Nov 12, 2012

2 Official: CBZ Xtreme rebranded Xtreme & CD Dawn/Deluxe as HF Dawn/Deluxe

Hero officially drops "CB" and "CD" branding from its CBZ Xtreme and CD Dawn/Deluxe models

..also "Honda" tag has been dropped from all of Hero's products

The decision to drop the CB and CD branding from Hero's CBZ Xtreme and CD Dawn/Deluxe models were made public earlier. At the Jan 2012 Auto Expo Hero did show the same models with the new branding. But it took some months for Hero to officially incorporate the re branding on the models itself. A couple of weeks back Hero updated its corporate site with photos of the new re branded bikes as "Xtreme" and "HF-Dawn/Deluxe".

Hero has also dropped the "Honda" tag from all of its products. Also a couple of months back there was a news that Hero would discontinue with the Impulse, Maestro, Ignitor models after 2014. It seems that particular news was inaccurate as Hero has now made a statement that those models would not be discontinued.

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Sanket Kambli said...

its time for honda to begin CBZ rebirth

waRrioR said...

Whats going on there????
can hero survive with out honda??????

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