Jun 7, 2013

7 V-Twin Cruiser caught testing in Delhi/Haryana (National Capital Region)

Mysterious cruiser caught on camera being tested in Delhi/Haryana..

As seen in the photo, an under test V-Twin cruiser has been snapped in the National Capital Region. The vehicle has a Haryana state temporary number plate on it.

Although I am not a great fan of cruiser bikes, this is an interesting and exciting development for the Indian motorcycle scene. As far as I know, this particular model doesn't seem to be from any current model line available worldwide.

Source: team-bhp

Also mysterious is the brand of this under test model.

Royal Enfield..?? Don't think so. Could it be a Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha or maybe a (developed for India) Harley Davidson (the big 2 wheeler makers that are based in the NCR)? Err.. did anyone whisper, Hero Moto as well..??


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Sajal said...

hmmm interesting... really interesting!! :)

Shaiju B said...

Ohh well, if its Hero Moto then its a surprise. The model seems to be a good one considering the fact that this could be developed by Hero itself.

-The Sensitive one- said...

Hyosung's 250cc cruiser i think

GAGAN said...

Now..why doesn't someone just politely stops and asks the rider about the bike? instead of getting busy clicking...i mean its worth a try!!Its a separate matter if the biker ignores!! :)

anurag said...

its new 700cc harley

Koley Nilesh said...

Well I think It maybe a Small displacement Harley. Hero Moto Corp can be speculated ( Eric Buell worked for Harley and it can be his Gift for Hero Moto Corp).

Payeng said...

A "Desi" Harley looks to be the most probable one (Yahoo for that)

Hyosung is not possible.. they got their manufacturing facilities in Wai (Pune), Maharashtra.. why would they test it in Delhi/Haryana

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