Mar 10, 2013

1 Mahindra Mojo Spied.

Looks like Mahindra 2 Wheelers still has "Mojo" dreams..

IndianCarsBikes clicked photos of the Mahindra Mojo, the 300 cc motorcycle that was shown way back in Sep 2010 by Mahindra 2 Wheelers. The photos were cliked in the City of Pune, where the R&D center of Mahindra 2 Wheelers is located. It appears that Mahindra is still interested in launching the Mojo in India.

Mahindra totally clueless about motorcycles:

Mahindra is a great brand in India when it comes to making rugged, off road passenger and commercial vehicles. Their recent SUV the XUV500 is a huge success in India. But when it comes to making / designing motorcycles, it is very clear that the guys at Mahindra do not have much idea about it.

Firstly what a funny name for a motorcycle. "Mojo" might be a good name for a cartoon character or a toy but it does not remotely sound right on a motorcycle. Secondly the styling is all over the place. The proportions are totally awry and the motorcycle does not fall in any known category of motorcycles that I know of.

Best ingredients does not always make the Best Meal:

The Mojo is said to be powered by a single cylinder, 300 cc, fuel injected, liquid cooled engine. So in terms of engine tech specs, there seems to be nothing wrong here. In fact the Mojo also sports an upside down front forks and a monoshock at the rear. But what Mahindra does not realize is that just by sourcing the best ingredients does not make every meal sumptuous.

Best of Luck Mahindra. You are doing a great in SUV's/CV's. But if possible hire some guys who know their motorcycles.

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Vivek4mJH said...

Agree on the styling part. The styling was, iirc, done by an Italian design house & as everyone knows, Italians are the masters of automotive design. Which makes it even more perplexing, as to why it turned out like this.

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