Oct 26, 2012

2 Bajaj phases out the Boxer BM150 in India, Discover becomes World No. 1 in Sep 2012

Bajaj pulls the plug of one brand (Boxer) in India at the same time one of its other brand (Discover) becomes world no.1 ..

According to Mr. Bajaj; Pulsar, Discover and Boxer are the three major brands around which the strategy of Bajaj Auto would revolve in the near future. With the Pulsar continuing with its decade long dominance in the 150 cc and above segments and the already hot selling Discover becoming the World's Number One selling brand in the month of September 2012 (displacing the Hero Splendor), Mr. Bajaj seems vindicated with his brand strategy.

Brands might not die but can lose it's relevance over time

But Bajaj has recently discontinued the Boxer BM150 in India citing slow sales. It means that the Boxer brand will now be limited to the export markets like Nigeria in Africa where the Boxer brand is quite popular.

News Source: BS Motoring, DNA

The Boxer used to be a very popular brand in India in the early 2000's. The Boxer BM150 was launched around a year back in India with the expectation of reviving a once strong brand. The Boxer BM150 was a simple/basic and rugged looking model, that was priced quite reasonably. It was powered by a healthy 150 cc motor. The formula seemed right for the rural customer looking for a rugged and reasonably priced motorcycle. But looks like even rural India has a mind of its own when it comes to purchasing motorcycles.

The Boxer BM150 did not manage to enthuse the "Bharat" folk of India in 2012. Goes on to prove that Brands might not die (i.e can exist as legends) but can lose it's relevance over time.

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Anonymous said...

Sad that a Shit bike like discover is number 1

Anonymous said...

great discover is better than splender...deserve to be no.1

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