Mar 22, 2013

16 What Mahindra2Wheelers actually needs to do.. but probably won't

There is some serious disconnect in what Mahindra is doing with its 2 wheeler portfolio and what it can/should do..

If you are an Indian just close your eyes and tell me the words that automatically come to your mind when you hear, “Mahindra”.

I bet that the words would be something like:

    Jeep / SUV, Rugged/Strong, Off Road Vehicles, Outdoors / Adventure

Now open your eyes and lo behold, in front of you is kept the Mahindra Pantero/Centuro..!! I mean W#% right?

Now close your eyes again.. think about the words that come to your mind when you hear the name “Mahindra”.. open your eyes and if you see the following... what would be your reaction?

Fits the bill perfectly for Mahindra and all the word associations that come with Mahindra brand right..??

The model above is the BMW R1200GS, the most famous model which has spawned a genre of motorcycles called “Adventure Touring Motorcycles”.. motorcycles which can go anywhere, tour anywhere.

Adventure Touring Motorcycles are basically dual purpose /on off road models that are bigger/heavier/ in body work, with beefier suspension and a healthy torquey engine when compared to light weight off road models like the Hero Impulse. Adventure Touring Motorcycles are the SUV equivalent among 2 wheelers.

What Mahindra can do

Just plonk in the 300 cc motor which they are supposed to be developing for the oddball Mojo (yuck what a name for a motorcycle), develop a chassis and suspension around it and get/outsource a design firm that can do a proper Adventure Tourer styling.

When Yamaha could miniaturize the R1 into the R15, why can’t an Adventure Tourer be miniaturized to suit the evolving desi taste?

Why it might never happen

Ok so the top management guy at Mahindra2Wheelers drafts a plan/strategy to introduce such a “desi” Adventure Tourer model in India. One that fits the image of Mahindra like a glove. But he will be asked about the sales potential/market size for such a model. Now what would he tell..??

Blank.. Silence.

After all there is no precedent in India to estimate the market size for such a “risk/gamble”. Yeah.. this is the reason why models like Pantero/Centuro slip out in the market, even though have very slim chance of selling successfully alongside the world's largest selling models / giants (like Splendor / Passion / Discover) and even though they might not even remotely represent what brand Mahindra stands for.

Sad but true.

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Mohammed Asrar said...

I agree with you buddy. But as a part of marketing strategy to make the Centuro superior from other rivals, it gets Central locking, anti-theft system with an engine immobiliser, remote 128-bit encrypted flip-key with LED lights, find me lights to locate the bike in crowded parking lots and follow me home headlamps. This features highlighted in promotion attracts the common man or commuter motorcycle buyers. There is a saying that 'the winners don't do different things, they do things differently'.


Nice observation, well said and definitely true!

Payeng said...


For Customers in the Commuter category, Peace of mind, reliability, good resale value and consistent mileage are the qualities that are of utmost importance.

Fancy features mean little to them, moreover more the number of features, more are the chances of failure leading to dissatisfaction

Mohammed Asrar said...


If you thing so, Why Bajaj Pulsar is the most sold 150cc bike in India, Why not the Honda Unicorn or Hero X-treme which has Peace of mind, reliability, good resale value and consistent mileage? Infact P150 faces lot of drawbacks and small niggling problems every now and than.

Also the RE Classic 500 has a lot of minor issues like oil leaks, heavy vibrations at high speeds, problems in starting in cold weather conditions, poor weld quality and some electrical problems, but people still buy it, after a long wait.

Payeng said...


Please mark my words in my previous comment: "For Customers in the COMMUTER category, Peace of mind, reliability, good resale value and consistent mileage are the qualities that are of utmost importance".


By the way giving the context of the Pulsar in a market that was in exploration stage 10 years back with what Mahindra is trying to do with the Centuro/Pantero against established giants like Splendor/Passion/Discover in 2013 in a MATURE MARKET does not make any sense.

[1] 10 years back the Pulsar went on to outsell the competition NOT ONLY due to its feature list but also because of better pricing and better fuel efficiency (which still remains the benchmarks in the segment grown by the Pulsar 150).

[2] 10 years back the Pulsar was trying to carve a place for itself in a segment that was just taking roots. There were no clear favorites in that segment. Definitely not in a situation like the Pantero/Centuro where it is trying to try to woo the customer from Commuter Legends like the Splendor/Passion/Discover.

[3] The Pulsars have become as reliable as any other bike (10 years of learning mean a lot).. if you have ridden a Pulsar in 2001 then you should ride the one from 2013 to appreciate the change.

[4] RE Classic is a different segment.. totally different league.. being able to handle/ride/live with a RE model is considered as a "Manly" biker.. something that differentiates the boys from the men.
I know it's funny.. but it's true.

Anonymous said...

i'm not crazy but sometime it helps.

which Indian bike have lots of pulling power. i need to over take all the regular bike fellas(these are the crazy one) on the road. specially when i'm with a pillion rider(75+65kg). budget doesn't matter but definitely not those above 600cc giant bike.

could you help me to find the right bike?

Payeng said...


The Royal Enfield Classic 500 has lots of "pulling power" that too at relaxed engine speeds because of its generous Torque. Go for it

ramgopal said...

hey... did they actually took ur view seriously.... or did u actually feel its gonna happen....doesnt the front fairing say something related to off roading :D....

(the below link is just for reference and not intending to violate any copyrights...)

Chethan Srinivas said...

I think times have changed, I see more CB unicorns than pulsar 150, starting to see more duke 200s than pulsar 200ns(I'd prefer the KTM) and R15, CBR 250, CBR150R. More CB shines on the road than discover. Mahindra's two wheelers almost 10 in a month(not the above mentioned bikes). Honda's servicing network has been expanded. Hero & bajaj always have, Mahindra should have thought well before launching these two bikes. People are having more awareness nowadays reagrding reliability, servicing costs, maintenance costs, also have more budget,so makes the above assertions and facts true.
Regarding mojo! to become a tourer, I doubt it. 300cc engine displacement is insufficient. It takes lots of expertise in designing a chassis for a tourer(light, very strong & flexible) Mahindra does not have that kind of R&D (may be italians could help). The lowest displacement for a tourer seems to be 500-700cc.(Honda's 500ncx is the most affordable) and common is 1200cc. I doubt Mahindra is capable of providing such technology. Its better to wait or import.(Tiger is is the scrambler, bonnevile....waiting)
The top end

raj kumar said...

Mahindra Centuro 110 is the latest launched bike. It has 4 stroke engine, Air cooled Mci-5 engine and generates 8.5 Bhp @ 7500 rpm power and 8.5 Nm at 5500 rpm highest torque. This bike has a awesome feature of remote lock with a flip key by this you can find your bike even in crowd.
Mahindra Centuro 110 Mileage

Melville said...

You should now change that title to-
What Mahindra2Wheelers actually needs to do...and might do!

How did you pre-empt this one Mr. Payeng? ;)

Payeng said...

Melville and Ramgopal,

the recent rumored photos of supposedly an Aventure Tourer styled Mojo happens to be an April Fool joke by PowerDrift.Com

Chethan Srinivas said...

Thankfully TVS and BMW are now together>

Anonymous said...

Yes tvs and bmw are together but tvs almost gone out of the race , excpet few models there is no sensation for them, even though bmw ties up will there be a bike for indian conditions i am sure they will develop some higher end bikes, what about bikes for masses.

Anonymous said...

I agree with mr.payeng... Pulsar was a hit because it was good in performance, style, good in mileage and was under affordable price.. But these 2 mahindra bikes satisfy only one parameter ...

ashok sharma said...

Mojo want to buy for just city drive and max 200 km give ur suggesions

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