Jan 8, 2013

8 Mahindra Pantero & Centuro joins the 100 cc brigade

Mahindra tries to make a splash in the motorcycle market with two 110 cc variants, Pantero and Centuro

This is what happens when guys used to making and selling 4 wheelers are made to make motorcycles..

Despite roping in Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, Mahindra's first attempt at making and selling motorcycles ended with a disaster called the Stallio. Now after a hiatus of nearly 2 years of stalling the stallio, Mahindra is once again trying to make a mark for itself in the motorcycle market, this time by launching two 110 cc models called the Pantero and Centuro.

Both models are basically improved versions of the Stallio, the Pantero looking nearly identical to the older Stallio.

Tough Times ahead for the guys at Mahindra 2 Wheelers

I had seen the Stallio from close quarters when it was launched in Mumbai in 2010. The build quality was nothing great to put it mildly.. and the styling was like.. err.. "Chinese". Although this time I have not seen either the Pantero or Centuro in flesh, from pictures the styling still is.. err.. "Chinese"..!!

Mahindra trying to win over customers with Gizmos:

Mahindra is trying to position (specially) the Centuro as a feature laden 100 cc motorcycle. Apart from features like Digital Speedometer, LED taillight/pilot lamps, there are never before heard features on any Indian motorcycle that find its place in the Centuro.

>> Central locking

>> Anti-theft system with an engine immobiliser

>> Remote 128-bit encrypted flip-key with LED lights

>> Find me lights to locate the bike in crowded parking lots and

>> Guide lamps that continues to illuminate as one walks away from the bike after parking it

Cute.. in fact amusing.

This is what happens when you put guys who are used to making 4 wheelers to make motorcycles. Come on Mahindra, hire some guys who know their motorcycles.

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Sanket Kambli said...


is all I could come up with

Shaiju B said...

I think these gizmos can be used for marketing purpose, but its not going to useful for long term sales. Its the bike as a product which is going to count in long term. Btw I am confused seeing "Central locking". Do you know whats the use of that in a bike ?

Jaichandran said...

Although it is commendable to incorporate all those snazzy features in an entry-level bike, Mahindra should have rather spent its precious resources in its styling and engineering department. Compared to the competition, the Mahindra 100cc twins look rather staid and boring, and a little more innovation in the technical side of things would help Mahindra to mitigate the negative image brought in thanks to the Stallio Fiasco...

ज्ञानेश said...

Do these bikes also have Taiwan origin, like the scoots?

Azzi Shah said...

I never heard any review of this bike, and this might not compete to the bikes like pulsar, discover, karizma. So it would be tough for mahindra to be on market for new bikes.

Gunawan MS said...

The engine, is it indigenous design or a licensed one ?

raj kumar said...

Mahindra Centuro 110 is the latest launched bike by Mahindra automobiles. This bike has a awesome feature of remote lock with a flip key by this you can find your bike even in crowd. It gives a very good competition to Bajaj Discover and TVS commuter bikes. This bike has awesome features and most liked by youngsters.
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Vinodh said...

its awesome extraordinary work from mahindra would definitely make a mark in the segment with a higher value for money proportion

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