Jun 25, 2012

126 Ride Review: Pulsar 200NS - Return of the King..!!

Ride review of one of the most exciting and important motorcycle to be launched in India.. the Pulsar 200NS..!!

Pulsar to me is the celebration of being an Indian. It has been a symbol of the Indian spirit, determination and ingenuity. The dominance of the 1st gen Pulsars over the last decade is stuff of business school case studies. But since the last couple of years, bikes like the Yamaha R15 with its technical brilliance had made a point that the 1st gen Pulsars were well.. mediocre.

Therefore even a Pulsar fan like me was starting to think that my feet have grown bigger than my biking boots. i.e. now I have reach that stage of my life where I deserved something exotic, something sophisticated and something better. It was probably vanity and also a doubt in the ability of a home grown manufacturer that led me to pre-empt that, the next gen Pulsar would be good but probably not as good.

By now the KTM 200 Duke had blown me away with its unique ride experience. I was therefore trying to persuade myself that since Bajaj owns 47% of stake in KTM and also since the 200 Duke was co-developed by Bajaj (with KTM) and is manufactured in India by Bajaj, the 200 Duke is for all practical purpose “Indian”. So if I decide to go for the 200 Duke I would be still holding on to my patriotic fervor.

I had practically written off the Pulsar 200NS even before I took it for a ride. I take the Pulsar 200NS for a ride.. and boy..!! I am amazed and thrilled at how wrong I was..

Pulsar 200NS in a nutshell:

>>The Pulsar 200NS is a World Class product, in every sense of the word

>>Put a Yamaha or Honda branding on the bike and it will easily pass off as one, anywhere in the world

>>Comparing the Pulsar 200NS with any other current Made in India bikes (apart from the KTM 200 Duke & Honda CBR250R) is like “Child Abuse”

>> Although the engine blocks might look similar, the KTM 200 Duke and the Pulsar 200NS is as different as "Chalk and Cheese"

>>This bike doesn’t have any Pulsar lineage in it.. and I mean it in the best possible way..!!

Styling, Fit & Finish, Build Quality: “Real Style meets Real Substance

On seeing the Pulsar 200NS, names of two other bikes will come to your mind. "Yamaha FS-16/S" and "Pulsar 135LS". Yamaha FS-16/S because like the FZ, the Pulsar 200NS also has that international naked bike theme. Tight muscular proportions, a mean and agressive stance and painful attention to details. Pulsar 135LS because especially from the rear, the Pulsar 200NS appears like a beefed up Pulsar 135LS.

But then the Pulsar 200NS appears quite fresh and stands out in the crowd with curious and admiring glances coming in from awestruck onlookers. The Pulsar 200NS has got similar street presence as the Yamaha FZ-16/S but with longer legs. i.e a longer wheelbase than the Yamaha FZ-16/S.

The Pulsar 200NS takes the naked streetfigter theme to the next level. Nothing on the bike is there which is unnecessary or ornamental. The perimeter frame on the bike is real and so is the radiator shroud. The body panels along with the massive tank cover has a muscular, sharp and aggressive lines which are a modern interpretation of the classic and current Pulsar styling lines and cues that we are so familiar with.

There are some neat design elements like the beautiful 10-spoke alloy wheel design, a unique two tone front mudguard, a single sided rear tyre hugger which looks inspired by the BMW R1200GS and a "floating" rear number plate holder fabricated out of aluminum with a trellis design. When other manufacturers are trying to make the pilot lamps appear as "eyes", the Pulsar 200NS goes ahead and makes its twin pilot lamps as a cool "goatee". The engine casings get a golden finish which along with the body color and matt black body panels is a treat to behold.

The speedometer display is beautiful unit with an analog tachometer bang in the middle, flanked by symmetrical displays for the speedo, odometer, tripmeter and a digital clock on the right and the tell-tale lights on the left. The handlebar is a triple piece unit which looks and feels solid to hold.

The underbelly silencer, the chunky monoshock suspension with "Nitrox" and a healthy 130 section rear tyre completes the package. The Pulsar 200NS is without doubt the most beautiful/handsome naked bike in the country.

Fit and finish is of very high order and the bike feels solid and built like a tank..!!

Ergonomics, Riding Stance: “Monarch of All I Survey

The riding stance of the Pulsar 200NS perfectly compliments its aggressive street bike styling. The Pulsar 200NS has the tallest seat among Indian bikes (discounting the Hero Impulse). At 805 mm the seat height might be 5 mm lower than the KTM 200 Duke on paper, but on straddling the bike, the wider seat of the Pulsar 200NS makes it difficult for guys with shorter legs to put both feet comfortably on the ground without tip-toeing.

But this tall seat also translates into a commanding riding position which coupled with the easy to reach handlebars makes the rider sit higher than guys on other bikes on the road. The upright riding posture means that one can make very long trips on the Pulsar 200NS without tiring oneself. Upright posture doesn't always mean a commuter stance as the footpegs are quite rearset and that means that the riding stance is comfortable yet aggressive and sporty.

The seat of the Pulsar 200NS deserves special mention. Both the rider and pillion seats are generous in size making room for the biggest of bums plus the seat form is very comfortable both for short distance riding and also for long hours on the saddle.

The high seat makes the Pulsar 200NS a bit intimidating to the average joe with an average height. One would need to be at least around 5'8" or taller to feel confident with its seat height. To me that's a good thing as it makes the Pulsar 200NS something which not any tom-dick-harry can ride. On the flipside, the Pulsar 200NS is a big guys delight. I have seen my 6'3" friend who weighs 120 kgs fit comfortably on the Pulsar 200NS.

But then a determined 5'5" guy like me can also manage the Pulsar 200NS with a slight adjustment in the manner with which I need to put my feet down. All a short guy needs to do is when the bike is stationary is instead of trying to balance with both feet, one just needs to slide one's bum to one side over the seat and put one foot flat on the ground. As shown in the photo posted below.

Engine Performance: “Greased Lightning

So much for the looks but it is the performance dished out by that short stroke, liquid cooled, 4 valve, DTS-i Triple Spark engine which is making me rave. The engine comes to life with the electric start and settles into a smooth idle. The engine note is soft and muted and very uncharacteristic for a Pulsar. The exhaust note sounded more like that of a Honda bike.

Slotting into first gear and twisting the throttle doesn't disturb the peace and smoothness. Meanwhile while working through the gears I was surprised that there is no pronounced "neck jerking" pick up feel. Very soon I was on 6'th gear and it was a bit perturbing why the engine was still so smooth. I was also surprised why the world around me was starting to move at a very fast pace.

I then decided to look at the tachometer and it showed around 7,500 rpm.. "well that's nice" I thought to myself and then I happened to look at the speedometer.. and SWEET MOTHER OF GOD..!! The digital speedo was indicating a speed of around 115 kmph..!! Now that's why the world was moving at such a fast rate. Mystery solved.

The Pulsar 200NS might share the bottom half of its engine with the KTM 200 Duke but after the test ride the verdict is very clear that there is absolutely no similarity in the way both the bikes deliver its power and torque. The KTM 200 Duke with its short gearing has a maniac of an engine with pronounced "neck jerking" take off every time you twist the throttle. On the other hand, the power and torque on the Pulsar 200NS is spread over its entire rpm range like a modern day sports bike, more like in the Yamaha R15 and Ninja 250R mould.

The Pulsar 200NS can do 115 kmph effortlessly the whole day without breaking a sweat. Twist the throttle a bit more and even a speedo indicated 120-125 kmph comes easily but just that due to the upright posture its the rider's chest which takes the wind blast head on. Get into a crouch to aid aerodynamics and a speedo indicated 130-135 kmph comes on the digital display. On an long empty stretch and some guts I managed to see a top speed of 149 kmph..!! But reaching a speedo indicated 149 kmph would require a smooth, long stretch of road and a crazy rider and is honestly not recommended from a safety point of view. By the way did I tell you that the engine still feels smooth even as the bike enters into its 10,000 rpm redline.

How does the Pulsar 200NS compare with the competition in terms of performance?

It will be easier to tell which "Made in India" bikes will be faster than the Pulsar 200NS. The KTM 200 Duke with its short geared engine, slightly more peak power and peak torque and a lighter kerb weight is definitely faster and quicker than the Pulsar 200NS. Also the Honda CBR250R will have a higher top end thanks to its higher peak power and torque helped by its extra 50 cc. Apart from these two bikes no other made in India bike can match the Pulsar 200NS.

Also once the rpm crosses 7,000 rpm the exhaust note changes from a soft purr to almost like an inline 4 engine's addictive deep growl. There might not be a pronounced "pick up" feel like the KTM 200 Duke or even the Pulsar 220 but make no mistake, the Pulsar 200NS is fast.. "deceptively fast".

Clutch & Gearbox: “Hot Knife through Butter

The Pulsar 200NS gets 6 gears to play with. But if the shifts are not slick then shifting through the gears becomes more of a chore than a delight. Thankfully the gearbox on the Pulsar 200NS is slick and positive and compliments its smooth engine well. The clutch is also reasonably light in effort. The gear shifts are not perfect like that on the Yamaha FZ-16/S but then there is nothing much to complain about either.

Ride & Handling: “As easy as A-B-C"

Pulsar have never been known for their handling. Apart from the Pulsar 135LS all the other Pulsars were good in straight lines but show some corners and twisties and they obviously are out of their comfort zone. The Pulsar 200NS has a completely new chassis. The perimeter frame and monoshock suspension with "Nitrox" should aid the Pulsar 200NS with good handling. And that becomes very obvious once you get astride on the bike.

Once on the bike the weight of the bike simply melts away. The Pulsar 200NS is extremely flickable, light and stable on its feet. The handling around corners is a revelation. Although the rider is seated high and the upright riding posture is not exactly tailored to attack corners like a race bike, once leaned into a corner the Pulsar 200NS feels neutral and holds its line.

Ride quality is slightly on the firmer side (in the interest of sporty handling) but nevertheless it is comfortable enough for our streets.

The confident and stable handling of the Pulsar 200NS makes the already fast bike feels even faster. If I rate the R15 a 9/10 in handling, the Pulsar 200NS will get a solid 8.5/10 for its handling. The 0.5 difference is there only because of its tall riding posture. The handling of the Pulsar 200NS makes it much more fun to ride than the CBR250R which feels like a heavy ship in comparison.

After riding the Pulsar 200NS I happened to ride a Pulsar 220F and let me tell you, it felt scary riding the Pulsar 220F..!! One thing worth noting is that the turning radius on the Pulsar 200NS is quite big, even bigger than that on the Pulsar 220F. One therefore needs to be careful while maneuvering the bike.

There is quite a lot of apprehension over the tyre brand that the Pulsar 200NS comes shod with i.e Eurogrip Tyres. Honestly during the ride, I did not encounter instances where I felt that the grip was bad. Moreover if one is really serious about putting good rubber on the wheels, then there are many good options in the market to choose from (in the same size & profile), for eg. the rear tyre of the R15 Version 2.0, CBR150R and Ninja 250R is exactly the same as that of the Pulsar 200NS. There is also a very good tyre called "Sport Demon" from Pirelli which has the exact same tyre size/profile for both the front and rear tyres of the Pulsar 200NS.

Brakes: “Hand of God

One can't ride a bike fast if the brakes are not good enough to cut down speed. The Pulsar 200NS comes with disc brakes on the front as well as at the rear. Both the Bybre branded brakes do a good job at stopping the bike. The rear disc brake on the Pulsar 200NS is especially impressive considering the rear disc on the Pulsar 220F is nearly wooden in its feel. Apart from the Bybre brakes credit for the stable braking also goes to the strong and stable chassis. The solid feel that the chassis provides even during panic/emergency braking is confindence inspiring.

Fuel Efficiency, Price, Features: “That’s a Lot of Bike For That Price

"Kitna deti hai?" That's the national anthem of desi bikers. The fuel efficiency of the Pulsar 200NS will bring a smile to the enthusiasts lips. I rode the bike with a mixture of city + highway conditions and also with regular speed runs of above 90-100 kmph. Despite the heavy right wrist, the Pulsar 200NS returned a very healthy 37-38 kmpl.. twice..!!

The Pulsar 200NS has been priced at around Rs. 85,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi) which means an on road price of less than Rs. 1,00,000 in any part of the country.

The Pulsar 200NS packs in a lot of features like a Perimeter frame, monoshock rear suspension with Nitrox, a liquid cooled - 4 valve engine, an exotic underbelly exhaust, truly international design and smooth and fast performance.

That's seriously quite a lot of bike for that kind of price..!!


If I have to pick something negative about the bike then it would be the horn, it's puny sounding. The turn indicator switch design does not provide a positive feel while operating with riding gloves on. One also has to make an extra effort to reach the turn indicator switch to operate it. Also at high speeds (130+ kmph) the Pulsar 220F is more stable in a straight line than the Pulsar 200NS.

Conclusion: “Still proud to be a Pulsar Maniac..!!”

The Pulsar 200NS is a very "versatile" bike. Due to its nimble character the bike is very good as a city commuter. Due to its relaxed and smooth engine, power delivery and comfortable ergonomics it is a good highway cruiser and due to its sharp and stable handling, awesome throttle response and intoxicating top end, it will be a good bike on the race track as well.

I feel humble and slightly embarrassed that I had started to think that I was probably too good for the Next Gen Pulsar. Although dynamically the Pulsar 200NS is totally different from any other Pulsar so far, the fact that it is Indian and the kind of smooth performance and sharp handling that it dishes out means that its still a celebration of being an Indian.

Hail Pulsar, the King is back..!!

Pulsar 200 NS Technical Specifications:

Type: 200 cc, Single Cylinder, 4 valve, SOHC, 3 Spark plug per cylinder
Max. Power: 23.5 Ps @ 9500
Max. Torque: 18.3 @ 8000
Cooling: Liquid cooling
Bore x Stroke: 72mm x 49mm
Fuel System: Carburetor 33mm (Ucal carburetor)
Air filter: Paper element
Gears: 6 speed

Frame: Pressed steel Perimeter
Front Tyre: 100/80 - 17, 52 P, Tubeless
Rear Tyre: 130/70 - 17, 61 P, Tubeless
Front Brake: 280 mm Disc
Rear Brake: 230 mm Disc

Length x Width x Height: 2017 mm x 804 mm x 1195 mm
Kerb Weight: 145 kgs
Ground Clearance: 167 mm
Seat height: 805 mm
Wheelbase: 1363 mm
Fuel Tank capacity: 12 Ltrs

Ignition system: DC Ignition
Battery: 12V 8AH VRLA
Head Lamp: 55/60W
Tail/Stop Lamp: 0.3/3 W, LED

Pulsar 200NS Colors [2012]:

Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS

Pulsar 200NS: Photos [Size: 1280 x 800]

Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS

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Chaitanya said...

Awesome review.....

nilu said...

im now confused between the KTM and 200NS!!

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Nilu, it all depends which character appeals to you most.

An Enthusiatic Teenager like restless attitude: KTM 200 Duke


A Mature, Stable and Smooth Man: Pulsar 200NS

Nothing that a back to back test ride can't solve

@Chaitanya, thanks

Unknown said...

Nice review and bajaj has done it again, this time, much much better. I only hope not every showboy gets hold of one of these and use them recklessly endangering others on road....

JK said...

Bro... cool review..:)
Nice pictures too..loved it
Good work.

Anonymous said...

Very nice review done... have u felt any kind of vibes at higher speeds?

ketan kadam said...

Loved the bike and not to mention the review was just perfect, it all made sense,the perspective with which you write makes all more sense and there is an instant connection at least for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent review. I have one question,which is better in city riding ?
Tall and slightly large turning radius 200 ns or manageable height with slightly short turning radius 220 ? I am 5' 6" and i am comfortable on 220.

Crash said...

149km...??? I heard that the manufacturer indicated top speed was around 138km, maybe it was a speedo error you got there...

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks everyone..

@Crash, yes 149 kmph but like I said its speedo indicated. Every (read every) desi bike comes with a 10% speedo error.

The Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi and the Pulsar UG3 (Upgrade 3) had one of the most accurate speedos in India.. but sadly no one appreciated it.. with everybody boasting about the speedo indicated numbers.

@ Anon, I would prefer the 200NS over the 220 for city rides and everywhere else.

The engine is very smooth.. in fact smoother than the Honda CBR250R over the entire rev range

Anonymous said...

Superb Review. And the way you started was nice :)

Rafsal said...

Great writing for a great bike!

Karthik said...

All say this a great review...but remember that this is actually a 'fan' review..that is why you used such a great language for writing this review....please don't give this fan reviews..do review as a professional biker..And please don't compare the bike with FZ series (even with FZ16) or R15...nowhere this bike can stand among them..

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Satedal Payeng :)
I am Rifky, Pulsar 220F owner from Indonesia :)

Good Ride Review, We are still eagerly waiting about the Pulsar 200NS Reliability Review tough. To our Dissapointment in Indonesia, once again Bajaj Auto Presenting us a Good motorcycle WITH NO KICK STARTER :(

Pulsar 200NS was also been tested here in Indonesia, We have seen and Ride a Couple of Early Production Pulsar 200NS Black colored. But Ours has the IRC Tires, The same tires as with CBR 250R :)

sunil said...


SP has at least ridden the bikes and then commented on it. and he is honest enough to comment that the r15 made the earlier pulsar looks mediocre.

you have not even ridden the 200NS and even then you comment on it? now who is a FAN BOY here?

Blogger said...

Wonderful review and pics. Loved the emotional touch to the mechanical :) So, when are you going to book one?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Lucky to have IRC tyres on the Indonesian bikes :-)

The self starter on Bajaj bikes has proved itself since 2007. Millions of Pulsar 200 and Pulsar 220 run on Indian streets without any kick starter and without any major problem. Don't worry these days modern bikes are doing away with kick starters.


I am no Professional, i am just a Biker Next Door. The Pulsar 200NS is good, damm bloddy good.

Mayukh Chatterjee said...

great review Payeng sir.. hope one day could buy it or it's next installment

Anonymous said...



Sajal said...

Now that clears out a lot of cloud!! Believe me... I was also on the same boat when we felt that we have matured over and above the Pulsars and my next bike would definitely would not be a Pulsar and having owned and loved my Gen1 Pulsar 200, I was so not in for the Pulsar 200NS. Now I feel what I fool I would be not to go for the Pulsar 200NS, given the options and resources I have (the Ninja 250 would surely have been a dream to die for, but then... you know, not every dream gets realized)

Thanks a tonne for this awesomeness!!

Anonymous said...

There's definitely something about this bike.. I have read so many reviews and none of them has pointed out any major issue/weak point of this bike.
I am a bit skeptical about those auto-mags, because those reviews may be 'paid' ones. But private bloggers are also praising this bike- and praising a lot ! :)

I can't wait for a TD now.
Kudos to Bajaj and thanks Payeng for sharing this with us.

nilu said...

@ SP: Thats my problem! I want the best of both worlds! I want an out and out hooligan/sprinter, but also something that will cruise at 135 kmph without having to hover around the rev limiter

@ Karthik: Looks like you are a Yamaha fan yourself. try being unbiased yourself first. Like Sunil has pointed out, you havent tried a NS yet. its not justified on your part either. Peace

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


for crusing at 135 kmph, you'll have to look at the 250 cc's: Either the Honda CBR250R, Hyosung GT250R or the Ninja 250R.

The CBR250R will be good in a straight line but not that confidence inspiring around corners. The GT250R and Ninja 250R are rock steady in a straight line or around corners.

The pulsar 200NS feels best at around 115-125 kmph (above that wind blast is an issue more than the engine capability) and the 200 Duke at 100-110 kmph.. the 200 Duke feels slightly harsh at above 100 kmph

@Mayukh, thanks bro.. I am in the waiting list too

@Sajal, I know that feeling perfectly well

Anonymous said...

@ Great Review SP
Surely no matter how great or hot Yamaha's or Honda's are but Bajaj is the king of Desi Bikes and Bikers

I guess N250R, CBR250R, GT250R, D200 & P200NS are holigan/sprinter ( difference are in fraction of sec )
But when it comes to top speed & high crusing speeds of 130 - 140 kmph its all the full faired bikes which takes the pride without a sweat.(Atleast one don't have to take that wind blast on its cheast)

N250R is best among these 250cc bikes in india.But sadly it asks lots and lots of preminum for being the best in its class.
Whereas GT250R is too sporty to be ridden in city (Riding position & big turning radius)

D200, P200NS & FZ's are different breed unlike the faired ones.
Will love to see its faired version. (Like P220F & P220 / FZ & Fazers by yamaha).

That might solve problems for Long Distance Riders from getting fatigue during high speed crusing.

Vivek4mJH said...

A review with very relevant perspectives Satadal. It's apparent that you loved the bumblebee. In all probability, this will be my next bike ... your review proving to be the last straw against my resistance to temptation :-)

One question, the yellow light above the digital speedo ... is that the shift indicator?

Shaiju B said...

Hey Payeng, Seems like you are excited with Pulsar 200 NS. It surely is a great bike, it has looks, power, technology, mileage and great pricing. Seems to be a well packaged motorcycle. But when it comes to buying decision, I am still confused about its reliability.

As an overall package it started impressing me.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Shaiju, the Pulsar 200NS actually surprised me pleasantly. Only thing left for the 200NS is to prove its reliability.

Lets wait and see.


the yellow light above the speedo is the low fuel + over rev indicator.

Vipin said...

am replacing my pathetic yamaha FZ (all show and no go) for the real beast. i proud to be an Indian

Shaiju B said...

Yes Payeng, lets wait and watch.
If I seriously want to upgrade my Hunk this bike is going to be in my priority list otherwise its the Duke. But to get the Duke I have to stretch my budget. Or else I have wait on and on for Honda/Yamahas to launch affordable powerful bikes.
This is gonna be an affordable sporty stylish motorcycle.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


by early 2013 the 200NS would have completed 6-7 months in the market and by then it should be clearer as to how trouble free and reliable the Pulsar 200NS would be.

Everything about this bike is just right.. looks, performance, handling, fuel efficiency and even the price. The next 6-7 months will paint a complete picture

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

NOTIFICATION: Been getting quite a lot of nonsense and juvenile comments. Just wanted to notify that I am not allowing them to be published.

Update: :-) LOL

Cé$âr said...

Good review.
Karthik, Ride the bike before commenting like this.
All bikes produced now a days are very good, no doubt.

Pulsar feels special because its Indian.

Have a nice day

Gunawan MS said...

Payeng, please don't pay too much attention to the comment of my fellow countryman who's still living in the stone age of two wheel universe.

Gotta admit i'm still curious about the electrical design of this bike, and the quality of its electrical parts. The current Pulsars pre P200 NS are using crappy regulator-rectifier and body wiring, really not up to Japanese (south east asian made) bikes standard, though the alternator (stator & magneto) is quite good.

DeVille said...

So what will it be Sire, Agent Orange or NS Prime? ;)

santosa said...

waiting for this for a long time.
thnx bro

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Cesar and Santosa, thanks

Deville, the "NS Prime" has confused me big time.. will post about my decison in the next post.

@Gunawan bro, honestly that's a bit too technical for me.. My knowledge is quite limited. But let me see if I can get more info about the lighiting of the 200NS

kousi kan said...

can we make any changes to the tyres...?

Gunawan MS said...

Dear bro Payeng, what is the MINIMUM specification of fuel that was suggested for usage by Bajaj for this P200 NS ?? Is it still the usual RON 87 gasoline for older Pulsars or higher ?

I suspect P200 NS has a higher engine compression ratio than its predecessors, so the fuel spec becomes important. I've asked before in other article by yours, haven't got any answer up to this point.

Regards. :)

K.K.Vinay Kumar said...

Nice unbiased review. Yours is the only blog where your reviews are honest other blogs are biased & only tend to compare one brand with others. Keep Up the "GOOD WORK". :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :) :)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@ K.K.Vinay Kumar

Unbiased or not, a "Blog" has no meaning if it doesn't have the personal opinion of its author. It is "ideally" not supposed to be a money spinning entity.. it is supposed to be a "personal" online diary. But then that's what "ideally" it should be.. one can always decide to be different.

I have made it clear that my blog posts are my personal take/opinions.. one can agree/disaggree with it. Or simple ignore it.. after all its a personal opinion.


I guess the octane rating is still 87.. since the bike still runs on a carburetor

Gunawan MS said...

@Payeng, so in this review you were using the RON 87 gasoline, right ? And it still run flawless, no sign of engine knocking or excessive vibration ?

If Pulsar 200 NS power output is rated using RON 87 gasoline, and it was fine with that octane level fuel, it will certainly becomes a BIG hit in my country, everything notwithstanding.

The biggest worry about this bike (aside the classic Bajaj's lack of outstanding 3S support -Sales, Service, and Spareparts- in Indonesia + bad resale value) right now is the octane rating of the suggested fuel usage. Standard RON 88 gas is subsidized here, and cost roughly half of RON 92 gas which wasn't subsidized.

I don't think the necessity of higher rated fuel because of the usage of injection or carburetor, usually the FI engine only requires unleaded fuel. But the engine compression ratio + the ignition timing will decide what kinda RON of fuel is needed.

For example, Kwak Ninja 250 sold in my country is still using carburetor, but less than RON 92 is really not recommended (because of its 11.6:1 compression ratio & advanced iginition timing).

Regards. :)

PS: If you can look for more assuring info, that would really be appreciated by me bro.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


I and my friend was riding his Pulsar 200NS on normal/87 Octane petrol. And there was absolutely no issue with the fuel. Will try to get the compression ratio of the Pulsar 200NS

Gunawan MS said...

Kick azz indeed bro, thx for the info & clarification, will certainly spread this great info in our local forums & blogs.

PS: High compression ratio doesn't necessarily imply that the engine must be fed with higher rated ocatane gasoline, if the ignition timing is somewhat retarded. We learn about this with Indonesian's version of R15, Yamaha Vixion, and its step thru brother, Yamaha Jupiter MX, they're doing just fine with RON 88 petrol, though using injection & carb, and the comp. ratio are 10.5:1 and up.

Melroy Alphonso said...

Hello Payeng.My first post on your blog and I must say that I was impressed reading your article.Pulsar's have now come a long way now and it shows with the advance features it now offers on their bikes.

Hari Bala Krishnan said...

Hai there SP that was a good review.....

Now tell me what are the options given by the Bajaj for P200NS?

I heared that there will be a option on (Number plate position,35W or 55W head lamp, Eurogrip or Nylo grip Tyres, and Rear Tyre Hugger)is that True?
Please Rly

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks Melroy

@Hari Bala Krishnan, the rear tyre hugger can be esily removed by removing two bolts at the rear. The bike comes with 55/60 watt headlamp and currently comes only with Eurogrip tyres. The front number plate position has been fixed below the headlamp

Gunawan MS said...

As long the generated electrical output amount allow it, the headlamp would be very ideal for HID projector retrofit & installation, such as this:



Light output:



Too bad, the headlamp of P200 NS is rather small compared to its older brothers, i don't think a retrofit like this can be done as easily anymore :


light output:



Really, it's not that difficult, i've done it myself, hehehe. :D

Regards. :)

DeVille said...

Few areas where NS Prime scores over Agent Orange-
> Practicality- The NS has a Fuel Tank capacity of 12 Ltrs compared to measly 10.5 of Duke. Ideally IMO, any desi performance bike should have atleast a 14 l tank
The Duke is a single seater for all practical purposes, in the league of the FZ and R15 2.0. The NS has a longer body and bigger pillion pad
> Console- I love the NS mature, sophisticated one compared to the Duke's 8-bit video game screen.
> Palm grips- Correct me if I'm wrong- the NS soft palm grips are way better than the hard ones on the Duke which remind of the terrible ones on the older Pulsars.
Also, lack of Fi might be a blessing in disguise when hings go wrong and the neighborhood mechanic has to be called.

There SP... I'm pushing you towards NS Prime just a little more... :D

P220 rider said...

Hi Payeng,
You have mentioned p 200 ns can reach 149 kph now doesn't that make the p220 redundant. Do you think p220 production and support will stop soon ?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Gunawan, awesome job there bro

@Deville, the NS does offer a lot of bang for the buck

@P220 rider, the P220 does have an appeal of its own despite being outclassed in terms of techchology, handling and smoothness. It all depends of the demand, lets see

Hari Bala Krishnan said...

Hai Mr S.P

Thanks for reply...

I have a doubt that the bike may not suits me well because I'm 6'2" and 90 kgs..So what do you think about that?
I need your answer...

Deepak Dongre said...

Well I had a small query- though I haven't pushed the NS in upwards of 80 kph owing to running in and moreover being a friend's bike. I have observed that the NS does 70 kph @ 5000 rpm when compared to a CBR that does 80 at the same revs. As you have mentioned the 200 NS does 115 @ 7500 rpm and that is approximately what the CBR does despite being comparatively longer stroked and with taller gears. Hence confused as to the stats mentioned. If I have to make a wild guess, I can say that generally the KTM and the NS both need at least a thousand revs more to achieve the same speed as the CBR- maybe even more, hence wondering. Also one of my friend is planning to upgrade from his rattling ZMA to a new bike and he is an occasional tourer. I have suggested him the P200 as the CBR is way over his budget. Please do let know.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


The Pulsar 200NS is a much better offering than the CBR250R unless ones needs a full fairing or a cruising ability of 135(+)kmph. On the Pulsar 200NS one would feel the wind blast post 125 kmph, as it is a naked bike.

The Pulsar 200NS is smoother and handles much better than the CBR250R. Just that the top speed of the CBR 250R is slightly higher.

About the speed and RPM range between the two bikes, I can't comment on it as I haven't really checked it out back to back.

Deepak Dongre said...

I'd give the handling points to the Pulsar- and the CBR isn't just about having a fairing or a better cruising ability- its a heck lot more :) As for the smoothness, I'd say even at 140 the CBR doesn't get that tinge to your hands and butt- the buzzy feeling on the CBR is upto 3000 rpm and like most Honda engines- with rising revs the engine smoothens out. Also to add the CBR will out-accelerate the Pulsar on any day (ofc more cc/bhp/torque) and better relaxed cruising is where the CBR also scores over rest of the competition. Not being biased as I own one- I'll be very frank. I've ridden two NS's and I was very impressed, but to confess apart from handling- the CBR looks a better package. I can put in a lot of positives- but then you'd be already aware ;) The biggest spot where the Pulsar scores is the KILLER pricing. Practically even I'd feel that for 15-20% performance paying a 70% premium is not justified. Its simply similar to the classic case of the CBR vs the Ninja in India. If I would have been at a place where I would have to move from a 150 or a 180, I would have definitely put my money on the Pulsar.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


The Pulsar 200NS has more Honda like genes than the CBR250R..!! It is smoother and the build finish and quality also seems to be better than the Honda CBR250R..!!

Agreed that the pricing for the Pulsar 200NS is killer.. and the CBR250R will be faster in a straight line, but from the touch & feel point of view the Pulsar looks and feels a more premium product.

Deepak Dongre said...

Hey thanks for the response. Well I'd agree on the premium point..the CBR doesn't look more than a 1.40L product and the NS looks like a 1.20L product- though I'd say that even with the good finish it looks a bit plasticky despite having lesser plastics than the CBR. I can show some areas where the finishing shows up- but then it would be nitpicking really for a fabulous product. I might sound idiotic here, but the comparison reminds me of something say an RTR and a ZMA, where the ZMA had shitty rattly plastics- but once on the bike you never thought that the plastics were of poor quality - you would enjoy the ride. Fine I'll confess that I'm not really a high-revs loving guy. Coming from a Pulsar 150 to a ZMA and now to a CBR- and collectively having clocked more than 2.5 lac kms between these three, I'd say that the Pulsar never had squeaky plastics- but the pleasure quotinet was much higher on the ZMA and I'd like to exactly mention that here- the CBR is way way better than horrible quality of the ZMA plastics. Honda as a firm has somewhat of a dictator attitude and they have this wrong feeling that their products are a favor to the Indian population. Their unrealistic pricing (premium rather) and the level of quality offered leaves a lot to be desired. But then they one cannot simply ignore their engineering prowess- be it an Activa, Twister, Shine, Unicorn or a CBR- specially when it comes to the engine part. Talking of the engine NVH, I wish there was some device which could measure the NVH on a scale at the handlebars, saddle and the footpegs. Talking about the wind drag, even at 80 on the NS, I realised what advantage the CBR gives you with its fairing. It might give a feeling that am advocating the CBR too much- in fact I recommended rather forced 3 of my friends to buy the Duke, they all ended up buying the CBR. I highlighted the very quality issue that was evident in the earlier batches of bikes and they replied exactly what my thoughts were. The reply was "when I ride, I don't see how crude the welding joints are, or how well finished the paint is- I love the ride quality". The 4th one is the guy whom I recommended the NS who too is inclined towards the CBR but cannot buy due to budget constraints. Anyways in the end this discussion has ended up somewhere else...sorry for that :) As for my revs query- I would request you to take a spin again on the bike if possible and do let us know at what revs it touches 100- the Duke itself manages to touch 100 @ 7000 rpm in 6th gear and assuming that if the gear ratios of the Duke and the NS are similar- I have my doubts if another 5000 rpm would add 15 kph to the speed.

Deepak Dongre said...

I got my answer...one of my friend who was testing the P200NS had taken it to RoK and he had sent me a video snapshot of the console where the NS is doing 125 at around 8800 rpm. So 115 kph is true. Sorry to bother you man :)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


No issues bro.. always welcome

Reeto said...

Nice review. The CBR's big plus point is its suspension which allows smoothing of bad roads like no other bike in India. How is the P200NS suspension and seats as compared to the CBR?

Gunawan MS said...

AFAIK, CBR 150 isn't equipped with floating suspension for its monoshock arrangement, unlike Yamaha's monocross or Kawasaki's unitrack. I don't really know about CBR 250 so no comment on that bike, but if it was the 150 pitted against 200 NS, i think the Indian's own counterpart won't be embarassing itself regarding its suspension design & quality (Nitrox implementation notwithstanding).

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


The CBR250R is equipped with "Pro link" suspension and the CBR150R has a fixed type of monoshock. But still it is the CBR150R which is a better handler than the bigger CBR250R..!!

I guess it's how the suspension has been tuned and how well the chassis has been designed and engineered that makes the difference.


The seats on the Pulsar 200NS is very very comfortable both in terms of width/size and seat material used. The suspension is a bit on the firmer side when compared to the CBR250R, due to which it is a better handler than the CBR250R.

Gunawan MS said...

@Payeng, agreed, i guess i just try to clarify that CBR series isn't just the 250 version as a whole, and the brand "Honda" doesn't make it magically becoming better in every sense compared to its Indian direct competitor.

But i think the criticism regarding CBR 250 fit & finish only limited to India's made ones, because the Thailand made ones are quite good in quality, not much of complain so far from the users in Indonesia, after about 1 year of its introduction here.

Anonymous said...

Loose the Caps moron !!!

Anonymous said...

nice info. simple and good..

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Update: Some juvenile guy is so frustrated that he is trying to post childish/useless/bakwass comments..!!

Message to those kind of useless guys: LOL... grow up.

pranesh eliger said...

@S.P thanxs bro u cleared all my doubts about 200ns so i were able to book it ,, in next month 1st weak i ill be riding it.

N those who comment negatively without having test drive just be quite
dnt be childish....

thank u once again SP.... jai ho

Anonymous said...

hey bro, just checkout the pulsar colombia website. I think u will find some good stuff to publish.I Loved the color combinations.

Rohan Ganachari said...

I want to buy a new bike.. Upgraading from the FZ 16, I am confused between Pulsar 200NS & CBR 250R (std.), money is not an issue..
Which one should I buy and why ??

Gunawan MS said...

If money isn't an issue, go get CBR 250, overall, it's still the better bike (though P200 NS is certainly give you better bang for the bucks).

vipin_s said...


the Indian made CBR250 has got bad quality parts on it. simply not worth its price


the only thing that the CBR250 is better is in its top speed. in everywhere else the Pulsar 200NS is better than the CBR

Sudeep P Nambiar said...


How extensively have you tested both the bikes to make that claim?

Yashwanth Rao said...

Thats an awesome review. Simply mindblasting. I even got a feeling that pulsar 200ns is even way better than Ninja or Hyosung GTR. It gives the best mileage and true Indian made after all. This review cleared all my doubts.. kudos to you bro!

Anonymous said...

@ vipin

ya?... could u list the parts? m also planning to buy one... cbr.

Gunawan MS said...

Oops, i hear some rumor about its bad workmanship in India, like rough fit & finish, but i assume Honda's world level quality is still in play regarding the parts the bike used.

We get Thailand made CBR 250 here in Indonesia, and so far not much of complain regarding the bike built quality, much better than the local made, non premium level bike of Honda's, such as Honda Tiger or New Megapro (our version of Unicorn Dazzler).

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Rohan & Vipin,

The CBR250R and Pulsar 200NS are from totally different categories. Comparing them would be like asking which fruit should I eat Apples or Oranges?

Both the CBR250R and the Pulsar 200NS are great bikes with different characteristics. Comparing these two bikes directly would be foolish.. A test rides of these bikes would make it clear which one appeals to you more.

a Short guy :P said...

hey, i'm 5'4" without shoes, will the pulsar 200ns be too uncomfortable for me? (like backing out of parking spots or uneven surfaces...)
i've to choose between avenger 220 and p200ns, n i really like the pulsar, height is the only issue...

Reeto said...

Hi Mr. Payeng. Nice review. I have booked the Pulsar 200 NS last week, expecting delivery in the next 3 days. A back to back test ride of the 200 Ns and the CBR 250R was enough to swing my decision in favour of the Pulsar. The CBR 250R is definitely not worth the amount Honda is charging for it, atleast in my opinion. Have owned a P220F DTSi in the past which didn't have any major issues during my tenure of usage, ie. 20K kms. Bajaj have definitely come a long way in the last 10 years, every product of the Company seems to better the previous iteration by a considerable mark. I found the suspension of the Pulsar 200 NS just perfect for handling, infact way better than the CBR. Kindly tell me as to what is the rear suspension travel of the Pulsar 200 NS?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Even though the 200NS can't be compared directly with what Honda calls a Sports Tourer, the 200NS is a very good package and a very versatile bike. The under 1 Lakh pricing only makes the deal sweeter

The CBR250R has a more comfortable ride quality and the top speed is also higher. Also at that price point no other manufacturer in India offers a 250 cc bike. The CBR250R still therefore makes sense.

Jagadeesan M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S.P - Biker Next Door said...


I am afraid not much can be done to reduce the seat height of the Pulsar 200NS, but I think that at your height you should be able to manage to Pulsar 200NS

Anonymous said...

hey, I know both cbr250 & P200NS are different but on Indian roads, off road, city & highway driving; which is better? Also comment ns vs. ninja250. thanks.

Anonymous said...

which is better ? ninja or cbr or ns given the price & versatility ?

Himesh k. said...

i have a black-pulsar 200ns since last one month.(950km)

I am kind off not happy with the engine sound i.e. after 4.5k rpm the engine kind of cries out, for the 1-3 gear.I mean the sound makes me feel that the bike needs to make a lot of effort to do that, doesn't live up to the power/torque.
why so?

i see other bikes(R15,220F), having a much better pickup- with no effort.(sound from engine.

is it because its a new bike? takes time to open up.
may be later even if i pull it up to 8-9k rpm, the sound would be effortless.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


I guess you have not tried revving the bike beyond 6,000 rpm (as the bike is in its running in period).

The Pulsar 200NS has a slight resonance at around 5,00-6,500 rpm due to which one might feel that the engine is "crying out".. In my ride experience once 6,500 pm is crossed the bike again regains it's effortless character. The engine remains effortless till very high rpm range.

Bikes like the Pulsar 220F accelrates well till around 6,000 but post that they seem to lose out steam and feels stressed post that.

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

That's was a very detailed and well elaborated review bro ! I always appreciate the kind of quality you provide in your reviews and write ups. Thumbs up.

I have been riding the Pulsar NS for about two weeks on regular basis and I would like to differ on certain aspects as been discussed above.

- NS is a very competent product but so are some other products in the market (excluding Duke and CBR as you have mentioned) which compete very well. R15 V2, CBR 150 and the older RTR 180 arenot exactly the 'abused children' and target different breed :). Even the age old zma and 220 costumers won't find this bike as an significant upgrade.
- NS though is the most refined Bajaj till date, it is accompained by vibes once the rev rises post 7000rpm. Not much different from what it is offered in the duke. Yes the exhaust is muted but not like its butter smooth at anything above 90-95 kmph. Some of its competitors are still more refined (noticeably) including the Yamahas, CBR or even the humble zma. It will be like nitpicking but I would consider the NVH level of the bike as 'decent' than 'excellent'.

- CBR ofcourse isnot the direct competitor for the NS. I would rate both bikes very highly and again I feel the CBR belongs to a segment higher (and different) and justifies its price well. Unfortunately Honda has been little inconsistent with fit and finish of its recent bikes including the dazzlers and CBRs while Bajaj has actually overtaken them in this aspect.
Keeping this aside, CBR is clearly a different motorcycle on highway and its more effortless on winding day thanks to straightline stability, oodles of torque in the midrange and typical honda ride quality. Remember CBR develops as much as torque the ninja at a more usuable rpm range. Its more refined than the NS as well. 100+ kmph is more effortless. Not like NS is an inferior motorcycle, but belongs to a different class.

- Honestly I liked the sense of urgency of older pulsars more. Apart from the topclass styling that was the main reason why the Pulsar became the most popular performance bike series. I don't understand why Bajaj went the other way , as if to impress the Japanese bike lovers. It may have 23 horses but power delivery is more tamed and sedate in real world.

Rest of the offering is topclass though. You have very well mentioned about them how the bike has graduated in terms of great ergonomics, lovely handling and precise gearshift.

Anonymous said...

CBR150R has better handling than CBR250R because of stiffer suspension setup and slightly better rubbers on wheels.

CBR250's are doing great in Thailand race tracks with stiffer suspension and better rubbers (which means its handling is better too ). So CBR250R not a bad in handling, its just that its handling is little bit compromised for better ride quality.

Years ago revolution came up with inverted gas shock absorbers..... But old ZAMA has still better ride quality w.r.t any other bikes at that time.

One can find head on test report of D200 vs CBR250R on Bike India April 2012 issue.Is clearly states that D200 suspension is too stiff to deal with potholes.The jerk straight away hits the spine due to its riding position ( whole body weight is on bumps )and stiff suspension. D200 feels very fast and screaming for 0-100 kmph but its actually doing it in some 9.xx sec as compared to 8.xx of CBR250R. D200 do have better rollon figure than CBR250R but it needs to be ridden in higher rpm all the time to be in the league.The short gearing spoils city ride too. One have to keep changing gears inside city to be in the league but if ridden lazily then is fun to ride.

Himesh k. said...

Thanks for your reply.
As pulsar 200NS is my first bike !, I have some queries against how do I use the bike during its initial thousand kilometers ?

Is is advisable to pull the bike up to 6-8k rpm for 1-3 gears?- (may be just respond to the engine sound and shift gears ?)
should i be driving up to certain speed limit of say 60kmph ?
My first servicing was at 500km, and the next is at 4000km. The mechanic says to maintain a speed limit of 60kmph, till then.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Just one advice from my side: Ride normally and start incresing the revs slowly in steps. Going for an early engine oil change does not hurt the wallet too much and is like a fresh drink for the engine. So you can go in for an early engine oil change to keep the engine smooth

Anonymous said...

This bike is KTM killer.
Atleast in india.
Where bikers are obsessed with price,mileage,ASS & to some extent TOP SPEED.

NS200 outscores in all these departments over D200.
Even 0-100 kmph is hardly noticeable ( both of them does in some 9.XX sec )

Read somewhere " D200 is fun to ride but this fun is unlike other fun which won't last more than 6 months " so very true

On other hand NS200 seems complete package under 1 lac bracket with generation ahead of older siblings w.r.t handling & performance.

Keep up the good job SP

Xmeridian said...

The Pulsar 200NS is a seriously good bike, but I'm getting a KTM Duke 200. I absolutely love that bike! Totally unique riding experience.
I'm thrilled that such bikes are finally making their way to India!!
If budget is not a constraint, I say, go for the Duke.
What do you think @S.P - Biker Next Door? Isn't price the only criteria why people are considering the 200NS over the Duke?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


More than the price, its the nature of the biker that will determine which one appeals more the 200 Duke or 200 NS. Both the bikes have totally opposite charater. I can afford the 200 Duke easily.. and it was my choice of my next bike. Till I rode the Pulsar 200NS.

The 200 Duke is an absilute hoot to ride.. it' power delivery is like an over enthusiastic teenager, high on hormones.. every single time one twists the throttle. The Pulsar 200NS is more mature and grown up in its character.. calm yet stable and yes fast.

After riding both bikes, I realized that the Pulsar's strong and silent nature appeals more to me than the overenthusiastic teenager like attitude of the 200 Duke. It's a personal choice and bounnd to differ from biker to biker. Maybe its also got to do with my age (mid 30's) and the amount of riding (around 20 years) over the years.

The Pulsar 200NS is like a well bred kid who is well behaved most of the time but at the same time also kows how to have a good time (responsibly). In comparison the 200 Duke is like a wild child. Being a father, I realize that having a hyperactive kind 24/7 & 365.. would be a taxing affair.

But then, hey it's me

Shashank Shekhar said...

Fantastic review. Great detailing and truly unbiased.
I was firmly eyeing a Yamaha FZS for long. However, the moment I saw this masterpiece, I was truly madly and deeply in love with this mean machine.
However, the extra 20K on road price when compared to the Yamaha FZs is something that is still holding me back.
If someone here, having the experience of Yamaha FZs and Pulsar 200NS both, can guide me,I would be truly grateful.

Gunawan MS said...

Go with the FZS, if you want the look without the mean of it, or just want a poser bike for sedate city riding and commuting.

It was quite humiliating for Yamaha Byson riders in Indonesia (that's what it was called in my country) when their "muscular" streetfighter bike was overtaken in the highway (when they're in an inter provincial touring ride) by a new scooter matic from Honda, Vario 125 PGMFI, truly hilarious.

teku said...

@ S.P - Biker Next

Hey there, my name is Dhawal Kadakia and I have a Pulsar 200 Ns. I got it 2 months back and I have completed almost 1700 Km. Well recently I rode the bike at 120 Km/ph , for the first time I rode it above 80 Km/pr. My question to you is.. is there any need to change the engine oil or give my bike for a servicing. My next servicing is after 2 months or after 4500 km. And can i speed my bike above 100 Km/pr again? is it advisable?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@teku (Dhawal)

as you have clocked 1700 Kms, you can ride at 100 kmph speeds now.

An engine oil change is always beneficial to the engine.. it's like a glass of fresh juice for the engine. Just make sure that the engine oil that you will use should be of the Same Grade as the manufacturer/owners manual suggests.

Mukesh Agrawal said...

M going for pulshar 200 NS
Which color should i choose..
The dealer has no stock.I have to order first..
I am confused plz suggest me

teku said...

Thank you for you reply. And one more thing, should i change oil according to the indicator on the digital meter? or ever 4000km ?
My mechanic suggested me to change every 4000km.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

i seen it on the road....it looks very small...like a kid bike..not a eye catcher...

Chanz said...

Hi i am extremely confused between the NS and Duke.My mind keeps fluctuating between both of em...I m 6.1 and 80kgs....i kinda cover up the entire bike when i sit on the Duke.....in the NS i fit in perfectly...but My heart says Duke and my wallet says NS.The Duke has these touring clubs exclusive for Dukes only, and the Duke owners r extremely proud of their orange demons ....What to do??? Which one do I go for??

Xmeridian said...

@chanz: Why not go for a Classic 350?

Praveen said...

Ill take the CBR250R. Wouldn't dream of getting this pulsar.

Anonymous said...

y dont the legs touch the ground... highly uncomfortable... pulsar135 looks better...

Anonymous said...

dude plz tell me how are the brakes of 200ns compared to R15 one.Are they efficient enough or are just like pulsar 220?

Slash said...

Great review.Nice pics.
The biggest dilemma now is that whether i should go for 220f or 200ns. I am a guy of height 6'2",my main concerns are looks and gud pick up but also a lil bit of mileage too as i have a daily running of around 30kms.Shortlisted 200ns,220f,hunk and r15.
Plz guide me out through this dilemma !

Anonymous said...

@S.P. - you brag a lot but you'ven't yet chosen your steed as 200ns, y the wait?

Anonymous said...

Should I wait for pulsar 375 or go for 200ns? I can afford the latter and might be able to stretch budget for former as well... So wait or purchase? Fyi, like you; I'm in mid-30s but well built. My hometown trivandrum is not as big as your mumbai or pune and the roads as well are narrow. I drive car but would prefer bike for pleasure rides/commuting. Pls suggest. Thanks.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Go for the 200NS as you will get it immediately. No one knows for sure when is the Pulsar 375 coming

Anonymous said...

Thanks Satdal (or Payeng?) for answering my question. I was reading the review and comments again today. It seems you too were planning for 200ns earlier but have not yet purchased it.

Is there any issues with 200ns that's delaying your purchase, anything you as an expert noticed that we might have missed?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@ Above,

Satadal Payeng is my full name.. due to personal & financial reasons I have delayed my purchase of the 200NS.. should most likely get it someday

Anonymous said...

Thanks Satadal. Finally I was hoping this time to buy a good faired bike. Pulsar 220 was good but is not old. CBRs feel costly with unjustifiable price tag , given that they are made in India.

Which makes me wonder, whether I can fit 220's fairing (especially Projector Lamps) and Horns to 200ns? I won't mind if the added weight affects acceleration. In India, anyway, fast acceleration could be the perfect recipe for disaster. Also wondering whether these changes would void warranty on 200ns?

Payeng said...


Not impossible, but it would be easy. Plus one can never guarantee the effectiveness of such modification. Any electrical modification would void the guarantee of the bike

My advice, keep the bike in its original state.

Rajeev said...

Payeng, what's the ideal tire pressure for 200NS?? Few ppl around here say that 30/40PSI is ideal for the tubeless tires. But my bike manual says 25/35PSI.. Confused

Anonymous said...

Sir will this bike suit me ? My height exactly is similar to YOURs , i once went to the showroom and tried it, i was able manage it while still but my question is can i manage it while riding in traffic like delhi.....? Any help would be higly obliged !

Payeng said...

@Rajeev its recommended to stick to the manual

@anon above,

You will be able to ride but with some little bit of effort like you can see in the photo posted above

Prnce Sharma said...

helo sir i want to know about the BAJAJ XCD SPrint bike. Is this bike lanuch or not ?? need help ??

Payeng said...

Hi Prince

The XCD Sprint was a concept shown at the 2008 Auto Expo. After that Bajaj has discontinued with the XCD brand.

The Pulsar 135LS can be said to be the refined and upgraded version of the XCD Sprint

naveen said...

hello... i'm looking to get a bike with a max budget of 1 lakh. As of now i have shortlisted the Unicorn, FZ, Fazer and 200NS. My ride will be 60kms/day on the highway. I am 6ft tall. please suggest the best possible fit for me.

Anonymous said...

hey I'm also 165 cm tall. I went on the bike and it felt uncomfortable as I had to lean to the left alot. I really want to buy this bike. But the seating height makes me feel awkward. And the dealer told me its possible to take off one inch off the seat from the foam. Is this recommended or getting used to it will be fine. I need to know if you can tip toe when there's a traffic jam.

mayankgupta said...

WOW!! An Awsome review....now no more dilemma in mind for "kaun si sahi hai yaar?"

Nikhil David said...

what is the mileage it offers??

Anonymous said...

friend, can i use the tyre hugger of r15 2.0 for 200ns as it splashes lots of mud?

madhu sudhanan said...

Hey dude im looking for first bike the problem is iam looking slim and tall my friends advice me to go for pulsar 180 after readind your post im confused can i buy pulsar 200 ns iam an experienced rider.

Mr.Rodus said...

I have two questions

1) Any vibration problems in this 200NS bike?

2) Will my girlfriend feel comfortable in this bike?

Tariq said...

I got this bike a month ago and trust me it does turns heads. Its powerfuel bike. Yes good mileage, good pickup and good top end. Its perfect. 1 of the reason why I bought this bike, is because I am Indian and want to support Indian products and manufacturers. Its really a beautiful bike and proud to own it. The best color is yellow and red in reality. I heard there is white color coming too, which also looks aweful!

mustafa said...

Hey I am 5.5 n I am looking forward to buy pulsar 200ns...I have no problem riding my pulsar 150...I am not confident about my height...people say ns isn't safe for short guys. ..!

Sangram Deb said...

Brother I'm looking for shorter Clip-on Handel bar for ns for better aggressive riding Position.. plz suggest...

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