Jun 3, 2012

28 Pulsar 200NS Price announced [Price Comparison: Vs R15 Version 2.0 Vs CBR 150R/250R Vs 200 Duke]

Official price of the Pulsar 200NS revealed.. the first batch reaches Mumbai dealerships

Photo & News: Zigwheels

"You just can't beat a Bajaj" especially when it's comes to pricing. At the unveiling of the next generation Pulsar, the Pulsar 200NS in Jan 2012, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj had promised a price of "under a lakh Rupees". This left many wondering if it would be the "Ex-Showroom Price" or the "On Road Price".


Believe it..!!

Looking at the levels of equipment, design sophistication and sheer performance of the new Pulsar 200NS, many safely assumed that the "under 1 lakh" price tag would be the "Ex-showroom price" and the actual On Road price would cross 1 lakh. But surprise surprise.. official prices for the Pulsar 200NS is out and the "Ex-Showroom Price" in Delhi is an unbelievable Rs. 85,000..!!

This kind of aggressive pricing also means that in Mumbai the On Road Price (Ex-showroom price + insurance + registration) of the Pulsar 200NS is still under a lakh Rupess..!! According to reports, initial batches of the Pulsar 200NS have already appeared in Mumbai dealerships and would reach Pune in the next couple of days. Mr. Bajaj had earlier stated in an interview that the new pulsar would be launched in the state of Maharashtra first and by July should be available nationwide.

Price Comparison Vs R15 Version 2.0 Vs CBR 150R/250R Vs 200 Duke

The pricing of the Pulsar 200NS puts the other so called "Desi Premium Commuter" bikes in a tight spot, including its sibling the Pulsar 220F. Posted below are the latest Ex-Showroom, Delhi Prices (rounded off) for comparison.

Model Price [Ex-Showroom, Delhi as on June 2012]Price Difference [with respect to pulsar 200NS]
Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Rs. 85,000
Bajaj Pulsar 220F Rs. 80,000Less by Rs. 5,000
Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Rs. 1,10,000More by Rs. 25,000
Honda CBR150R Rs. 1,20,000More by Rs. 35,000
KTM 200 Duke Rs. 1,20,000More by Rs. 35,000
Honda CBR250R (Non ABS) Rs. 1,48,000More by Rs. 63,000

As they say in "Ripleys Believe it or not".. Unbelievable? Believe it..!!

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kunal chugh said...

Killer pricing . Other bikes are gonna have a tough time . Nice move by Bajaj

Sid Soni said...

That's a nice comparison. For all that flak that Bajaj receives for quality among many many bikers (including me :)), it is one company which is striving to deliver good value. Though it has racked up the sales with Pulsar, hope Bajaj puts an end to these talks with the 200NS.

Gunawan MS said...

LOL, what an unbelievably great value offered by this magnificent lil' bike. :D

This means, factoring on the road price of Pulsar 220F in my country (Indonesia), the price of Pulsar 200 NS might just beat even the optimist prediction, just slightly more expensive than Indonesian version of Honda Unicorn Dazzler.

Bro Payeng, do you know the electrical design of this bike, outside of confirmed DC full wave design ? Is it also using triple phase electrical like Pulsar 220 series ?

SANTOSA said...

ohh yipeee..
seems like bajaj will dominate the next decade also.

Anonymous said...

nice comparison bro..
Now if anyone compares the value along with Technology offered, nothing will come close to 200 NS...
The best bike ever by an Indian compan,
The best Value for money product in the decade!!!!!

Rahul Devnath said...

Unbelievable is not the word. I'm sure it's lower than everybody's expectations. And I guess, apart from the torture testing the bike, the delay was to prevent the cannibalization of Duke's sales?

Veerendra Giddaluru said...

Outstanding product at an outstanding price!! no doubt, competition will be devastated with this product and one can only imagine their plight as and when P200 full faired version comes in.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Gunawan Bro,

the Pulsar 200NS does have DC lighting.. but am not aware of its complete details.


the pricing has put a big smile, expecting the ownership experience to be equally awesome

Anil Anupam said...

Extremely well priced. Looks like Govt is providing subsidy for this bike :D
Highly desirable. Two thumbs up for Bajaj.

Gunawan MS said...

@Rahul, yep, perhaps one of the factor for the delay of availability of this bike was the stock build up process by BAL to ensure initial demand will be healthily satisfied, and also to cover some export demand, since the reception of this bike in Bajaj's international markets is very good (they have to cash in the good mood from the international consumers as soon as possible, no matter how small the initial shipment would be, can't let the golden opportunity passing away).

@Payeng, understood bro. I just hope it won't go backward, considering the engine is based on Duke's premium design and P220 usage of triple phase electricity. The added cost is rather negligible, but the added benefit is outstanding, and will undoubtly strengthen the product value in the eyes of fanatic bikers like us.

utsav vyas said...

excellent bike by bajaj. Due to its prise it will certainly effect the selling of karizma,fazer,fz,cbr,apache etc. I think it is better than all above.

Anonymous said...

nice bike...have covered all the features and a perfect value for money. And this time with new attractive looks and colours!!
I have some questions regarding to it:-
1. Will it be a good tourer too that can go miles without much effort??
2. How much fuel economy it will return on highways ride??
(company writes 57km but on FE figures i personally don't trust Bajaj after 109km of platina)

"plz reply if u have any info"(i want to buy one)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


57 kmpl is obviously an optimistic fuel efficiency figure which has been stated along with the caveat that "if ridden around 55 kmph"..

If anyone wants to ride this bike like they way its meant to be ridden, then he shouldn't bother much about the fuel efficiency.

Anything else about the bike can only be answered after spending some quality time with it

Gunawan MS said...

Well, i like a multiple personality bike, that can be a speedfreak when needed -fuel consumption be damned, but having best in its class fuel efficiency for daily, commuter usage.

My Pulsar 200 fulfilled that expectation once -the local competition were Honda Tiger Revo 200 & Yamaha Scorpio 225, now i expect Bajaj to satisfy me once again.

Karthik said...

A 200cc bike, which is based on KTM Duke 200(which is Rs.1.2Lakh), has a different fairing and body parts when compared to the Duke 200, different specs, different tires, also has a liquid cooled engine like Duke and which also claims to have better braking, handling and more refined engine than that of Duke 200…and they still say it is only Rs.85K? That’s stupid…no doubt they used cheap parts to make this bike…Lets put away the reviews where most of them are fake..
Let people buy this and use for sometime say 8-12 months, and then the actual feedback of the bike comes…

p.s. I m not any employee for a bike manufacturer…

Gunawan MS said...

Fuel specification of Pulsar 200 NS, anybody knew ? From the specification and the comparison with its sibling, Duke 200, we can deduct that the engine compression ratio might be the highest of any Bajaj 2 wheel product ever, but does that correlate with higher spec fuel usage rather than the usual RON 87's spec used in the previous Pulsar generation ?

I'm asking this, because there was a question raised in my country local forums & blogs, regarding what kinda fuel will be specified for this bike. The standard, RON 88 gasoline is subsidized in my country, and the higher RON 92 gasoline has more than twice the price because of non subsidized product.

IF the bike can run with RON 88 gasoline unharmed in durability & reliability senses (while perhaps not recommended for best performance reason), that will be a BIG WIN for it, no question about that.

utsav vyas said...

this bike will give tough compitition to fazer,fz,cbr,karizma,cbz and average of 57 kmpl is also an attractive feature.

utsav vyas said...

this bike will give tough compitition to fazer,fz,cbr,karizma,cbz and average of 57 kmpl is also an attractive feature.

P220 rider said...

Pulsar 200 ns is going to eat the market share of r15 and cbr 150r most probably anyways for me it is still a wait as I need a bit more power lets see when the 350 ktm duke gets launched.

Rahul Devnath said...

@Gunawan MS: How does the 3 phase power affect the end user? As far as I knew, all Pulsars from UG3, had 3 phases.

Gunawan MS said...

@Rahul Devnath, OK, the ONLY Pulsar with three phase DC full wave electricity is Pulsar 220, as of now. The latest Pulsar 150 & 180 do have DC full wave electricity AFAIK, but only single phase. Older Pulsars ? Mostly AC/DC electricity, like my P200, though in the old Pulsar bikes, the electricity setup is quite "peculiar", not quite ordinary.

How does 3 phase alternator effect the end user ? Well, let's see:

1. The DC current characteristic will be much better, less ripple, even compared to other full wave bikes which only use single phase alternator

2. The amount of electicity produced will be much higher (in amperage), up to 50% (ceteris paribus), just check Varroc's website regarding their motorcycle alternator specs, all's revealed there.

3. The DC current voltage will be much stable, will already at its best even at such low engine RPM.

A friend of mine from Jakarta, Indonesia, who uses Pulsar 220F, he had modified his alternator by rewinding the stator with thicker & better quality (germany) email wire, replacing the star pattern winding with delta pattern, and replacing the electricity wires of the bike. The result ?? He manages to install & use FOUR HID lighting system with 50 w ballast EACH, SIMULTANEOUSLY & CONTINUOUSLY for hours in touring ride. The Vdc @3000 RPM is around 13.8 V, not bad eh for around 22 A of DC load ? :D

PS: My P200 electrical has also been modified by releasing the BCU, rewinding the stator with AWG16 germany wire on its 7 poles, using high quality custom build single phase rectifier-regulator. I install TWO Mini H1 Projectors in my bike headlamp, using 50w ballast each, Vdc stood @14.2 V @3000 RPM.

Rahul Devnath said...

@Gunawan MS: Thanks for detailed explanation. Let's ask Payeng, for this particular detail. Because i'm sure, majority of us wouldn't be able to know (manual also doesn't say). :) But yes, on my 220, two 35W HID work flawlessly, (3 years on).

Anonymous said...

Hi guys I got a test ride of the Pulsar 200 NS. I was very excited. I sat on the bike the first thing I noticed is that the ride height for the rider is high. I being 6.2 ft tall I just barely managed to keep my feet on the ground. Then when I started the bike and put the bike in first gear the bike was'nt going in front. Then letting the clutch go completely the bike started to move forward. This created a big problem to get the bike to accelerate properly & really was not fun with that kind of clutch set-up. The bike sounded very loud when moving fast. I was really disappointed with the clutch set-up but the sales men said that can be adjusted to half clutch. I having owned Karizma bike liked the measured feel you get with the Karizma clutch & did'nt get it with this bike. I also noticed the P200 NS is also very large in its broadness gives you a big bike feel.

Gunawan MS said...

@Rahul D. Actually your modification in dual beam on of P220 headlight which was posted in XBHP forum, is THE main source of info that i've been using in our local forum to inform others there.

Ofcourse, the implementation is rather different, since i advise in using a 5 pin SPDT automotive relay (in high beam mode, low beam light gets electricity straight from battery). But still, many thx for the inspiration. :)

Aayush said...

what fuel efficiency can we except from this racing beast can any one tell me.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Fuel efficiency would depend a lot on the riding style. Under normal riding I expect the Pulsar 200NS to return around 40 (+/-) kmpl.

Gunawan MS said...

I get 40-45 KMPL in urban riding, and up to 50 KMPL in highway riding, with my P200 (standard engine), using econo riding style. I kinda expect the same result with this bike too.

Garage said...

Wow!Interesting indeed. The price seems reasonable. Nice post.

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