May 10, 2012

16 Suzuki Hayate Launched [Photos/Colors/Price]

Suzuki launches its entry level salvo with the 110 cc Hayate..

Unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo at New Delhi, Suzuki finially launched its 110 cc Hayate motorcycle today. This model marks Suzuki Motorcycle India's foray into the world of basic 100 cc commuter motorcycles. The other existing Suzuki India models namely the GS150R (150 cc) and the Slinghot (125 cc) despite being in the market for sometime now, has had very limited presence so far.

Can this new model turn around Suzuki India's fortunes in the motorcycle market..?? Difficult.. very difficult, I'll say. According to me, breaking the 100 cc code in India for Suzuki with the Hayate will be a very tough task.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the package. The pricing is in line to what bikes like the Bajaj Discover 100 and Hero Splendor are currently priced at.. the features, engine specs and fuel efficiency are similar to what is expected from a motorcycle in this range.

But then it's nothing less than a Herculean task to convince the Indian masses who has grown up/old with models like the Splendor, Passion and Discover. Suzuki probably knows this and has kept a modest sales target of 10,000 units/month. Also to get the attention of the masses, it has roped in Bollywood star Salman Khan as it's brand ambassador.

One just needs to ask this question, "What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of this product?" and if the answer is not clear then I have my doubts whether a Bollywood star can make much of a difference.

Suzuki Hayate Specifications:

Engine: 112cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder
Max. Power: 8.4 Ps
Max. Torque: 8.8 Nm
Transmission: 4 Speed Gearbox
Fuel Capacity: 8 Ltrs
Kerb Weight: 112 Kgs

Price (as on 10'th May 2012):
Rs 40,162 (kick start variant) ex-showroom Pune
Rs 42,162 (electric start), ex-showroom Pune

Colors: White, Green, Grey, Red & Black.

Suzuki Hayate: Photos/Colors

Suzuki Hayate Green Suzuki Hayate Red Suzuki Hayate White
Suzuki Hayate Grey Suzuki Hayate Black Suzuki Hayate Green

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P220 rider said...

Dont underestimate star power besides Suzuki engines are known for its refined engine quality. I for one love the butter smooth Suzuki engines.
With the fuel prices heading north I think there will be more takers for 100 cc bikes and the sales targets could very well become achievable.

normal rider said...

the engine might be be refined but so is every other engines nowadays. moreover isn't Honda or Hero Honda engines refined?

why will anyone look at the Hayate? the author is right what is the USP?

Salman? ha ha ha

P220 rider said...

@normal rider
Ha Ha Ha every other engine ? Have you ever ridden any other bike than you personally own lol.

You might be a mature person but salman is for attracting the younger crowds who will take some time to become mature. Do you know how marketing works ?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

I agree with "normal rider",

Suzuki engines are definitely refined but is that a USP? I don't think so. Not at least in 2012.

The younger crowd going for the Hayate just because Salman features in it's Ad..?? Wishful thinking, i'd say

normal rider said...

@P220 rider,

forget about how many bikes i have ridden. but i am sorry, refined engine is not a selling point

or do you mean to say that the engine of the GS150R and the Slingshot are not refined? since both these models hardly sell

P220 rider said...

Hey Payeng,

You have reviewed Suzuki bikes like GS150R in the past you should know better that the suzuki engine is the smoothest of them all yes even compared to the famed honda unicorn which i have owned in the past plus the overall ride quality.

And why do you think that celebrity endorsements are wishful thinking ?
If they do not work you wouldn't see celebrities in the advertisements take hrithik in karizma ads, John in yamaha ads and numerous others

P220 rider said...

@normal rider,
Do you have an original opinion one which is yours or you just copy paste other peoples opinion ?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

P220 rider,

Had a celebrity been able to make all the difference then the Mahindra Stallio should have sold in thousands (Aamir Khan) and not stopped.

Also LML (Lohia Motors Limited) should not have stopped operations since Shah Rukh Khan once endorsed its "Freedom" motorcycle..

same logic Kinetic motorcycles should have been successful as well as Kapil Dev was it's brand ambassador.

the most successful brands in Indian 2 wheeler industry the Splendor, Pulsar and Activa do not need any celebrities.

I know the GS150R has a butter smooth engine gearbox.. but why isn't it as successful as other 150 cc models..?? there has to be a very clear USP which the customer has to see. the GS150R comes across as just another 150 cc bike to the customer.. never mind the refined engine

I am sorry but I agree with normal rider more on this.

drowning me said...

how to pronounce Hayate?

P220 rider said...

Mahindra stallio had a defective product not even god could have saved it.
Lml went out of business because of bad business moves how is a celebrity responsible for that ?
Talking about usp of a Suzuki product is Suzuki itself which unlike Honda it has not been able to project successfully till now

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Moral of the story:

1. A celebrity is just a waste of money if the business stategy is faulty

2. "Suzuki" itself is not USP enough (if someone is thinking that it is.. then its time to wake up)

Anil Anupam said...

Hayate looks better than Slingshot IMO.
I don't expect good numbers from this bike though I would definitely consider this bike if I am in hunt for a 100-110cc bike.
Suzuki products are decent bikes with no particular USP. That's a fact !

Salman Khan is only hampering his brand value by opting for bikes like Hayate as its brand ambassador. Yeh bike sabko le dubega :P
I would rather like to see Salman endrossing for something like Avenger or Thunderbird.
That will be an instant click.

Anonymous said...

looks better than slingshot n gud low height

Anonymous said...

I have bought this performance is very good but only have mileage problem.

Bishal Pandey said...

I disagree with A celebrity is just a waste of money if the business strategy is faulty". A celebrity comes withing a a part of business strategy ...
2. "Suzuki" itself is not USP enough (if someone is thinking that it is.. I agree ... with this one..

any way nice conversation

Anonymous said...

suzuki enegines are the refined engines which you will see, hondas cant come near to that, i am talking about quality of engines so i am buying 3 rd suzuki bikess but all used bikes, problem of suzuki is they dont care abot indian conditions and produce more heavier bikes, strong and smooth bikes but they lack direction and sales and service are poor in suzuki , the suzuki team is more confused they create 125 cc engines with just names difference HEAT AND ZEUS, Why they stopped zeus and started sling shot zeus was more far better than sling shot no answers common suzuki other wise you are gone

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