Oct 19, 2013

0 Will Triumph manufacture its small model in India? Mission Possible?

Smaller, Single cylinder Triumph spied.. will it make into India?

Triumph Motorcycles have been keen to enter India for some time now. It showed off its lineup that it wants’ to bring to India in the 2012 Auto Expo and also announced the indicative prices of the models. It has been almost 2 years since then and Triumph is yet to officially launch its models in India.

Recently there has been some hectic activity from Triumph’s end. It appointed Mr. Vimal Sumbly (ex Bajaj GM) as the head for India. Mr. Ashish Joshi (Ex Royal Enfield Emloyee) who was originally oppointed as the CEO for Triumph India had resigned from his post. Its now just a matter of time before Triumph launches its models in India. The officially date is around November 2013, makes sense as global companies refreshes it’s models around that time which also coincides with the Milan Motorcycle Show where these new models are displayed.

Triumph can bring its models in CKD (completely knocked down) and CBU (completely built unit) forms to India. CKD attracts lower taxes, also these kits can arrive from Triumph's Thailand manufacturing unit, a country with whom India already has some trade agreements. But what’s most interesting is a recently spied smaller model from Triumph, spy pics of which are posted below (source: visordown)

There was already some rumor about Triumph developing a smaller model specially for developing nations like India and Thailand. This spied model can be seen to be inspired the Street Triple, which is one of the best selling model of Triumph. But unlike the famous 3 cylinder engine of the Street Triple, this one seems to have a single cylinder. Triumph Street Single..??

Triumph could fulfill the dreams of desi bikers who put twin round headlamps on his bike to mimic Tom Cruise’s Triumph..

The cubic capacity of the engine is not known but is speculated to be around 250-350 cc. Now the most important question is where will this “Street Single” be manufactured in? Thailand is the most obvious answer but there could well be a very good possibility of this baby triumph being manufactured in India..!! Much like how Honda made the CBR250R for the world in Thailand and India. Manufacturing in India means ridiculously low priced models (much lower than getting it in CKD). We have already seen how delightfully the KTM 200/390 Duke are priced in India when compared to the rest of the world.

Although Triumph has decided to start its operations from Gurgaon, where it would probably start assembling the CKD kits. It has also bought a land near Bangalore. In the near future Triumph can very well use these facility to manufacture made in India Triumph’s for the world, take advantage of the low cost of manufacturing in India and in turn we Indians get access to another top motorcycle brand at ridiculous prices..!! Bring it on Triumph, I say.

Mr. Sumbly has already said that "India will become a global bikes hub for emerging markets". Very soon we could start to see authentic made in India, bug eyed Triumphs rolling on our desi streets to fulfill the dreams of desi bikers who put twin round headlamps on his bike to mimic Tom Cruise’s Triumph from the movie Mission Impossible.

I don’t think it’s very much Mission Possible for Triumph to manufacture in India. What say guys?

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