Mar 9, 2013

7 Honda to launch CB150R (naked version of the CBR150R) in India says media

Naked version of the CBR150R is headed for India.. says auto publications..

There are a lot of nonsense/baseless speculations regarding motorcycle launches in India. Surprisingly a few years back most of these speculations were fueled by Auto Publications (remember Yamaha Fazer 250, Honda Twister (250 cc) from the 2006-07 years..??).

But thanks to the recent mushrooming of a class of overenthusiastic auto blogs and bloggers, the baton of making these kind of wild speculations have been taken over by these laptop bikers (recent examples being the Imaginary Yamaha YZF 25/250 or the baseless speculation of the European YZF R125 being launched in India).

The auto publications are now more sober/responsible in their reporting. So when nearly all the major auto publications have reported that Honda is planning to launch the CB150R in India on 11 March 2013, I think we can believe them.

About CB150R

The CB150R is the naked version of the full faired CBR150R. It is sold as the CB150R "Streetfire" in South East Asian markets (Thailand and Indonesia).

Similarities with CBR150R: It comes with the same 149.4 cc, 4 valve engine as in the CBR150R and with the same 6 speed gearbox.

Differences with CBR150R: Apart from jettisoning the full fairing, and three piece handlebars for a conventional upright single piece bar, the Frame of the CB150R is also different from that of the CBR150R. The CBR150R basically has a diamond frame which has "perimeter/twin spar" like elements/design, and the one seen on the CB150R is similar as that on the CBR250R i.e. basically a diamond frame but with "trellis" like element/design.

My personal opinions on the CB150R: Honestly the styling of the CB150R is not to Indian tastes. Indians like Bulk even if it might add to unnecessary "Fat"/Weight or artificially Puffed up "muscles".

Also getting the pricing right will be a huge task for Honda. If the CB150R will comes with Fuel Injection and the same water cooled engine as the CBR150R, we are probably looking for a price of 1 lakh plus for the CB150R.. which according to me is crazy.. especially with the current slender and slim styling.

Lets see if Honda really launches the CB150R on March 2013.. and if it does, at what price tag.

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softwareprabhu said...

well said bro.

Honda is gonna release this bike because they can, not because desi guys want. so, certainly they will not get what they want from this release.

just the frame and the faring is gonna cut the cost around 50K... i don't think so. this will be an above 1 lakh plus bike.

therefore, this is just gonna be an add-on to the honda bikes line up. same things will be happen to yamaha vixion too...

Gunawan MS said...

Well, i don't think this bike will fare very well in India, since you've got better alternative at cheaper price, called Pulsar 200 NS. In Indonesia, its launch for the past 2 months has been marred by engine problems, the loose camshaft holder, which emits an ugly knocking sound at idle RPM (though performance isn't really affected).

Payeng said...


The fairing and frame won't contribute to the cost so much as the liquid cooling and fuel injection. Anyway tomorrow (11th) is the date of launch. Lets see.

Gunawan, surprised to hear about the issues that the model is facing in Indonesia

Shaiju B said...

Payeng, I think here is a typo, 2011? "Lets see if Honda really launches the CB150R on March 2011.. and if it does, at what price tag"

Anonymous said...

i wish honda should lunch the Krizma ZMR with 22 PS & 22 Nm with same price.

Payeng said...

Thank you for the correction Shaiju

Anonymous said...

this bike looks pathetic!

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