Jul 6, 2012

3 Pulsar 200NS can ride though Knee Deep Water with it’s Exhaust Submerged..!!

Pulsar 200NS can wade through knee deep water.. with its exhaust completely submerged..!!

Like its exotic cousin the KTM 200 Duke, the Pulsar 200NS can also ride/idle and even stop/start in water with its underbelly exhaust completely submerged. Posted below is a video posted on the official Pulsar Youtube channel which demonstrates how the Pulsar 200NS can "breathe through water". This puts to rest about the speculation that the underbelley exhaust of the Pulsar 200NS would make it unsuitable to ride through flodded areas.

Looks like the Pulsar 200NS with the underbelly exhaust is actually better to ride in flooded areas than bikes with normal exhausts (which would stall if water enters inside it)..!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr Satedal Payeng.

I am Rifky, From Indonesia.
Once Again Great review from you!,
I Suppose now it is Clear to Assume
That the New Pulsar is Ready to Wreak Havoc in Flooded Areas as Well :)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Hi Rifky,

the Pulsar 200NS is Indonesia ready!! :-)

Gunawan MS said...

Yeah it was, but the launching & sale is postponed until H1 2013, what a shame.

It will be a dogfight, since Yamaha & Honda Indonesia subsidiaries are preparing their own brand new bike in the price segment that P200 NS is supposed to fight over.

Yamaha design is based on R15 engine & chassis, but blended into a naked bike theme. Basically a new Vixion with added body muscle & tuned up engine.

Honda design is based on CBR 150 R DOHC engine, but the chassis will be brand new (tube trellis one ala Duke 200). This will also be a naked, street fighter themed bike.

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