Oct 6, 2013

6 Hero Splendor i Smart is actually a Splendor NXG

New Splendor model from Hero is basically a Splendor NXG with a new feature..

Few days back Hero made some news by reveling plans of launching "new" models. Some of which were put on display in it's dealer's meet in Macau, China. The new Karizma R and ZMR were among those models.

Another model that was on display was the supposedly new Splendor variant called the splendor i Smart. According to what has been revealed by Hero, the Splendor i Smart would feature something like an "idle stop" feature. What this feature does is it shuts off the engine in case it remains idle like in a traffic stop for sometime.

This feature is not exactly a break through innovation, since this kind of feature is found in some cars and even on some bikes. It is supposed to save fuel and thus increase the fuel efficiency.

Quite a few blogs and auto sites have covered about the Splendor i Smart along with this particular photo. But I have not come across anyone who has realized that it is basically the Splendor NXG.

Hero probably is not yet replacing the 97 cc engine from its 100 cc engines and therefore looks like the Splendor i Smart is actually a Splendor NXG with a new feature.

I am still waiting for something from HeroMoto which will surprise me.

Still waiting..

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Shaiju B said...

Correct, it is in fact the Splendor NXG. But the model that is displayed in green doesn't seems to be a production model. I think its a concept for showcasing the new technologies that are going to incorporate.

Sadly NXG seems to be the least selling 100cc from Hero.

Anonymous said...

@payeng the deal between hero&EBR is same type like in bajaj-ktm combo or different......how can EBR design bike like new karizma's?

Anonymous said...

from Alex in Indonesia:
hi Mr Satedal Payeng :)
"Idling Stop" features can also be found in Scooters, such as Honda Vario 125 Fi Sold in Indonesia and Thailand.

Payeng said...

@Alex and Shaiju, thanks for your inputs.


KTM and EBR are totally different kinds of brands.. KTM is a world renowned maker of high end and world class Off Road / Enduro motorcycles.

EBR is basically into motorcycle racing, they are tuners they source their enignes and suspension from other makers and tune them to participate in Races in the US of A.

So the kind of associations with Bajaj and Hero respectively are quite different. Bajaj relation with KTM is very clear but how will Hero utilize EBR is not exactly known

Anonymous said...

OMG.... Yamaha RAY is Honda Vario 125 Fi

sunny said...

nxg i will suggest that no one should buy this bike.very bad experience,uncomfortable increases back pain ,low mielage,,more maintenance

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