Apr 15, 2013

5 Honda's Splendor Killer (?), Unveiling on 17'th April

Honda's new model.. unveiling on April 17

The latest teaser running on Honda Scooters and Motorcycle India's website says "Aa Raha Hai Yahan Ka Superstar 17 April Ko" along with a silhouette of a motorcycle that looks like a commuter motorcycle. With such a (cheesy) tagline that is definitely aimed at the masses rather than the enthusiast, the new model should definitely be a mass model.

Of late Honda India has made a lot of public statements on how it want's to be India's largest 2 wheeler maker. So there is more than a fair chance that the new model would have the Splendor (India/World's best selling motorcycle and the primary reason why Hero is the world's/India's number one 2 wheeler manufacturer) in its radar.

The 110 cc Dream Yuga model has been priced at slightly premium compared to the Splendor. So there is a real possibility of Honda launching a budget model that will match Splendor with its pricing. To add to Hero Moto's woe this new model would be a purebred Honda, the badge which is now missing on the Splendor's tank.

Does April 17, 2013 mark the date of Hero Moto's decline..?? Or would it be just an elaborate campaign for the Dream Yuga (an anticlimax)?

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Vijay aka B7ackThorn said...

Hahaha, I can't comment on what's to unfold, but it cracked me up.


I am guessing mind-blowing sticker work.

rms olympic said...

yup...it will be same engine (dream yuga) , same chassis, same design , same ergonomics....BUT brand new stickers!!! shame on honda....

Anonymous said...

how come u r still without any bike?? Waiting for Duke 390 / Pulser 375?? :)

Anonymous said...

500 c.c commuter....lol

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