Nov 8, 2013

10 5 Interesting things about the KTM RC 125/200/390

5 interesting things that make the KTM RC 200/390 special..

The recently unviled KTM RC 125/200/390 has managed to grab everyone's attention. Needless to say the styling on it is aggressive, in your face and pure KTM. The performance with its KTM 125/200/390 Duke derived engines will definitely be equally exciting. Posted below are 5 interesting things that make the RC 125/200/390 stand out.

[1] The rear seat on the KTM RC 125/200/390 is designed to look like a single seater:

The foam of the rear seat of the KTM RC 125/200/390 comes from a supplier in Canada and which is the only one supplying this stuff. What makes it special is that the special seat foam gives the rear seat the look of a rear seat cover/cowl..!! So the RC 125/200/390 will always look a single seater.. Super Cool..!!

[2] The LED Pilot Lamps on the KTM RC 125/200/390:

The head lamps on the RC 125/200/390 is a bit too extreme for some to digest. Personally I love it. The bike will be half interesting without those dual projector lamps. But it is the position of those LED pilot lamps which is really wicked. Just have a look at the photo and video posted below.

[3] The Front Turn Indicators:

The Front Turn Indicators on the KTM RC 125/200/390 are integrated with the Rear View Mirrors. Benefit? Forget about the "aerodynamics" being stated on the official KTM website. But the real benefit apart from looking cool is that in case of a fall there won't be chances of the front turn indicators being broken anymore..!!

[4] The Frame of the KTM RC 125/200/390 is different from that of the 125/200/390 Duke:

The frame has been modified to better fit the supersport ergonomics and dynamics. Changes include in the steering head, a shorter wheelbase, taller seat height and increased ground clearance. All these modifications have resulted in a quick and agile handling over the 125/200/390 Duke.

[5] The triple clamps on the KTM RC 125/200/390 are made of forged aluminium:

Forging makes the metal parts stronger compared to normal casting. The handlebar triple clamp on the RC 125/200/390 is made of forged aluminium. This along with the low clip ons give a supersport riding feel and stance.

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Sajal said...

Even though I'm drop dead in love with this machine... here's what I think are the perils in India -

1) The Rear Seat - The make of the rear seat makes it super exclusive and the pervert Indian mentality always has a tendency to fiddle with exclusivity and that makes the Rear Seat prone to unwanted damages and then waiting endlessly for the spare/replacement

2) I'm really beginning to think that those are not pilots, but the glossy fiber piece reflecting light. Just think of it, in the video, none of the bikes have the pilots on while one of the head light is on. Generally if one of the head lights is on, the pilots are hardwired to that same circuit and they would be on too. I would love to have the pilots in that fashion but I'm really thinking that are those really the pilots!!

3) I also love the headlight assembly, radical, stylish and not following the norms. Having said that, I personally feel that the boxy design would create some drag (I'm thinking that extended head light front which we are thinking as pilots, is there to counter this drag)

This baby should come here ASAP man!!

Payeng said...

Sajal, those are the Pilot Lamps.. check out the video from EICMA 2013 that has been updated on this post.

Sajal said...

The I'm even more ecstatic!! Boy that's a LED strip implementation I guess... Rahul Dev Nath might be knowing better :D

Anonymous said...

waitin for RC 200 test bajaj 200 s.s is more subtle rear seat set up i guess....bajaj always gud in designin clothes...

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, Payeng. I've always appreciated the simpleness associated with this blog. Have read numerous articles here and trust me it never disappoints.

The LED is bloody wicked. This is madness unleashed with KTM.

Sanket Kambli said...

KTM next dream bike

Bharat Bedi said...

Biker will now think twice before removing the rear view mirror - now that the indicators are integrated.

Preetam said...

Now LED DRLs/Pilot Lamps foray into the biking world!
I personally love it, however I hope manufacturers do not go into overkill mode and implement it throughout the range of products as BMW, Audi, and Mercs, have all done with their cars.
Some immediate problems as I see with it are:
1. Fuel Tank Range: India does not have racetracks, atleast not as many as we'd like. For everyday usage, and the tune of this machine, a realistic 200 Kms on a tankful will be bit too much for many to digest!
2. Rear Grab Rails (or Rather the lack of it): Though not a deal breaker, will definitely pose problems for some, especially as the rear seat is very unconventional.
3. Quality and looks of the switchgear: Not too sure but looks lifted straight out of a pulsar.

All said and done, this will be one stonker of a bike to own and ride, especially when KTM introduce it with a deliciously mouthwatering sticker price!

Bring it on KTM! Game on!

ladson amith dsouza said...

whn cmg to india >|??

Anonymous said...

When is it comin to India
TO >>

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