Jul 15, 2012

16 Why don’t I ever post about scooters?

Anybody who has cared to follow my blog must have noticed that I never post about automatic scooters. Here is the reason why..

The last couple of years have seen an accelerated growth of automatic scooters in India. Automatic scooters have in fact grown at a much faster rate than motorcycles. As a result automatic scooters now make up around 20% of the domestic 2 wheeler sales in India.

Popularity of Automatic scooters is an indication that India is definitely rising:

A big market for motorized two wheelers indicates a developing economy. China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand.. are examples of economies which are on the rise and it comes as a no surprise that these particular countries are also the ones which are considered the top 2 wheeler markets in terms of volume.

How “passionate” can one get with models like Activa, Access, Scooty Pep+..??

I have a theory according to which the popularity of automatic scooters over geared 2 wheelers indicates that the economy of that country is now growing to the next level. When that happens it shows that the people are now ready to forgo the high mileage associated with geared 2 wheelers for the ease of riding an automatic transmission. To support my theory I can quote the examples of Thailand and Indonesia. In the last 5-6 years the 2 wheeler buying population of both these countries has made a major shift from their traditional geared step thru models to automatic scooters.

The noticeable growth of scooters in India over the last 5-6 years just shows that India is definitely on the growth trajectory.

Automatic scooters are ridiculously easy and convenient to ride:

No clutch, no gears, just twist and go. Riding an automatic scooter is ridiculously easy. And in our traffic congested cities, this automatic transmission proves to be a big boon. Plus scooters provides storage space (under seat and glove box) which also is very convenient. Automatic scooters can also be easily used by female members of the family. The only downside of an automatic scooter is the relatively lower fuel efficiency compared to a motorcycle of the same capacity (due to transmission losses).

So why don’t I ever post about scooters on my blog?

My blog is not a “breaking news” kind of site/blog aimed at minting money. It is just my online journal on which I record my views/experiences about my passion, i.e motorcycles. About 13 years back, a particular model called CBZ was responsible to spark my interest/passion in motorcycles.

Just take an account of the kind of scooters plying on our roads: Activa, Access, Scooty Pep+, Pleasure, Dio.. so on and so forth. I agree that all these are good scooters for hassle free commuting. But how “passionate” can one get with these models?

It’s passion that keeps me motivated to keep on blogging. Maybe if tomorrow there comes a scooter which is successful in igniting my passion (by styling, performance, ride experience.. whatever ), maybe I’ll start posting about automatic scooters too.

But will that day really come?

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Saran Samiappan said...

Yes!!! Wait or TVS Qube...

Anonymous said...

Coming Soon: "Definity Male" Scooters like Honda Airblade and Yamaha Soul GT. :)

Hi Mr Satedal Payeng, I am Rifky from Indonesia :)
What you Describe is Correct, In Indonesia Many People own Scooters or "matic bike" for their Simplicity on Congested Roads. But the Simplicity also Making the riders Care Less about their own Safety on the Roads, Resulting in increasing accident Rates involving Scooter - type Vehicle.

Shibadip said...

I completely agree with the passion thing. Being too easy to ride, the scooters does neither brings any such challenge(doing every operation from gear shifting at the right time to smooth release of clutch) nor fun(with high speeds) while riding.

As far as better scooters to be launched in India goes, I think, yamaha is thinking to come up with some good products, from it's international line up, as they are planning to invest 250K CR IN India,for expanding their plant capacity, and focusing on SCOOTERS, and 150cc motorcycles.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks Rifky for confirming about the 2 wheeler (matic) scene in Indonesia.


As Mr. Rifky said we need some exciting scooters. According to what we know Yamaha is bring a "female" oriented scooter called "Ray" to India


TVS Qube? It might be a good commuter but it is enough to arouse a biker's passion? I have my doubts

Gunawan MS said...


Bro, trust me, if you ever have to ride through a heavily jammed traffic that see the average speed crawl to standstill, then you will feel that these CVT scooter as a God gift in two wheel form.

I had been avoiding the trend of using these bike for the last 7-8 years (since the trend started strongly in the middle of last decade), but i finally gave in last year, when i got added task of escorting my wife to his office, back and forth everyday.

Riding my Pulsar 200 became so burdening to me, since it was equipped with a 52 L top box, when the space on the street become so darn limited. It already quite stressful riding it with just me as the passenger, but adding my wife to the scene ? That's it, no more urban commutering with that beloved black wolf.

I bought a 2nd hand Suzuki Skywave (called Hayate in Thailand), a 125 cc CVT scooter with 16" wheels and a pair of rear shockbreaker (both are oddities for a local made Jap's scooter). And that has been a happily marriage for the last 8 months and 14 thousands KM later. The Pulsar is still used for weekly sightseeing with my wife & daughter (when not using the car), and monthly rolling to someplace afar, but basically it's a leisure bike for now.

Regards. :)


I've always dream for a joint venture or some sort of acquisition beetween two of my favorite motorbike & matic maker, Bajaj auto and Kwang Yang Motor Company (Taiwan).

Bajaj can lend their expertise in small engine with multiple sparks design + cheap manufacturing base, while KYMCO is one of the leader in world's CVT scooter theater.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Exactly Gunawan,

Even I feel that a motorcyle should be reserved only for weekend lesuire/pleasure rides. The ease of riding a CVT scooter in congested traffic is unmatched.

I would not mind getting a CVT scooter for commuting (according to me a a passionate motorcylist should not be subject his motorcycle mainly to commute). I just hope that someone in India starts making automatic scooters with a little bit of more appeal.. the current lot just doesn't excite a biker at heart guy.

Vivek4mJH said...

SP, have you heard of the Peugeot Speedfight? It has been Europe's best selling 2 wheeler (yes, 2 wheeler) for several years over the last decade. I'm sure it would excite you enough to post about it on your blog.

Anonymous said...

you never post about ROYAL ENFIELD BIKES TOO....... PULSAR BOY

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Royal Enfield's BOY

LOL. Don't be lazy but just look around in my blog for posts on Royal Enfield and its models


Like the "Speedfight" the are a lot of exciting scoters outside India.. Yamaha T-Max, BMW C600 Sport/650 GT, Honda Forza, Suzuki Burgman are just a few to name

Anonymous said...

sorry ! i meant reviews of the INDIAN thumper...:-)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Taking a Royal Enfield for a proper ride is something which is definitely pending.. will do that too one day.

I infact want to settle down with a Royal Enfield

Anonymous said...

wow ! thats great , and realy looking forward for your review on the R.E bikes.
I realy admire your way of writing. :-)
simple YET informative.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you scooters give the convenience which is incomparable but they lack the feeling which the motorcycles give when you ride them, the feeling that cannot be described in words.

Vivek4mJH said...

The Yamaha T-Max, BMW C600 Sport/650 GT, Honda Forza, Suzuki Burgman are maxi-scooters. Chances of them being launched here are close to nil.

The Speedfight, otoh, has always been a 50cc/100cc machine, hence quite relevant to the current Indian scootering scene. Posers & enthusiasts alike would love it if released here. Would be affordable too.

Anonymous said...

Scooters are boring thing. Even if you posted nobodys gonna show interest.

riderdrivers said...

nice post,I have been lately in your web once or twice now. I just wanted to say hi and show my thanks for the information provided.

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