Apr 7, 2013

2 Royal Enfield to Launch Bullet 500 in India soon

Royal Enfield starts teaser campaign for its new Bullet 500 model for India..

With a long waiting list for its Classic models, niche motorcycle maker, Royal Enfield has been on a Golden Run since the last couple of years. If looked at closely at R.E India's modus operandi, it is not difficult to notice that just with a single engine platform (the U.C.E engine) and two variants (350 cc & 500 cc), Royal Enfield has been running the entire show quite astutely.

Despite the Thunderbird and Classic models, it is the "Bullet" brand that still has a dedicated fan base in traditional Royal Enfield markets..

Now that's a good example of smart and efficient manufacturing.

  • Thunderbird (350 cc & 500 cc)

  • Classic (350 cc & 500 cc)

  • Bullet (350 Twinspark & Electra Twinspark)- both 350 cc

Now very soon Royal Enfield is about the include a 500 cc variant under the Bullet brand in India. Right now there is a teaser microsite on the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. Click here to visit it..

The reversal of fortunes for Royal Enfield in India has been primarily due to the Classic models. The Classic range have opened new (mostly urban) markets and has been successful in converting the traditionally non-Royal Enfield customers i.e. the Young/Urban/Metrosexual/IT professionals into the the Royal Enfield fraternity.

But it is the Bullet brand that still reverberates among its dedicated fanbase in traditionally Royal Enfield stronghold markets like in Punjab & Kerela. I have also personally seen that in some places in Maharashtra, Bullet aficionados prefer to plate their prized possession in shiny Brass/Bronze Finish for that "Royal Retro Look". Even till date the names Royal Enfield and Bullet are synonymous and mean the same thing to most.

It should be noted that Royal Enfield did sell the Bullet 500 with the old Cast Iron engine a few years back before it was discontinued in 2007. Check here

Bullet 500 EFI that is Exported out of India

Internationally Royal Enfield currently exports the 500 cc, fuel injected, UCE engine variants under the Classic, Electra and Bullet product brands. The Bullet 500 cc sold internationally is nothing but a model identical to the 350 cc Bullet 350 Twinspark sold in India with the 500 cc, fuel injected engine.

Although there are no technical specs of the Bullet 500 slated for the Indian market, one can safely assume that it would be the same 500 cc, fuel injected engine that also does duty on the Thunderbird 500 and Classic 500 models. But for visual differentiation it looks like Royal Enfield might give the Bullet 500 a special "Green" color paint scheme as depicted in the teaser photos.

Smart move by Royal Enfield India.

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ज्ञानेश said...

Apart from T'bird, they all look the same.
I'm not excited. Genuinely.

ramgopal said...

I just love this bike...more than any other models I like the authentic bullet look a lot... waiting for the big upgrade... hoping to get my hands on this boy someday....

ya but have to wait and see wat new they have in store from the design team...

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