May 5, 2012

2 Making of the 2012 TVS Apache Series RTR: Promotional Video

Promotional video for the 2012 TVS Apache RTR..

Posted below is a video showcasing the new 2012 TVS Apache RTR, it's design details and philosophy behind it's design.

According to me, TVS could have skipped the elaborate promotion for the 2012 upgrade. Anyway does the video makes your heart skip a beat..??

P.S: I found the "countdown" display (4-3-2-1-GO) on the speedometer as the electronics of the bike does a self check kinda cute.

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Krishna3450 said...

They forgot the Racing DNA f Apache ,sad..

Sai Pranav A said...

Are you planning to do a review of this bike?
I think it would be nice if you could check if there is any improvement in quality of the plastics etc,. check if there is any change in the aerodynamics and also check the status of the vibrations.
-Sai Pranav

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