Jun 1, 2012

8 Suzuki Hayate TV Ad [2012] Featuring Salman "Dabangg" Khan

Will Salman Khan be able to convince guys to buy the 110 cc Hayate..??

"Suzuki Hayate, yunhi nahi chalate..!!" that's the punchline in the latest TV Ad for the 110 cc Suzuki Hayate model.

Does it work..??

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SANTOSA said...

As always suzuki has given a flop ad but still better than the O Suzuki Slingshot! Ad.

Now salman is saying SUZUKI HAYATE,YUNHI NAHIN CHALATE, After some days everyone will say SUZUKI HAYATE,KOI NAHIN CHALATE...

shekhar said...

never seen such a hilarious ad .... LOL .... this ad will surely attract customers!! ..... and the bike also looks pretty decent....
and more importantly the ad doesn't hype the bike more than it deserves i mean that its just appropriate ... unlike bajaj where a 94 cc puny discover "Chalta nahi Daurta hai" .... and that too they ride the discover in such a way as if it were a 1000cc bike...LOL

utsav vyas said...

Forgot about star power.People can not be convinced to purchase products like bikes by star power.The key factor is the performance of the bike on road.Moreover,Suzuki has to face very tough compitition in the economic bikes by well known splendor,passion and discover.
I want to know which one is better, Hayate by Suzuki or Yuga by Honda?

Sanket Kambli said...

ad shows no features of the bike...
nothing outstanding in the bike anyway..

Saurabh said...


about the TVC, i think it IS fine and much better than some other trash motorcycle ads we have seen in the past, like pulsar's "hunto", discover's "chalta nahi daudta hai", stallio's "ye hawa se nahi mujhse bate karti hai" and even karizma ZMR's "always game".
i dont believe in star power when it comes to motorcycle ads, not even yamaha's featuring John Abraham when we all know he's himself a biker at heart. I somehow fail to build the association between these starlets and our smaller capacity bikes. how punny does the FZ (forget SZ) look infront of John, when we have seen him doing dhoom machale on a hayabusa. nor have hrthik and aamir been able to justify their love for ZMR and stallio respectively.
But this commercial does not aim to show Salman Khan, a 'star', endorsing their product. instead, they have very cleverly chosen the character Chulbul Pandey promoting this bike. A common man with a 'dabang' persona that masses, the small towned as well as from metros, idolize. thus silently conveying a mode of transport for an average Indian with some 'dabangayi'.
I am not too hopeful with the sales figures of this bike, but as far as this TVC is concerned, i feel it has done justice to the bike.
And to the gentlemen above complaining no features of bike highlighted in the ad, may i clarify the target customers of this segment of motorcycles are least interested in features provided in the bike. All they require is a decent looking daily commuter that is economic, fuel efficient, reliable and backed with a good service network. And besides, electric start, alloy wheels and front discs are more of basic needs than 'features' on an Indian motorcycle today.

PS1: I am no fan of Salman Khan, Suzuki, and/or this Ad maker.

PS2: Pulsar 200NS prices and test rides availability confirmed and no 'breaking news' on TBCI yet :-\

PS3: Payeng, Appreciate your detailed ride reviews, especially of the premium rated bikes. But could not find the same of an R15. Any reason in particular? Was it so tough to manage a test ride of R15?

Saurabh said...

.... And by the way what does 'O' mean in O Suzuki Slingshot?

P220 rider said...

Definitely a winner from bajaj but I will wait for the ktm 350 duke.

Gunawan MS said...

Hehehe, Suzuki Hayate is a 125 cc matic (CVT) scooter sold in Indonesia, if you guys happen to search in google and finding not exactly what you're looking for in the first place. :D

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