Sep 28, 2013

11 2014 Hero Karizma R and 2014 Karizma ZMR revealed

Hero unveils the new 2014 Karizma R and ZMR models..

A couple of months back a few photos of what looked like Karizma upgrades under heavy disguise had appeared on the net. Hero happened to unveil these new Karizma models in Macau. Photos of these new models started to crop up of various sites since today morning.

2014 Hero Karizma R

It's sad to see a legend like the Karizma R being subjected to such treatment..

Although the specs are not yet public, from the photos it does appear to be more of a cosmetic job than a total overhaul. The engine and chassis parts on the new models look identical to the original Karizma R and ZMR models.

Although Mr. Munjal the boss man of Hero Motors have made a speech that the new Karizma would be more powerful than before, I not keeping my expectations too high.

2014 Hero Karizma ZMR

Initial Impressions: From whatever is visible in the photos, the 2014 version of the Karizma ZMR looks to be an improvement in terms of styling. I wouldn't rate it very highly aesthetically but then its better than the original ZMR.

But the disappointment for me here is the new 2014 Karizma R. The styling is simply not happening. It's sad to see a legend like the Karizma R being subjected to such treatment. The Karizma was India's First "Premium" motorcycle when launched back in 2003. 10 years later it might be no longer the Premium model out there but still the original styling was pleasing to the eye.

Anyway I never had too high expectations from Hero. Also in 2014 is this upgrade a bit too late for Hero?

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ankit punj said...

First of all welcome back & regardless of what hero has done to zma the bleak future of them is casting a horrid spell starting with all abandon ""IMPULSE "" it is just not looking right for them goodness gracias

Unknown said...
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K.K.VinayKumar said...

Its a total crap. Hero is going down the drain after it parted its way from Honda.

Anonymous said...

in age of dukes,cbr's&r-15 hero is giving us this crap?

Anonymous said...


Krizma R - ugly
Krizma ZMR - uglier
Krizma 2014 - Ugliest

Gunawan MS said...

dat Zma R, so 2007'ish 220F Pulsar, LOL.

Shaiju B said...

When ZMR was launched I thought it doesn't look good because of the bulky fairing it has. I was expecting a much better looking Karizma, but after seeing this I don't have any words. Simply pathetic. Does it mean that the earlier designs was completely from Honda and here didn't had any contribution ? CBZ, Hunk are good looking bikes. Even the Maestro which is launched after the split is good looking.

Hero is the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

looks like a modified p220.........done at local garage.............sad sad effort from hero...

Anonymous said...

Apart from its looks, i suppose we can still expect a good quality and great reliability sinonimous with all other hero honda products?

sunil said...

reliability would be of doubt because unlike earlier where hero never touched the engine which honda gave. this time hero is making changes to the engines.

no more honda leaves a big question mark on the reliability of the new products

Anonymous said...

@payeng any update on new pulsars?

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