May 14, 2012

3 KTM 200 Duke can ride though Knee Deep Water with it’s Exhaust Submerged..!!

Unbelievable but true..!!

There was a slight murmur about the underbelly exhaust of the 200 Duke (mostly on online blogs/forums) regarding doubts over it's performance in flooded areas.. concerns about how will the underbelly exhaust survive the water crossings/nullahs in "Leh / Laddakh" region or manage to ride through flooded streets during the monsoon.

Here is the breaking news: The KTM 200 Duke with it's underbelly exhaust can not only

    [1] Wade through knee deep water, but..
    [2] One can stop and idle the engine submerged and if need arises then..
    [3] The engine can be switched off with the exhaust in water and restarted even after 30 mins (in submerged condition)

Don't believe me, just watch this test video posted below..

Now we all know that the Pulsar 200NS also has a similar underbelly exhaust.. so it should ideally mean that the Pulsar 200NS should also wade easily though Knee deep water, right?

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Anonymous said...

yes technically that is a possibility but by having a carb system on p200 don't you think it would be less easy to go like that as it is for the duke which instead is having a fuel injection system which aids in faster restarting and less stalling....its just my thought but then again i could be wrong.


bennythegreat said...

very useful info..especially for Indonesian riders who suffers from flood (it's rainy season now) :)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Varun, I hope the Pulsar 200NS has been tested in a similar fashion.

@Benny, that applies to India during rainy season as well :-)

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