Mar 13, 2013

4 2013 Yamaha FZ 16/S [New Colors]

New Colors... Now this is stretching a bit too much.. and it is no longer cute

I had always considered the Yamaha FZ (series) as one of the most aesthetically pleasing motorcycles to have been launched in India. But mixing and matching with new bright colors every #@$%ing year is seriously getting on my nerves.

Far from the "Lord of the Streets" tag line, the FZ is now appearing more and more like those "Woodabe" dudes with over the top makeups and fancy feathers.. performing their annual "Yaake" in a bid to gain female attention.

Woodabe Men with makeup

2013 Yamaha FZ-16/S: Colors

2013 Yamaha FZ16 Absolute Black 2013 Yamaha FZ16 Storming Red 2013 Yamaha FZ16 Brute Blue
2013 Yamaha FZS Raging Red 2013 Yamaha FZS Fearless Black 2013 Yamaha FZS Glory Gold
2013 Yamaha FZS Tempest Blue

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Shaiju B said...

Well said Payeng, I am not a big fan of these sticker jobs. In my opinion some of the old colour shades of FZ is fantastic. But different manufacturers have different tactics to keep their products fresh. This is one of them and sadly most of the are doing the sticker jobs.

Anonymous said...

@##% Yamaha

Payeng said...

Shaiju, the FZ is still a odd bike.. just that the coloring is becoming a bit too much

Anonymous said...

seriously this sticker job sucks....seems like yamaha is doing waht HH (before) was doing for technical upgrades just cosmetic upgrades....this totally sucks!!!!!just don't hear from u much now payeng....would love to read more reviews from u...would check this blog frequently but just disappointed no to see so many reviews like before dude!

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