May 26, 2013

3 My Favorite Motorcycle Tourer: Ed March

Ed March, "Motorcycle Tourer Next Door"

No sponsor, no fancy DSLR/Video equipment, no script, no producer..

.. just a Honda C90 Stepthru

You have not heard about him. He is no celebrity biker, he doesn't ride on expensive/exotic motorcycles on sponsored rides, he carries no expensive DSLR equipment, he doesn't know how to make fancy videos.. yet when I saw his jerky, amateur videos on his YouTube channel, I enjoyed it so much that he has become my favorite motorcyle tourer..!!

Meet Ed March (Edwin March) from UK.

    [1] An Adventure seeker who loves touring on motorcycles
    [2] A big fan of the Honda C90 step thru
    [3] Someone who hates the big and bulky BMW GS series of Adventure motorcycles..!!

Ed March went on a solo motorcycle trip all the way from Malaysia to UK on a humble 7 odd bhp Honda C90..!! No sponsor, no fancy DSLR/Video equipment, no script, no producer. Just to prove that to tour on motorcycles, you don't need the big, bulky and the obscenely expensive BMW R1200GS.

What really stood out for me in his amateur videos was how interesting and different they were. Ed March is a natural in front of the camera, very spontaneous and has an interesting way of looking and presenting things. Ed March comes as a fresh breath or air in the world of celebrity motorcycle tourers who ride around on expensive motorcycles on sponsored trips with back up and professional/equipment help to capture the trips. Ed comes across as a "Biker/Tourer Next Door".

Ed's video log that I liked most

Special mention must be made on his video log of his Iran Trip, Ed like myself had this notion of Iran being a country where you might not be welcome.. thanks to the propaganda spread by the USA. But his trip through Iran Ed was surprised at how each and every Iranian had a smile on his lips, how genuinely interested and friendly they all were to him.. even complete strangers. How he received "free food" every where he stopped in Iran..!! Thanks Ed for this wonderful share.

Ed's India Experience

Unfortunately India did not leave a positive impression on Ed. He was frustrated by the lack of order, people's attitude and lack of hygiene. He even captured a "mass open air" defecation on his camera. Can't really blame him as India is a chaotic place for an outsider (even for an Indian actually). Apart from the Taj Mahal Ed wasn't impressed with much.

But then Ed just entered India from Nepal and rode till New Delhi (before flying to Iran), therefore the image that he has of India is based on the small stretch and part of India that I traveled. I just hope that someday I get a chance to show Ed how mind bogglingly diverse and interesting India really is. Not only in terms of people, terrain but the overall experience.

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Sreejesh krishnan said...

Thanks for sharing. Already subscribed his channel.. :)

K.K.VinayKumar said... Bajaj copied Honda while designing M80.

Anonymous said...

what can i say it just looks m80. but i love the videos very much

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