Sep 28, 2012

8 TVS Phoenix 125 launched

TVS launched a 125 cc bike called "Phoenix"..

TVS Motor has launched a new 125 cc model called "Phoenix" today. This is probably the "Radeon" 125 cc concept which TVS spoke of during the 2012 Auto Expo. With it's 125cc "Flame" not moving out of showrooms, TVS virtually had no model at this category and price point till now. The Phoenix therefore should be an important model for TVS.

Source: Money Control

Just to educate that "Phoenix" is promounced as "Fe-nix" and NOT "Pho-Eee-Nix"..

..TVS will have to spend crores of Rupees

The Phoenix gets a 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, "EcoThrust" engine which makes 11PS of power and 10Nm of torque. Gear box is a 4-speed affair. 67kmpl fuel efficiency is what the company claims. For features, the Phoenix has digital instruments with a service due indicator, low battery reminder, hazard lights, engine kill switch, LED pilot lamps, alloy wheels and a petal disc in the front. Priced at Rs 51,000 for the drum brake version and Rs 53,000 for the disc brake version Ex-Showroom Chennai puts it very close to Discover 125ST and CB Shine category.

But I see problems here for TVS:

[Problem 1] Styling: I mean come on.. apart from those BIG stickers on the tank which shout 125, I don't see anything here which will make anyone take a second glance.

[Problem 2] Name: Phoenix is a mythological bird which is (re)born out of it's own ashes. There the "Phoenix" name is actually symbolic as it means that TVS wants to forget the "Flame" episode and wants to make a success of of the new 125 cc bike.

But then just to make the common Indian aware that "Phoenix" is promounced as "Fe-nix" and not "Pho-Eee-Nix", TVS will have to spend crores of Rupees on extensive TV Ad Campaign. And even then there will always be many who will continue to mispronounce it.

[Problem 3] Competition:The Honda CB Shine is now a well established model/brand and the Discover 125ST looks all set to take the 125 cc game forward. Now what's new in the "Phoenix" here?

TVS seems to be clueless here. Any opinions?

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santosa said...

a long and hard battle is waiting for TVS..

Anonymous said...

another flop bike from tvs ,as usual , why should we buy it?

Subhankar said...

At least Flame was a handsome bike.

Koley Nilesh said...

and yet again a new but disappointing launch from TVS! after Bajaj playing it's game with a mono shock, a 5 cog, powerful motor I hoped for the competition to get more prominent! but no tvs is just making a way more complicated... Common TVS just few stickers and minor cosmetic upgrades won't fetch you the lost position!!! Payeng waiting for you to review it and highlight the practicality .

Sanket Kambli said...

sad sad sad..
this is very bad..
TVS has gone mad..
need to make better bikes fast..

Anonymous said...

I think TVS has tried to offer a sober commuter bike. Just for daily commuting with some kind of premium fell to attract masses.
we have to wait and watch whether this bike will bring the 'Victors' day
back or not....!!!

Wasif Anowar said...

I agree with you,Disocver ST will rule & Hero Honda Glamour will come second best,can't see where this will fill in.

Rahul Devnath said...

Not sure, what TVS's internal market research would have concluded. Considering some, good features, like the Hazard Lights, LED Pilot lamps and good digital console are misplaced on the Phoenix. While the overall style and appeal is over- commuter-ish, I don't see the perspective buyers falling for these features over the competing bike like the Disco 125ST.

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