Apr 12, 2013

7 Official: 2 New Pulsars to be launched this year..!!

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj confirms that 2 new Pulsar models would be launched this year.. also collaborating with Kawasaki in Indonesia

Now this is not just another of those dime a dozen of blog speculations that float around the net. This is something which has come directly from the mouth of Bajaj Auto Boss. Bajaj Auto MD Mr. Rajiv Bajaj has made a statement on MoneyControl.Com/CNBC TV18 that 2 new Pulsars would be launched this year..!!

According to Mr. Bajaj "There are at least two new Pulsars- one that will be smaller than the Pulsar 200cc and another that will be much bigger"..!!

According to me the "Much Bigger Pulsar" should be based on the 375 cc engine which Bajaj has been developing for the KTM 390 Duke (read about the 390 Duke here). Now that will be a seriously big one..!!

In the interview Mr. Bajaj also speaks about collaborating with Kawasaki in Indonesia. According to reports Kawasaki and Bajaj would launch the Pulsar 200NS in Indonesia soon. Till now Bajaj was selling its models independently in Indonesia.

Mr. Bajaj also commented on small improvements in the Pulsars sold which this association with Kawasaki would bring to the table: "finer improvements in the product the benefits of which will be evident on every Pulsar sold globally, not just in Indonesia"

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Azzi Shah said...

Recently i passed form one blog. Even the same thing was written first i thought he might be grabbing the attention of people. But after going through your site now it is confirm that two more bike to be launched from Bajaj.
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Anonymous said...

discover ST Is gud product hope they launch p-150 with monoshock,4 valve,liquid cooled engine....

Anonymous said...

@biker next door any spy pics of upcoming pulsars? p-150 or p-180? which is coming?

Gunawan MS said...

Whatever they would release, Bajaj (as an official brand name) is in Indonesia NO MORE, leaving thousands of its loyal & daring customer in vain. Such a shameless marketing ploy by Bajaj Auto to join Kawasaki and put their own Indonesian subsidiary in shambles. Personally, i've lost confidence in India's automotive industry products as a whole, i will NEVER buy one anymore, and certainly won't ever recommend it like i used to be in the past.

Sorry Payeng, i'm ranting here, but has to vent somehow. regards. :)

Neha Malhotra said...

This is really good news for pulsar lovers that two new model are going to launch this year. Bajaj is good brand and always comes with something new. I hope these new models also have good looks and good features.

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Alti said...

Hurrey!!! we could get some more ride on new pulsar.

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Anonymous said...

As I see, they only copy the exact model of KTM and they put some different plastics with the name of Pulsar and there is the new model?? thats great... why don't do some real R&D?? Example: KTM Duke 200 + plastics = Pulsar 200NS

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