Jun 7, 2013

11 Kawasaki Bajaj - Pulsar 200NS Officially Unveiled in Indonesia

The Pulsar 200NS officially makes it to Indonesia.. as a Kawasaki Bajaj..!!

The last Kawasaki Bajaj branded product that I remember in India was the "Wind 125". In Philippines, Kawasaki has become the largest 2 wheeler brand largely due to the Kawasaki Bajaj branded products like the CT100, CT150 (Boxer 150), Rouser 135 (Pulsar 135LS), Rouser 220 (Pulsar 220S). To take this great Asian collaboration forward, the Kawasaki Bajaj brand now officially makes its presence felt in Indonesia too.

The Pulsar 200NS was officially unveiled Indonesia today. Priced at 23.3 million Indonesian Rupiahs (around 1.35 Lakhs Indian Rupees), the Pulsar 200NS is only a shade costlier than the 150 cc Yamaha Vixion (the original model on which the R15 is based) the best seller in Indonesia. The Pulsar 200NS will be sold and serviced by Kawasaki Indonesia.

There has been official statement that Kawasaki has been involved in making slight tweaks on the Pulsar 200NS that would be launched in Indonesia. So far there are no details of it. The bike still features a carburetor. Unlike India, "Fi" tech is becoming quite popular in Indonesia with even commuter automatic scooters and step thru models getting this feature. With such a competitive environment, "Fi" tech might not be very far on the Pulsar 200NS.

The Kawasaki Bajaj branded Pulsars unveiled in Indonesia does feature some additional decals that are not present on the Indian versions. I liked the tank pad on the bike, hope it makes it way to Indian versions as well.

Brand Image of Pulsar in Indonesia

The collaboration with Kawasaki definitely will boost the presence of Bajaj in Indonesia.. but according to me, despite the competitive pricing with the Yamaha Vixion and putting better performance on road, the Pulsar 200NS would be a niche model in Indonesia. Indonesians are used to slim and light 2 wheelers and the brand image of Pulsars in Indonesia is of heavy but stable machines. There are many Pulsar owners riding clubs in Indonesia and touring is an activity that is synonymous with this brand in Indonesia.

The Pulsars enjoy a kind of niche position that Royal Enfield enjoys in India.. although there are admirers of the brand and the product, it remains a niche segment. The Pulsar 200NS due to its tall saddle height and bigger and heavier in weight than the slim Vixion would only cater to the core Pulsar fans in Indonesia.

This would anyway go well with the brand image of Kawasaki in Indonesia where Kawasaki is known more for its life style products like the Ninja 250. Kawasaki does have commuter step thru models, these commuter models have not been very successful in Indonesia. In fact Kawasaki sells the largest number of the Ninja 250 in Indonesia more than anywhere else in the world.

Here is wishing the Kawasaki Bajaj collaboration in Indonesia to be a successful one.

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Veerendra Giddaluru said...

Wow, the decals do make it more attractive, Red looks much better now.

K.K.VinayKumar said...

They've got such a nice graphics & ours is so blank & boring.

Melville / DeVille said...

The red one looks smashing! The bright Cocktail Wine red is racier than the subtle Tosca red sold here. Also other changes I could spot-

1. Engine crankcase seems a weird dark brown shade
2. There's more black paint on the other mechanical parts
3. Clipons are matte finish...is the design different too?

Anonymous said...

plz improve reliability....like yamaha and honda...

sunil said...

Oye Anonymous,

FYI Pulsars are better in quality and reliabilty than the cheap quality CBR250R. The 200NS is altogether on a different level

Anonymous said...

indonesian 200ns is more expensive :(

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Satedal Payeng, This Is Alex from Indonesia.

Just Bought a unit Of Yellow Shiny Pearl Kawasaki-Bajaj Pulsar 200NS yesterday, it was a really cool Piece of Machinery.

Some Difference on My Indonesian units are, To my Observations :

1. Some Unit Got the Eurogripp tires, while Some Got the IRC RX01 tires. Mine got the IRC's.

2. AHO (automatic Headlights On) as Standard Equipment, No Switch for the headlights now. The Headlights turns on as the engine Turns on, as per Indonesia Traffic Regulations.

3. A whopping Compression rate of 11:1, Hi-Preformance Fuel is a must, Kawasaki indonesia's Salesman Repeatedly reminding 200NS's consumer about this.

4. No Sari Guard. :)

That's it, still yet to recieve my unit. due to deliver 2 weeks from now.

Anonymous said...

@biker next door any news about upcoming pulsars??

Anonymous said...

hey, i believe now 2013 colors for cbr 250 will be released coz in their website new colors prices are showing up... chk it out...

Gunawan MS said...

The Indonesian version has a few more differences, such as:

1. The main headlamp switch is absent, since the bike follows our local regulation of automatic headlamp ON all around the clock.

2. No middle/main stand, only side stand available. IMO this is Kawasaki idea, perhaps to give the bike a big bike impression.

3. The crankcase paint color is different.

4. No rear mud guard, again i think this is Kawasaki idea, to cater to the younger/sportier market segment of which this bike is aimed over.

More info will be forwarded as more testimony is available in the future. Regards. :)

Anonymous said...

What a role reversal...Bajaj used to borrow kawasaki bikes and sell them in India...Now kawasaki buys bajaj bikes and sells it worldwide

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