Oct 2, 2013

19 Power to Weight Ratio of Made in India Motorcycles: 2013 Comparo

Collection & comparison of the "Power to Weight ratios" of the current "Made in India" motorcycles.. in 2013

To compare our "Made in India Motorcycles" in 2013 by their "Power to Weight" ratios, I have compiled a list posted below. One can get a rough idea of how the bikes stack up against each other by Comparing the “Power to Weight Ratio” of the different models.

Models like Kawasaki Ninja 300/650 and Hyosung GT250R/650R are not included in the list below as the list has made complied only for "Made in India" models

The KTM 390 Duke is the (made in India) bike with the highest power to weight ratio in India in 2013 that too by a huge margin followed by its younger sibling the KTM 200 Duke. Third is the Pulsar 200NS.

The huge gap between the 1st and 2nd in the list is note worthy.

RankModel NameMax Power (Ps)Kerb Weight (Kgs)Power to Weight Ratio
01KTM 390 Duke43.51145300
02KTM 200 Duke25.35136186
03Bajaj Pulsar 200NS23.50145162
04Honda CBR250R (Std/ABS)26.36167158
05RE Classic 50027.58187147
06RE Thunderbird 50027.58195141
07Bajaj Pulsar 220F21.04150140
08RE Bullet 50026.46193137
09Honda CBR150R17.82138129
10TVS Apache RTR18017.27137126
11Yamaha R15 V 2.017.00136125
12Bajaj Avenger 22019.04155123
13Bajaj Pulsar 18017.02147116
14Hero Karizma R17.24150115
15TVS Apache RTR160 15.40136113
16Hero Karizma ZMR17.84159112
17RE Bullet 350 Twinspark20.08180112
18Bajaj Pulsar 135LS13.50122111
19RE Classic 35020.08182110
20RE Bullet Electra Twinspark20.08183110
21Bajaj Pulsar 15015.06143105
22RE Thunderbird 35020.08192105
23Bajaj Discover 125ST13.00124.5104
24Yamaha FZ-1614.00135104
25Yamaha FZ-S14.00135104
26Honda CB Trigger14.19137104
27Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler14.18138103
28Bajaj Discover 125T12.50124101
29Yamaha Fazer14.0014199
30Hero Hunk14.4014699
31Hero Impulse13.2013499
33Hero Xtreme14.4014997
34TVS Phoenix11.0011695
35Suzuki GS150R13.9814994
36Honda CB Unicorn13.5014692
37Bajaj Discover 12511.0011992
40Yamaha SS 12511.0012588
41Honda CBF Stunner11.1512888
42Yamaha YBR 12510.8812687
43CB Shine10.4312186
44CB Twister9.1310885
45Bajaj Discover 100T10.2012184
46Honda Dream Neo8.3610580
47Honda Dream Neo8.3610877
48Hero Super Splendor9.1312175
49Hero Passion X-Pro8.7011675
50Suzuki Hayate8.4011275
51Bajaj Platina8.2011373
52Star City 1108.2911572
53Hero HF Dawn7.8010972
54Mahindra Pantero8.5012071
55 Mahindra Centuro8.5012071
56Hero Glamour9.1312971
57Hero Glamour (Fi)9.1312971
58TVS Sports7.6010870
59Hero Splendor Pro7.8011270
60Hero HF Deluxe7.8011270
61Hero Splendor NXG7.8011270
62TVS Max 4R8.2011969
63TVS Slingshot8.7012967
64Yamaha Crux7.6011367
65Bajaj Discover 1007.7011567
66Hero Passion Pro7.8011966
57Yamaha YBR 1107.6012362

How Power to Weight Ratio is calculated?

In simple words by dividing the “Power” by the “Weight”, we get the “Power to Weight” ratio.

To make sure that each of the various models are compared on the same scale, one has to make sure that the unit used for both “Power” and “Weight” are same. In the list compiled above the unit for power has been taken in “Ps” and the weight in “Kgs”. Also for all models the “Kerb Weight”, which is the Dry weight of the vehicle + 90% filled up with fuel and engine oil has been taken into consideration.

i.e: Power (in Ps)/Weight (Kerb Weight in Kgs)

But since the number obtained in the above calculation is very small (in decimal points), the above formula is multiplied by 1,000. Which is equivalent to dividing the “Power” by “tons” instead of “Kgs”

i.e: [Power (in Ps)/Weight (Kerb Weight in Kgs) ] x 1,000 = Power to Weight number (in Ps/Ton)]

P.S: I have taken care to calculate the max. power in "Ps" and the “Kerb Weight” of each model into consideration in the calculation. Kindly point out if you come across any error from my side in the above calculations and also in the max. power / kerb weight figures.

You can also point out if I have missed any current model from the above list.

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K.K.VinayKumar said...

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler 14.18 Max Power (Ps), 138 Kerb Weight (Kgs) , 103 Power to Weight Ratio.
What these figures mean? Is it good or bad? Explain me in plain English.

Anonymous said...

the power n weight fig r not accurate; n which weight is taken dry/curb weight

Payeng said...


Kindly point out which paricular info is not accurate.
It's made clear in the table power has been taken in "Ps" and Weight as "Kerb/Curb" weight


There is nothing more that I can explain than what I have posted above

Sanket Kambli said...

excellent work.. love it..
my first bike ranked at 13
current bike at expected low of 44
my "coming soon" bike at decent 20

Anonymous said...

There are two versions of the CBr 250r. The STD is 4 kgs lighter than the C-ABS.
Also the new cbr is at 26hp(refer HMSI website) compared to the older model 25hp so the ps now is 26.4 instead of your 25.3.

Payeng said...


Updated the power figures of the CBR250R as per Honda India's website.

Kerb weight of both Std and Abs version is at 167Kgs according to official website. No where its mentioned that its 4 kgs lighter.

By the way the change in power figure has not changed the relative position / rank of CBR250R in the list above

Anonymous said...

cb trigger and cb unicorn dazzler is better thn hunk,xtreme still people buy xtreme and hunk more

Anonymous said...

my orange pulsar 220F, is at no. 7 :) my dream bike is at no. 3 :) not bad, not bad at all :)

Shaiju B said...

KTM seems to be the king of all and they are at top by a huge margin. I think the 390 is going to be in the top for quite some time until a new high capacity/powered naked model from KTM is not launched.

But is it possible that the naked bikes (400 & 500) from Honda will be able to dethrone it, if at all it gets launched in India?

Shaiju B said...

Btw Payeng, did you buy new bike after you sold out the Pulsar 220?

Payeng said...


Due to family priorities (am a father now) I am still holding on to my plans of getting a new bike. Anyway my next bike will be for "Pleasure Rides" and NOT for commuting.

Yes, the 390 would be no. 1 for a long time. Even if Honda gets its 400 cc bikes, they are heavy to be able to compete with the 390 in terms of Power to Weight ratio.

Shaiju B said...

Ok Payeng.. good to know that. 390 seems to be the choice of the time.

Sanket Kambli said...

twister is king in 100cc category..!!

Avinash said...

Have no actual idea to get a a bike
Was actually thinking to get a vespa
Have seennthe 2014 karizma r pics
So nowvthinking to get the present karizma r as it wont be available later
What do you say ?
Weight of duke 200 is around 130 kerb as our model doesnt have abs

Anonymous said...

@payeng small doubt why difference in weight btw pulsar200ns and duke 200.....9kgs huge difference.....

Rakesh R said...

He he he CBR150R beats R15 here, with CBR at No9 and R15 at No11 :D. . .


I really appreciate ur Work. Keep it up

Munuswamy Karthikeyan said...

Weight vise RE. TB is heavy 192 kg

Damon Daniel said...


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