Mar 11, 2013

14 Honda CB Trigger (not the rumoured CB150R) launched in India

The rumoured CB150R does not make it to India.. but what comes in is a CB Dazzler in new clothes

So it looks like the Auto Publications got it wrong. Honda did launch a naked motorcycle today (11 Mar), but instead of the rumoured CB150R what has been unveiled looks to be basically an updated CB Dazzler in new clothes.. with a new name, CB Trigger.

Photos: Motorbeam

Maybe Honda missed an opportunity here by not calling it the 2013 CB Dazzler

According to Honda, they want to position the CB Trigger between the CB Unicorn and the CBR150R. Isn't that where the CB Dazzler was supposed to be positioned? Looks like the CB Dazzler might be on its way out.

Honda has not revealed the prices of the CB and would be made public when booking opens next month. Deliveries are supposed to begin from May. The CB Trigger will be available in 3 variants.

[1] CB Trigger Standard features front disc brake,
[2] CB Trigger Deluxe features front and rear disc brake,
[3] CB Trigger CBS features front and rear disc brake with Combi Brake System

Honda CB Trigger Specs:
    Engine: 150cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine
    Peak Power: 13.81 HP of power at 8500 RPM
    Peak Torque: 12.5 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM
    Gears: 5 speed (1 down, 4 up)
    Tyre Front: 80/100 x 17
    Tyre Rear: 110/80 x 17 inch
    Frame: Diamond
    Kerb Weight: 137 Kgs
    Colors: Pearl Siena Red, Meteor Green Metallic and Black.

Ok the rumoured CB150R did not make into India, but that actually is not a bad thing as Honda would have never been able to price it competitively and also the CB150R is not styled to appeal to Indian tastes. About the CB Trigger, the tank scoops/extensions do look unnecessary and contrived, but it certainly looks better compared to the CB Dazzler. Maybe Honda missed an opportunity here by not calling it the 2013 CB Dazzler.

The cuts and creases on the fuel tank of the CB Trigger looks more than inspired from the Yamaha FZ. Honda has put its "CBS: Combi Brake System on the top variant of the CB Trigger (the CBS automatically engages the front brakes when the rear is applied). The speedometer is a modern looking all Digital unit and the tail light features LED's.

Despite it's best efforts, according to me the CB Trigger is still not in the same league as the Beefy Yamaha FZ and the beautifully proportioned "sports classic" the Pulsar 180.

Despite the conservative / boring styling, the CB Unicorn has over the years been accepted as the "Commuter 150 cc motorcycle", with the CBR150R catering to the premium end of the 150 cc spectrum, Honda is again trying to break into the segment dominated by the Yamaha FZ/Pulsar 180. So for the CB Trigger probably we can expect a price around the same league of the Yamaha FZ/Pulsar 180.

But does the CB Trigger have enough to stand against the Yamaha FZ/Pulsar 180..??

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Shaiju B said...

Did u meant to say CB Twister or its a typo ?

Payeng said...


Trigger, Twister.. confusion no..?? have got the typo edited.


Anonymous said...

This is honda copy production...bad launching this bike like CB Dazzler copy..don't anything. what is honda decide to re launch this CB Dazzler bike with remodeling.... anything launch new model bike with new look like yamaha, Bajaj...........

Melville said...

some typos there- "...but comes is a the CB Dazzler in new clothes"

Anonymous said...

it can never displaced fz or might appeal to older people but not to young generations....styling too boring!!! why can't honda bring sumthing like d way yamaha or bajaj does?

Payeng said...

Thanks Melville

Anonymous said...

Well the Yamaha FZ is very poor in mileage, and Pulsar 180 has quality issues. This Honda is for those who want a stylish motorcycle with good mileage and Honda reliability. Having said that the design does not gel well and the rear part of the motor cycle is more sedate compared to the big tank. And has more black plastic bits and would lose shine in few months and look very old.

shekhar said...

i still think that this may just work in favor of mileage will surely be much much better than its competitors and it will also feature a combi breaking system!!

Anonymous said...

i think its way better than Dazzler in looks department, with same performance & pricing as Dazzler its a good deal i think.., specially for honda lovers :)

Anonymous said...

atleast review it just becoz its honda..

Anonymous said...

Again with front set foot pegs and commuter riding posture and styling tends to go the yamaha FZ way, but the riding posture resembles a splendor. Atleast they should have tried to set back foot pega like pulsar if not FZ. tall handle bar is ok but not front set foot pegs which spoil the ride and feel of a 150 cc bike!

Chethan Srinivas said...

Honda is ready to dent Yamaha's FZ sales(implies Yamaha's sales). With the smmoth unicorn engine(re-tuned,better mileage), linear power delivery, definitely better handling. Detailing is not above nor with par with FZ, the black one(honda) is refreshing and is beautiful. Yamaha should definitely pull their socks up and bring their 250 in the earliest.
The unicorn has a comfortable straight sitting posture, so that your spine will be in S shape. And it no way feels like a splendor, may be you have not tried the unicorn, cause the splendor feels like a moped.

Anonymous said...

This bike has the latest tech. CBS which would definitely provide it a far better handling than the Yamaha FZ. Even the middle variant (Deluxe) would be better in handling than the Yamaha FZ. There is no doubt about it's being ahead in technology than it's rivals in the same segment. However one has to compromise with the looks a bit. The fuel tank resembles FZ up-to a great extent. However the lower part of the tank connected to the seat is over chiseled, which would disappoint many regarding it's looks. But then the smoothest engine in this segment will give a very pleasant ride. However the quality of the mono shock is still under veil, ones it comes to the market it will be clear if Honda is making any improvements in that field, I feel the mono-cross would have been even more comfortable and reliable. Still it will be more comfortable than any other swing arm.

Anonymous said...

Honda needs to concentrate on the quality of it's parts and the service portion as well. It lies in the edge just about to overtake FZ & Pulsar, A more masculine look will enhance it's sales a lot.

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