May 23, 2013

9 Return of the Fastest Indian? Full Faired, 375 cc Pulsar?

Spy photos of what is being alleged as the biggest and baddest Pulsar ever..!!

Although similar spy photos have been posted on the net a few months back, this time Autocar India has posted of what is being alleged as the next big thing from Bajaj, a Full faired Pulsar with engine that is being speculated to be based on the 375 cc engine that does duty of the yet to be launched KTM 390 Duke.

A few days back Mr. Rajiv Bajaj did reveal plans of launching a bigger and a smaller Pulsar than the current flagship, the Pulsar 200NS. So if the spy photos are true then this definitely looks like the Next Big Pulsar..!!

From the spy photos, this one appears to be a prototype. Nevertheless the styling is definitely quite edgy and aggressive. If the 375 cc engine does make it to this one then expect this one to be a baby monster (more than a beast).

If this one does indeed get the 375 cc mill shared with the KTM 390 Duke, then we can expect 40 Plus bhp power figures. Needless to say that the Honda CBR250R would lose it's crown as the fastest made in India bike. It would be interesting to see how this one measures against the naked KTM 390 Duke.

While Yamaha makes up its mind whether to go up the performance ladder in India, I think Honda should start thinking of bringing its twin cylinder 400 cc engine based CB models to India for it looks the "Fastest Indian would be a Pulsar once again".

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Anonymous said...

375 cc single cylinder ... :/

Sajal said...

The questions are -

1) With a full fairing, how good be the over smoothness from the panel (there's a lot of plastic panels) because one thing's for sure that Bajaj would be making this on a tight budget to keep the VFM proposition going.

2) The front fairing looks a bit too forward biased, so would have to judge how are the handling characteristics, specially during the hard braking. The NS excels in this because there's literally no forward weight in terms of fairing or headlamp assembly

3) Considering that the basic chassis would be almost the same as that of the NS, even though the motorcycle in itself looks sporty, the handlebars do look a bit on the higher side (almost same like that of NS). So, again, now sure how would be the riding posture, and how it would aid in handling and using that chassis to the fullest.

4) The rubber looks coming straight from the Duke though, which is good :) (I'm hoping that the Prod version might have different rubber)

Anonymous said...

Saw some better pics here. Dont know if they are true images

Payeng said...

Lets wait for the production model. This looks a prototype.

Sajal, correct me if I am wrong but front bias should help in handling and braking by getting more purchase from the front end/tyre.

Sajal said...

It does but only if the front suspension is setup correctly so that there's no dive on hard braking.. Pulsars do tend to dive and with the front fairing so forward that can be a bit unsettling!! That's just my thought and I'm sure Bajaj would have had that on their radar.

Rahul Devnath said...

All well, but I'm intrigued, by the fact, though prototype, is still uses the NS console. I'm expecting a more feature rich cockpit, than the 200NS!

rms olympic said...

the bike is looking supperbbb!!

well if the price will be 2 lakhs rs. then it beat the hell out of all other so called sports bikes priced at 2 lakhrs!

a small comparison for pulsar haters below:-

honda cbr 250abs:-

1)price:- 1.98 lakh pune onroad
2)power:- 25.3ps
3)weight:- 167 kg

power to weight ratio:-

pulsar 220f:-

price:- 90000rs pune onroad
weight:-150 kg

power to weight ratio:-


now the kingg!


price:- 2lakh(est)
weight:- 160kg(est)

power to weight ratio:-

lol p375 will not only crush the competition but will also perform the final rites of them!!

pulsars rule!!

note:- the mention of cbr 250 was just for comparison of competition…no hard feelings for owners

Shaiju B said...

So yet another success story from Bajaj? Fingers crossed!

GAGAN said...

Am no expert, but what appears in these pics is more of a cross between an obvious upgraded Pulsar 220 and Duke 390. Full fairing wouldn't matter much other than serving its basic drag related purpose. Also what i can see by the seats and the raised handlebars, is that the intent is to reduce the rider's weight on front, definitely not a very aggressive sporty posture but decent enough..just like a Pulsar 220, and once you have the weight towards the back, the front suspension (assuming a set of enhanced ones as weight of the engine would also come in play) will do just fine. With the engine we are talking about, can't wait for Bajaj's next fastest Indian :)

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