Apr 23, 2012

12 Edgar Heinrich: The Designer of the Pulsar 200NS

A brief intro of the man who designed the Next Gen Pulsar..

Automotive design can accomplish a lot of things, it can turn a model into a cult and can even give it immortality.

In the world of motorcycle design there are a couple of names which stand out. For example, Gerald Kiska, whose famed design house has been designing (from 1992) those striking machines dripping with orange paint that come out the KTM factory in Austria (also the 200 Duke which rolls out of Chakan, Pune, India). Another respected name in the world of motorcycle designers is Edgar Heinrich.

When the Pulsar 200NS was unveiled on 30’th Jan 2012, one of the comment that I came across in one of the biking forums was that the new Pulsar has the design lines of a BMW motorcycle. Well that comment wasn’t too far off as the new Pulsar 200NS has been designed by a certain Edgar Heinrich, whose body of work includes motorcycles like the BMW S1000RR & BMW R1200GS..!!

Edgar Heinch on his creation, the BMW S1000RR

About Edgar Heinrich:

Edgar Heinrich is a veteran from BMW Motorrad (BMW’s 2 Wheeler division). He had spent 23 years at BMW Motorrad (joined in 1986) and was Head of Vehicle Design Motorcycles from 2007-2009. Among the famous products that were designed on his drawing board during his stint at BMW Motorrad is the “Love it/Hate it – But can’t ignore it” S1000RR Superbike and the original adventure touring behemoth, the R1200GS; which is so far the largest selling and most famous BMW Motorcycle.

In July 2009 Mr. Heinrich joined Bajaj Auto Limited as Vice President Product Design, a post that he retains till he rejoins BMW Motorrad as "Head of the BMW Group Motorcycle Design Studio" in July 2012.

Apart from being a professional designer, Mr. Heinrich is a true biker at heart and loves to collect vintage motorcycles and also riding different kind of motorcycles including off road bikes.

Edgar Heinrich and the Next Gen Pulsar:

The Pulsar 200NS is the first product that has been designed by Mr. Heinrich during his 3 years (2009-2012) stay at Bajaj Auto. As he rejoins BMW, I just hope that the 200NS is not the first and last Pulsar that Mr. Heinrich penned in India.

Thanks Mr. Heinrich for raising the standards of Indian motorcycle design to the next level. It might be wishfull thinking but it would have been great if more models were put on our Indian roads with the design credit to that famous designer from BMW..!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice article. Did he already designed full-faired Pulsar 200FS kya?

Amama Ali said...

Just Share the shocking news from Indonesia

gupta said...

true, bike design is serious stuff.

for proof just look at the horribly styled laughing stocks- hero karizma ZMR and the latest 2012 tvs apache series.

Anonymous said...

not even one color scheme is attractive...look at fz and ktm duke..pulsar 200 ns looks like mix of so many bikes..

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Just having a bulky tank doesn't make it similar to the Yamaha FZ, or having a underbelly silencer make it similar to the KTM Duke.

Apart from the headlamp which does have a resemblance to the Honda CB1000R, the 200NS has lines of a Next Gen Pulsar.. nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Someone is kidding.

The P200NS looks like a mix of many bikes becz its our way of seeing it. And its our nature to associate each and every part of the bike right from screw to paint color to resemble it to any other bike even if there is very few resemblance.
And no color is attractive *eeeeeeeek*. I am just south pole. Every color is so damn attractive. The Duke comes in just one color (n I dont like orange color), the fz colors doesn't come close to this solid dual tone job. Also the headlamp of both Duke & Fz are ugly to be honest. Overall IMHO P200NS is a much much better looks than the duke or fz.

Sajal said...


Notice that the bike is minus any branding?? At best it might just be one of the test bikes given for road testing. Also, fading off the faces makes this fact more likeable that the guy testing the bike on behalf of Bajaj's Indonesian undertaking, didn't want a PR club shoved inside him ;)

Sangram Nandkhile said...

@ above: looks are perspective...some one finds DUKE sexY..others do not..

If you find FZ- Duke ugly, it is perfectly okay...but there are guys like me who love FZ's designs & colors. Believe me Guys,

FZ is the next Pulsar..

Amama Ali said...

@sajal: yes its only the test bikes, but it allready wake me up thats Bajaj so seriuosly to bring this bike to Indonesia

I see, no wait for longtime after officially launch in India
P200NS will be directly available in Indonesia ... its great to know how big their attention for Indonesia market.

for u know, we r Indonesian ... waiting one year for Yamaha FZ16 after launched in India

N when Yamaha given India R15 v2.0 ... Indonesia just keep dreaming till todays for this beautifull bike.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Indonesia is definitely a very important market.. the 200NS seen so soon in Indonesia is a proof of that. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

We must thanks Mr. Rajiv Bajaj not to opt Dilip Chhabria.... Otherwise only God knows which weired piece of shit came out of Bajaj plant... (Just look at new Mahindra Reva electric car...)

Anonymous said...

Nice article bro.. :)
A typo -Line below 2nd pic "the BMW S1000RR".

Definately, one of the best looking bike..
Saurabh Dwivedi

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