Feb 9, 2013

4 Bajaj Discover 100T: India's first 100 cc, 4 Valve Engine launched

Bajaj launches India's first 100 cc motorcycle with a 4 Valve Engine.. with 2 Spark plugs (DTS-i) to boot

Appearing almost equivalent to a 150 cc, the 100T makes a formidable looking 100 cc motorcycle

Just prior to its launch (last month) and also post launch all publications touted it as India's most advanced 100 cc motorcycle. The reason for the hype is that the Discover 100T is India's first 100 cc motorcycle with a 4 Valve engine. That is a feat in itself actually as Bajaj have crammed in 4 valves (2 inlet, 2 outlet) as well as another two holes for the 2 spark plugs (DTS-i) tech.

My Take on Looks/Styling:

Personally the 100T looks more pleasing to me than the 125ST. The uncluttered rear mudguard on the 100T looks elegant than the slightly overdone one on the 125ST. Also to me the twin rear shocks look more a part of the design than the monoshock of the 125ST.

Personally the Discover 100T looks more pleasing to me than the 125ST..

For the potential customer the main attraction of the Discover 100T would be it's physical size and dimensions. In India, normally being bulky is normally considered "well fed" and desirable. The Discover 125 ST was already a size bigger than the other 125 cc offerings in the market, now with the 100T sporting identical size and dimensions, the 100T makes a formidable looking 100 cc motorcycle (in India).

Difference between the Discover 100T and 125ST:

Essentially the Discover 100T is the smaller engined version of the Discover 125ST, which also sports a 4 valve engine (125 cc). Styling is identical and so seems to be the chassis/frame, except for the conventional double shock absorbers at the rear, instead of the monoshock of the Discover 125ST. And yes, the Discover 100T doesn't get the front Disc like the 125ST.

The difference between the 100T and 125ST are so subtle that one would have to look very closely to make out the engine capacity of the bikes.

Reviews on Engine/Handling of Discover 100T:

The initial reviews of the Discover 100T by the Auto Publications indicate that with the 4 valves and a higher power (around 10 Ps) output than other 100 cc offerings (around 7-8 PS) in the market, the 100T does feel more powerful than other 100 cc bikes. And since the 100T shares the wonderful chassis of the 125 ST handing is very impressive as well.

Bajaj has come a long way in making motorcycles of its own and I do not doubt than the engine and chassis of the 100T would be impressive like the 125ST. There should also be no issues with the fuel effieicy as well (Discover and Bajaj vehicles in general are mostly known to return good fuel economy)

My issues with the Discover 100T:

As a 100 cc package the Discover 100T appears brilliant and quite attractive to me. Of course at Rs 50,500 (ex-showroom, Delhi), it is slightly premium compared to the likes of the Honda Dream Yuga and the Hero Passion but then hey.. the Discover 100T does appear premium ("well fed i.e"), has the gusto in the engine and has got good handling to boot. The Discover 100T can definitely command the "premium".

My only problem is for the customer who gets the Discover 125ST.. with a identical looking variant available at a lower price point that the 125ST, the 125ST kind of loses the "premium" sheen over its 125 cc competitors a little bit. Also tubeless tyres and a front disc brake would have sweetened the deal.

T=Touring, does it bother me?

The "T" in the 100T is meant to mean "Touring" or "Tourer" and the "ST" in the 125ST accordingly "Sports Touring" or "Sport Tourer", so does it bother me?

Well names like "Hunk", "Dream Yuga" are there in the market, so a harmless little "T" makes do not make much difference.

Discover 100T: Specifications


Type: 4-Valve-DTS-i
Displacement: 102 cc
Compression ratio: 10.5 ± 0.5 : 1
Max. Power (Ps @ RPM): 10.2 Ps @9000 rpm
Max. Torque (Nm @ RPM): 9.2 Nm @ 6500 rpm


Starting: Electric + Kick Start
Battery: Maintainance Free
Ignition: Digital CDI
Head lamp: DC


Front Suspension: Telescopic, 130 mm fork travel
Rear Suspension: Twin shocks, Nitrox(Gas filled),110 mm rear wheel travel
Front Brakes: 130 mm Drum
Rear Brakes: 110 mm Drum
Front tyre: 2.75 X 17” 41P Tubed Rear tyre: 3.00 X 17 " 50P Tubed
Frame: Single Downtube, Dual Cradle


Length: 2038 mm
Width: 714 mm
Height: 1070 mm
Wheel base: 1305 mm
Ground Clearance: 165 mm
Kerb weight: 121 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 10 liter full (3.5 liter reserve)

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Anonymous said...

mileage approx?

Payeng said...

Fuel efficiency should be around 65/70 kmpl.. something what 100 cc motorcycles deliver

Sanket Kambli said...

@Bajaj .. where is the optional disc brake!
why why why!

Anonymous said...

So what does the "T" in Bajaj Discover 100T stands for?

T is not For "Touring" like Some people think, T is TACTICAL.

So, Bajaj Discover 100 Tactical. Catchy eh?

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