Feb 17, 2013

8 Pulsar 200NS lands in Colombia

Pulsar 200NS appears in Colombia

Pulsars enjoy a cult like status in the South American country of Colombia. Every year around the month of October there is an annual meet of Colombian Pulsar owners..!!

The all new next generation Pulsar 200NS therefore must have been a hotly anticipated model. Now nearly after a year of its public appearance in India (Jan 30), the Pulsar 200NS has now been publicly unveiled in Colombia.

Being a bike ideal for tall and big guys, the Pulsar 200NS would be the very suitable for Colombian riders. A few lucky Colombians even got to the test ride the bike. The Pulsar 200NS should be on sale in that South American country soon.

So the next edition of the Annual Pulsar Riders meet in Colombia would certainly have quite a few 200NS this time for sure.

Colombia done, Indonesia next..??

Photos: Publimotos, Demotos

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone !!!
This is Rifky From Jakarta Indonesia :)

Pulsar 200NS Will definitely be Released Trough Kawasaki Motor Indonesia. And Would Be Re-branded As Kawasaki Rouser 200NS.

Payeng said...


Its sad that "Pulsar" is being re branded as "Rouser" in Indonesia.

Partnering with Kawasaki is ok.. but Bajaj should have continued with the Pulsar brand since it was launched as "Pulsar" in Inonesia.. and Indonesia also have quite a lot of Pulsar clubs/communities.

waRrioR said...

hay guys!!!

NS is already launched in Srilanka and gives reasonable sales. i am looking forward to get the sales report will share with you soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. Satedal Payeng.

This is Rifky, Again.

Pulsar Brand and Other Indian Motorcycles such as TVS Apache is a Trully Wonderful Motorcycle, Being at a Very Competitive Price and Loads of Features. Despite the Numerous Pulsar club and Communities in Indonesia, Sadly Some Source Says that Bajaj Auto Indonesia is Soon To Ceased Selling New Pulsars unit, The Pulsar 220F Launched at 2011 Will be the Last Pulsar Variants Launched in Indonesia that still has "Bajaj" and "Pulsar" brands.

Some Sources also Stated taht Bajaj Auto Indonesia will now Only Provide Sales of Spare Parts and Mechanical Service of Existing Pulsar Motorcycle, Most if not All of Existing Bajaj Auto Dealership Will be Transformed into Kawasaki Dealership.

As A Proud Pulsar 220F Owner, i Wish These Statement will not came True, and Remain Forever As A Rumor.

For Me, Pulsar series trully "Inspiring Confidence"

Anonymous said...

Hi Payeng...how are you bro...

NS will soon launch in Indonesia and it will be rebranded as Kawasaki Rouser NS....

Since Bajaj Indonesia already into an agreement with Kawasaki Indonesia (rumours saod that)...

But lets wait and see....

Cheers my friend...Gary....

Anonymous said...

I heards it FI ready in Indonesia...

Gunawan MS said...

It's quite sad that Bajaj Auto International has lost its patience & confidence over Indonesian market, prefering short term gain rather than long term success. But that's their decision to make, their money to gain or lose, though i must say as a Pulsar rider & long time supporter (even a fan in a certain way), that has to be VERY very disappointing & disharteaning.


Payeng said...

Thanks Gary and Gunawan for chipping in,

Even I am disappointed at Bajaj for deciding to rebrand as Rouser..

I wish someone had informed Mr. Rajiv and made him realize that the Pulsar was getting bigger as a brand in Indonesia.. and touching the biker's hearts.

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