Oct 17, 2013

6 Honda CBR300R replacement for CBR250R? [Engine Specs & HQ Photos]

Honda shows it's global CBR250R upgrade, the CBR300R..

Indian's are not used to upgrade/change of engines in Honda motorcycles. Honda has never done it in India till date for its motorcycle lineup. But this could soon change with its flagship model in India the CBR250R. Honda has today shown its global upgrade to the CBR250R, the CBR300R. Its very likely that India too will get the upgrade and probably replace the CBR250R.

CBR300R changes from CBR250R:

Apart from getting a bigger engine the new CBR300R gets new fairing panels, twin headlights which mimic the bigger CBR1000RR, and a new exhaust end which seems to be borrowed from the CBR500/400 series.

The styling changes makes the motorcycle look sportier than the CBR250R. Thankfully the VFR 1200F inspired headlamp of the CBR250R has been done away with the new CBR1000RR inspired twin lamps.

CBR300R Basic Engine Specs:

[Source: infomoto.blogosfera.uol.com.br]

Engine: 286 cc
Max Power: 30.8 bhp (31.23 Ps) @ 8,500 rpm
Max Torque: 2.7 kgm (26.48 Nm) @ 7,250 rpm.

Even though the peak power and torque figures have been updated, it still is a good distance away from the performance king of "Made in India" bikes, the KTM 390 Duke (44 Ps and 35 Nm). It is not clear if there is any change in the chassis and suspension. The CBR250R is not exactly a very good handler (especially with bikes like R15, Pulsar 200NS, 200/390 Duke around), it will be interesting to see if Honda has done anything to improve the handling of the CBR300R.

Nevertheless the styling changes on the CBR300R will help Honda to keep the interest alive in it's flagship. Honda should seriously consider getting the CBR250R replaced with the new CBR300R in India.

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Sajal said...

With these "refreshing" upgrades too, the CBR 300R looks more like a wannabe rather than like a serious motorcycle like the Ninja 300.

Shaiju B said...

This one looks gorgeous, and I read it some where that the weight is also reduced. But even if this is launched in India the price could be slightly higher than Duke 390. So some one looking for VFM money product especially in terms of BHP its again the Duke which going to be the king. But some one who needs a quarter litre sports bike with full fairing this makes sense at least till the full fairing Dukes arrive.

Anonymous said...

if honda its just wannabe.....if bajaj interest of bikers?

Varun Murali said...

It is because bajaj and for some extend also tvs are the only true indian blooded companies who has managed to understand the indian motocycle enthusiast's mind and has managed and still manages to give stunning machines with exhilarating performance at affordable prices.All who worship japanese beware ,WE INDIANS HAVE ALSO CAUGHT UP WITH THE GAME....its just that, though when it comes to volume segment everybody said and still says bajaj products as wannabe because people believe in honda but in the same india, when it comes to VFM performance machine not even the gr8 Honda can match the pulsar...because like i said when comes to performance motorcycling nothing matches the brand value of the bajaj branded machines.

Varun Murali said...

With a mere 30.8 ps powered engine it would be gr8 to see how the 300r is gonna measure upto the ktm 390 duke and pulsars....LOL....

Anonymous said...

@varun bhai india companies in hurry to make money thts why launch too many products rather stabilize its line....will see how long these long last

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