Sep 30, 2012

11 TVS currently not keen to explore 180 cc plus motorcycles. Where is the Racing DNA?

TVS seems to have no 180 cc plus ambitions currently.. Hello its the end of 2012..!!

I have often come across statements like “Own sources/friends tell us.. We have insider news.. that TVS will soon launch a 200/220/250 cc Apache RTR Motorcycle..!! ” Just a casual search on the net will land you to many such baseless websites/blogs.

But now the Chairman of TVS Motor Company has himself cleared doubts over the so far “mythological” 200 cc (+) motorcycle models from TVS. Speaking to the press during the launch of the Phoenix 125, Mr. Venu Srinivasan has told the media.

It is small segment (200-250 cc). Once you go beyond 150-180cc the numbers are much, much small. Our focus is below that. - Mr V. Srinivasan (Chairman TVS Motor)

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Situation Critical for TVS Motor (in motorcycles)

The Factory Racing Unit of TVS Motor is probably just set up to release the pent up emotions of the ones at TVS who want to take risk..!!

The statement made by Mr. Srinjivasan means that at least currently TVS is not that interested in exploring 200 (+) cc motorcycles. Although “desi” bike enthusiasts will definitely be disappointed by Mr. Srinivasan’s statement, the situation at TVS Motor is actually quite critical. In the month of August 2012 TVS managed to sell a total of just 53,673 motorcycles (domestic + exports) which is less than half of the motorcyles (104,316) that Honda (HMSI) managed to sell during the same period ..!!

In fact Bajaj sells more numbers of just its “Pulsar” motorcycles in a single month than the combined motorcycle sales of TVS in Aug 2012..!!

Motorcycle Marketshare in 2012 (Source: Business Standard)

To improve the sales numbers, TVS will be on a model launch spree every 3 months from now on. The 125 cc Phoenix is one of such launch which will be followed by variants from its scooter range and also a “110 cc Victor” to be launched somewhere in August 2013. Apparently no bigger than 180 cc plans feature here.

”The Greatest Risk in life is not Taking a Risk”

The Apache RTR launched in 2007 which although wasn’t totally path breaking, was nevertheless a bold step considering it was from TVS. Apart from that one incident, TVS has always been conservative and safe in its strategies/model launches. Reacting to the market rather than going ahead and creating the market.

With competitors like Hero, Bajaj and Honda, chasing sales numbers won’t be an easy affair. One can never predict the future accurately. At best one can make an intelligent guess. But I wish TVS could have explored the high margin segment (200+ cc motorcycles) instead of having sales ambition of low margin products.

Is it the same company with Racing DNA?

Don’t get me wrong but going higher up in engine cc might have no direct relation to having a racing team. But “racing” signifies competitive spirit and not shying away from taking risk. The Factory Racing Unit of TVS Motor is probably set up just to release the pent up emotions of the ones who want to be aggressive/take risk/gamble/be competitive.

Even the outlandish/over the top concept vehicles which TVS dishes out without fail at every New Delhi Auto Expo (but NEVER makes into actual production) is an outlet of the pent up creativity of the TVS designers.

But when it comes to making the plunge in the market place, I guess taking risk is not in the DNA of TVS Motor.


Source: TVS Aug 2012 Sales numbers, HMSI Aug 2012 Sales numbers

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Arjun T V said...

the numbers may be small.but a 200cc+ bike will surely increase the tvs brand image.Which in turn increase the volume of other bikes.

Veerendra Giddaluru said...

I won't be surprised if TVS is over taken by Yamaha & Suzuki soon due to their better brand equity, coz they are also concentrating on 100 to 150cc segments. Looks like tough days are ahead of TVS.

Senthil Kumar said...

Another biggest disappointment from TVS. :(
Better they should limit production within mopeds.

softwareprabhu said...

they are always willing to hold their place instead of moving ahead like bajaj. :(

Anonymous said...

LOL may be they afraid of pulsar 200ns

Anonymous said...

When people are ready to pay for a quality product like the CBR 250r, pulsar 200ns, ninja 250, duke etc.. y dont TVS try selling TVS Tormax 150 here...

i sure people are looking for technologically advanced bikes these days... and the company simply thinks of selling bikes with big stickers...

santosa said...

When every company are focusing on higher cc bikes,TVS is doing the opposite.
I think after some years, TVS has to go back wards in time to sell its product..)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

TVS might currently be not that bullish on 200+ cc bikes, but I am sure that when other companies will start selling 200+ cc bikes in decent numbers, TVS would also follow suit.

Just that TVS would be late to the party.. like always

Anonymous said...

But Still . . .
We can still Expect some good Built Quality Product from TVS :)
the build quality and finish Quality of TVS Apache RTR 180 in Indonesia Greatly Surprise Indonesian 2 Wheeler Blogger :)

Thick Gas Tank :)
Solid and Light Frames :)
Thick and Solid Plastic Body Cover :)
Good overall finish :)

Anonymous said...

is this "ask me anything" is still working? i tried to send the question but its saying page not found. :(
anyone knows? please reply

Anonymous said...

What new bikes has TVS introduced in last many years after Apache? the Jive? In fact just now the 150 cc segment needs one racing (sports) model and another 150 cc commuters but TVS has only one. What does 125 cc segment demand the same one stylist performance bike for youngsters and another for commuters but TVS has none and what does the 100 cc segment demand? the same one stylish and one simple VFM model but TVS has it star sports and star city same looking bike, very difficult to differentiate.

This company don't look to have market understanding. 200 cc+ segment sells in small numbers but adds a lot to the value of the company

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