium over the Duke series. But I'll be shocked if any of the competition manages to offer a product priced lower than KTM, I'm sure that's next to impossible, coz the economies of scale KTM got by teaming with Bajaj is hard to achieve for others, atleast for another two to three years.

Shaiju B said...

This seems to a true track bike ... I wonder how people can use it for touring or for daily commuting (rare scenario). The seating position seem to be perfect for track and not for real road conditions. I think pillion seat is just for the sake of it. Female (even girl friends) might find it uncomfortable. So don't u see a small market (read CBR) just for the touring guys who wanna take their female comfortably to long distances?

Anonymous said...

it is sensible to buy dukes either naked or full.faired over pulsar naked or upcoming full faired ones.....the day bajaj bought 49% stake in ktm is publisizd as bigger brand thn honda,yamaha,kwasaki,ducati,triupmh or suzuki...but in reality completely different....

Anonymous said...

cbr 150 r or r15 used for begineers on race track but now rc 200 is perfect machine...

Sajal said...

I totally agree with Shaiju here. It's not about being ignorant about motorcycles, but one's choice of motorcycle. I want a track blaster, full blown Sports Fun (even for day to day commuting and traffic light GPP), I would always go for the RC series.

But if I know that my back would not support my enthusiasm, and it's time for me to take things a little more easy and relaxed and yet not completely miss out on the fun, then I would definitely look for other options (CBR et al).

I strongly feel that even though RC would do some damage to the the like of Honda and Kawasaki in terms of price:product ratio, the RC is not a big threat them. The real threat is lurking just under the RC series you see... it's the Faired Pulsar 200/375 combo that Honda, Kawasaki and other manufacturers should be worrying about.


1) The Faired Pulsars won't be an out and out track tool like the RC. They would be in Sports Tourer genre

2) Nothing.. I mean Nothing beats the Pulsars when it comes to Value for Money proposition.

So, Payeng dude, your statement actually goes true for the upcoming Faired Pulsar 200/375 duo :)

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