Nov 19, 2013

1 Harley Davidson to price the Street 750 below 5 Lakhs in India, launch in Feb 2014

Harley Davidson to launch the "Made in India" Street 750 at a shocking price in India

Its nothing less than a historic moment when Harley Davidson has decided to manufacture in India. The recently displayed Street 750 and 500 will be manufactured in India and sold in India and also exported to other countries.

The Harley Davidson Street 750 is bad news especially for DSK-Hyosung..

Harley Davidson has today officially stated that the Street 750 will be priced at below Rs. 5 Lakhs..!! It means that Harley wasn't to make things tougher with brands like Kawasaki (Ninja 650 is priced at around 5 lakhs). But the real hit would be for Hyosung Aquila Pro (at Rs. 5 Lakh) and ST7.

DSK-Hyosung will now have a real hard time convincing the Indian customer as to why he should not go for a Harley Davidson instead.

The Street 500 might be launched in 2015. It is the Street 750 that would be unveiled in the 2014 Jan India Bike Week at Goa and officially launched in Feb 2014 at the New Delhi AutoExpo [Source: Hindu Businessline]

This would make things a bit tough for even Triumph Motorcycles which are slated to officially launch its models in Nov 28, 2013. Competition is a good thing and hopefully other manufacturers too will take a leaf out of Harley Davidson's strategy of manufacturing in India. At the end, its the Indian biker that stands to benefit.

I am not a cruiser and Harley Davidson fan, but looking at how things are shaping up in India in the motorcycle space, it's great to be Indian..!!

Harley Davidson Street 750 Photos:

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Anonymous said...

My dream motorbike is harley davidson street 750 is very expensive, but worthed to be racing motor hehehe

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