Jul 18, 2013

10 New Hero Model Spied. Karizma Upgrade?

Spy photos of a new full faired model from most likely Hero Moto..

Karizma was getting outdated.. therefore even a properly done cosmetic upgrade could provide new life to what was India's First Premium Sports motorcycle..

Autocar India has published spy photos of what looks like a full faired model from Hero Moto under test. Just as it happens most of the amateur blogs/sites are going over board with their speculations.

Some are speculating it to be a 250 cc engine, also it looks like there will be 2 different variants as one of the under test bikes don't sport a rear disc brake while the other does and also their respective exhaust silencer exhausts look similar to the ones on the current Karizma R and ZMR respectively. I am sure that someone will even speculate how much horse power the engine will make and also make a guess on its Price..!!

Take my words, it's absolutely useless to speculate till the model is officially unveiled or more photos emerge.

But from whatever is visible from the photos, the under heavily covered under test models definitely appear to be from Hero. More specifically the shape of the tank visible on one bike and the footpeg clamps visible on another one in the photos appear like the ones on the current Karizma R/ZMR models.

The presence of the conventional twin shock at the rear, the relatively thin rear tyre and the conventional looking exhaust silencer is a disappointment for some. But the raised rear and the lower set handlebars does make the under cover bike look sportier than the current Karizma R/ZMR. The ZMR according to me is an eyesore and it would be for the better for Hero if it replaces the model.

If these models are indeed replacements of the current Karizma R and Karizma ZMR, only an official unveiling would be able to confirm it. Also would there be an increase in performance or a totally new engine? Well honestly speaking, the common "desi" biker is least bothered about the bhp output of the current Karizma R/ZMR. All he would be interested would be a good looking design, a reliable engine and decent performance and yes "More Plastic" to fulfill his "Dhoom Machale" dreams.

So why upset the status quo..??

Personally to me the shape and proportions of the under test models look good and definitely sportier than the current Karizma models. The engine on the Karizma R/ZMR is already a proven and gem of a unit, it would be for the better if Hero doesn't mess around with what Honda has given them.

With competition launching aesthetically pleasing and modern styled models, the Karizma which was India's First Premium Sports bike (launched in 2003 and virtually remaining untouched) was slowly but definitely getting outdated. Therefore just getting the styling and packaging right would refresh the Karizma models for Hero. Hoping that the designer at Hero doesn't mess up this time like the last time they did with the Karizma ZMR.

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Anonymous said...

"More Plastic" to fulfill his "Dhoom Machale" dreams

well for your kind information YOUR DEAREST PULSAR too has plastic panels . . . . GENIUS

Payeng said...

Mr. Genius

as if I don't know about it

Anonymous said...

they need to reduce weight and design the bike properly...power and performance who cares in 2-tier and 3-tier cities or towns...yes youth more aware of power and performance these days...but proven honda engine with gud luks is decent buy...karizma r or zmr is outdated? yes in terms of how it luks not the engine...the fight hero vs bajaj continues...@payeng we just want see how good pulsar 200 ns engine which bought in 2012 after 6-8 years....this where pulsars fails badly

Payeng said...

@Anon above

Having ridden bikes over the years, I can make out the the Pulsar 200NS is totally different from anything that Bajaj has made. It has surprised me big time.

The engine of the Pulsar 200NS is on par with the best of the international products.. Learning of years of R&D has started showing it's benefits especially with the Pulsar 200NS Engine and Chassis.

Anonymous said...

it looks like rear disc model clipon handle bars are different from rear drum model....may be hero motocorp present one is for touring and another for racing or sports bike...

Anonymous said...

First of all pulsar 200ns is equipped with ktm-borrowed engine . . Thats why its different from all pulsars

Payeng said...

@the above one,

don't make it sound as if the Pulsar 200NS is borrowed. it is actually KTM which has also benefited from getting its engines developed and manufactured by bajaj

both the engines of the Pulsar 200NS and the KTM 200 Duke were developed simultaneously with prior agreement of both KTM and Bajaj

Anonymous said...

I agree that ktm has benefited, but only in terms of marketing and service in India which is aided by bajaj and thats a huge plus for ktm. . And we are fortunate to own a ktm because of that. . But at the same context bajaj has spread its reach in European countries with the help of ktm. . So its kind of a mutual sharing relationship. . And coming to pulsar 200ns , its a different animal. . It shares the same engine and transmission with the ktm. . And another pulsar is about to follow the ktm duke 390. . The only plus about the pulsars are they are well priced and packaged. . I can't think that pulsar 200ns is an entire product of bajaj. . And im not offending bajaj by sayin that. . Just my view

Anonymous said...

boss ur information is ok but i think u always take side bajaj auto r u marketing of bajaj

Anonymous said...

karizma r does 0-60 in 3.8 secs and pulsar 200ns does 3.6 secs...torque of both bikes r same 18.35! top speed of karizma r is 125 & no wind blast no vibes....otherhand pulssar 200ns with 3 spark plugs gives vibes &short engine life span!

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