Oct 16, 2013

2 Official: The 2014 Hero Karizma ZMR makes 20 bhp

The new Karizma ZMR makes 20 bhp.. Hero also calling it "The God of Bikes"..!!

Hero has come out with the power figures of its new Karizma ZMR. Peak power is up from the earlier 17 bhp to 20 bhp. The following promotional video makes it official

No issues with Hero upping the peak power of its flagship, but calling it as the "God of Bikes" is... well.. amusing. Someone at Hero should try the 390 Duke for a proper perspective of bikes in India in 2013-

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Anonymous said...

@payeng common man u dont post anything abt bajaj discover M but u hav time to post 20 bhp of updated karizma??? :p :p....worried abt criticism??...agree that its joke to cal 20bhp 223 c.c motor bike "god of bikes" wen u hav dukes and cbr's

Shreyansh Modi said...

'Hero' you Rock! your Technology is so advanced, 20 BHP from a 223 CC Wow!

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