Apr 18, 2012

2 2012 TVS Apache RTR (180..??) Teaser..!!

Official teaser pics of the new 2012 TVS Apache..!!

Way back in Nov 2011, Autocar India had reported (click here for the link) that TVS was about to launch an upgraded Apache RTR 180 sometime early this year. Looks like TVS is all set to launch the upgraded 2012 Apache. Going by what AutocarIndia had reported, it will probably be an upgraded Apache RTR 180 with some visual changes.

But let's wait and see what's the new model would ultimately be like.. any guesses?

Source: TVS Apache Facebook Fanpage

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Melville said...

Dude, after this teaser, bringing a new n improved (2012)180 will be a HUGE bummer!!
I hope (for hope's sake) tht this is a new flagship based on a new platform. Though I wish there were a couple of cylinders in it's engine, I guess that's asking for too much. :(
Let's just pray that this is a serious contender in the Rs. 1+ lakh segment From the twin headlamps, it looks like they lead to a full fairing. And a fully-faired 180cc bike is something we need only if it's better than the R15. A quarter-fairing with those twin lamps may look weird and the bike will end up in no-man's segment(a la Fazer)

Anonymous said...

watchout pulsar 200 ns....game on..:P

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