Nov 30, 2012

10 Changing Tracks

Moving on to a new phase of life..

Lately I have been very busy with some new stuff. Am entering into a new exciting (journey to the unknown) phase in life.. am changing tracks.

Will update more about it in the coming days.

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Sangram Nandkhile said...

What exactly You are going to do ? o.O

Nishant Lakhina said...

Are you readying yourself for reviewing the Cars?

Anonymous said...

good luck

Somnath Ghosh said...

where are you going

Anonymous said...

i hope its not about "the Car Chronicles of India" or "Driver Next Door". If it is, God Help us All :(

vinayak said...

Are you married??

Payeng said...

Yes Vinayak,

Even have a year old kid.

@all, will be making a post soon on what I have been upto till now and also about my future plans

Aditya said...

so now we will not get all the insider news of Bajaj Auto... !!!

Payeng said...


you never got them actually.. not at least from me

nikhil said...

payeng when r u gonna update this article..waitin since months

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