Aug 25, 2012

9 Video Review: Pulsar 200NS by PTR

Better than professional stuff by these "Power to the Rider" guys..!! Just watch..

You certainly won’t get to see this video review being shared by mainstream auto media sites and there is a good chance that even the couple of amateur Indian auto blogs out there might not share it. Reason? Well the mainstream media won’t feature stuff which is not theirs (logical) and for the amateurs, “PTR (Power to the Rider)” is kind of competition (hmmm...).

But that does not take away from the fact that the following video is the best video review on the Pulsar 200NS so far. The passion of these guys for motorcycles (and not just to mint money by online ads) is clearly visible. Don’t miss the video posted below..!!

The video review also features a short account of the ride experience of the Pulsar 200NS which was being tested/taken to LEH prior to its commercial launch.

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Ishwor said...

their drama is really disgusting..why dont these guys come straight forward to the..point.A bit can be tolerated but they are acting as if in freaking indian tv serials

softwareprabhu said...


I agree. this single post slightly spoiled the quality of this site.

i always come here to read about this(S.P) next door biker's opinion. not to read some next door bikers who is disgustingly playing a drama with lack of knowledge and passion.

however, thumbs down for this kind of articles in a personal blog or non advertisement based blog.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Ishwor and Prabhu,

agree that these guys are slightly dramatic in their presentation.. but they aren't so bad

Anonymous said...


Arjun T V said...

Agree with ishwor.Too much drama.But the background score and the editing are good.

balram said...

superb videography and great editing(and effects).....ofcourse some drama which makes this look like a"pulsar AD film",any ways something really new on automotive site and blogs.i give a "thumps up"

Rahul Devnath said...

The review is good, the editing, effects and overall superb presentation. But yes, the "too" much drama, and Satyen's "dream" sequence narration of touring, plays the spoil sport (the narrations is too long and too noisy). But yes, Thumbs Up!

Two Wheelers India said...

Yes, agree with Rahul..
dramatic video but nice review.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. They might currently be a little over dramatic.
But you got to see past that.
You got to see the fact that an independent, passionate team is now producing stuff that's atleast on par, if not better, than the existing media outlets.

They are just starting out. Everyone who have done something creative knows the initial rush of enthusiasm.
Not that the enthusiasm dies off later, but it gets refined.
They will fine tune their choices of shots, music, amount of drama as they gain experience.

I'm almost sure, that they themselves should be aware of the 'too dramatic' nature of it by now.

Give them your whole-hearted supt. They will get better and better. If for nothing else, enjoy it for the beautiful visuals.

Allow others time to learn. Take your own time to learn things you like.
Everything will be good :)

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