Mar 21, 2012

38 Power to Weight Ratio of Made in India Motorcycles: 2012 Comparo

A collection & comparison of the "Power to Weight ratios" of the "Made in India" motorcycles.. in 2012

How “fast/zippy” a motorcycle feels (particularly in which part of the rev range) depends on various factors like

    [1] How the Power is spread across the rev range
    [2] How the Torque is spread across the rev range
    [3] The Weight of the vehicle
    [4] The Gearing on the vehicle (tall geared or short geared)

By comparing the “Power to Weight Ratio” of various models, one can get a rough idea of how the bikes stack up against each other. To compare our "made in India bikes" by their "Power to Weight" ratios, I have compiled a list posted below.

In 2012, the KTM 200 Duke has emerged as the bike with the highest power to weight ratio in India (among the Made in India motorcycles) followed by the yet to be launched Pulsar 200NS. Both the 200 Duke and the Pulsar 200NS beats the Honda CBR250R which had the highest Power to Weight Ratio among made in India bikes in 2011.

Although not a "Made in India" model, for those interested about the Ninja 250R; with 33 Ps of Peak Power and 172 Kgs of Kerb weight it has a Power to Weight ratio of 192

No.Model NameMax Power (Ps)Kerb Weight (Kgs)Power to Weight (Ps/Ton)
01KTM 200 Duke25.35136186
02Pulsar 200NS23.50145162
04Classic 50027.56187147
05Pulsar 220F21.04150140
07R15 Version 2.017.00136125
08Apache RTR18017.03137124
09Avenger 22019.04155123
10Apache RTR160 Fi15.90136117
11Pulsar 18017.02147116
12Karizma R17.24150115
13Apache RTR160 Hyperedge15.40136113
14Karizma ZMR17.84159112
15Bullet 350 Twinspark20.08180112
16Pulsar 135LS13.50122111
17Thunderbird Twinspark20.08180110
18Classic 35020.08182110
19Bullet Electra Twinspark20.08183110
20Discover 15013.00121107
21Pulsar 15015.06143105
24CB Unicorn Dazzler14.18138103
29Boxer BM15012.0112398
30CBZ Xtreme14.4014997
32CB Unicorn13.5014692
33Discover 12511.0011992
34CBF Stunner PGM-Fi11.7512892
36SS 12511.0012588
37CBF Stunner11.1512888
38YBR 12510.8812687
39CB Shine10.4312186
40CB Twister9.1310885
43Super Splendor9.1312175
45Star City 1108.2911572
46CD Dawn7.8010972
48Glamour PGM-Fi9.1312971
50Splendor Pro7.8011270
51CD Deluxe7.8011270
52Splendor NXG7.8011270
53Max 4R8.2011969
54Slingshot Plus8.7012967
56Discover 1007.7011567
57Passion Pro7.8011966
58YBR 1107.6012362

How Power to Weight Ratio is calculated?

In simple words by dividing the “Power” by the “Weight”, we get the “Power to Weight” ratio.

To make sure that each of the various models can be compared, one has to make sure that the unit used for “Power” and “Weight” for all the models are same. In the list compiled above the unit for power has been taken in “Ps” and the weight in “Kgs”. Also for all models the “Kerb Weight” (which is the Dry weight of the vehicle + 90% filled up with fuel and engine oil) has been taken into consideration.

Power (in Ps) / Weight (Kerb Weight in Kgs) = Power to Weight (in Ps/Kg)

But since the number obtained in the above calculation is very small (in decimal points), the above formula is multiplied by 1,000. Which is also equivalent to dividing the “Power” by converting the weight in “Tons” instead of “Kgs”.


[Power (in Ps) / Weight (Kerb Weight in Kgs) ] x 1,000 = Power to Weight (in Ps/Ton)

P.S: I have taken care to calculate the max. power in "Ps" and the “Kerb Weight” of each model into consideration in the calculation. Kindly point out if you come across any blooper from my side in the above calculations and also in the max. power / kerb weight figures.

You can also point out if I have missed any current model from the above list.

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Koley Nilesh said...

Before even reading this post I like it very much cause I believe this P/W is Very Very important while choosing a performance (Indian Sense) bikes... and this post will help a potential/novice searching for performance bikes :).

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks a lot Koley Nilesh

Anonymous said...

Good one! I know these are Made in India stuff... but you could have sneaked in Baby Ninja here... im sure it would have topped the chart :)

nik said...

Slingshot Plus weight ratio given 18.70 which should be 8.70 so change need to made.

Anonymous said...

hey i guess you wrote a similar post last year i correct??

Anonymous said...

Bueno es muy interesante conocer esta relación peso potencia, y es loable la tarea de investigación del autor , obstante no acabo de entender porque no dividió el peso entre la potencia, es decir porque no dividió los kilos entre los caballos para conocer cuanto soporta cada uno. De la manera en que lo hizo me parece poco útil y representativo del performance de cada moto.
Aun asi lo felicito por brindarnos datos tan interesantes y útiles pues son esenciales a la hora de elegir y comprar una moto. Gracias Koley Nilesh.

Anonymous said...

Khamosh jakey jo bike pasand aaya voh ley lo, kaiko bhai ye power to weight ratio ye pura. Mere pass splendor hey jabardast hey kya kaka tum log b. Wear helmet and drive carefully ok guys
Jus forgt abt the above topic nd buy the bike wch u all like


Anonymous said...

Well done. This is great work. Very important and useful data that you have assembled.

manshood said...

Good Initiative............

Abhishek Chamoli said...

Very good post... really useful info... Ninja250r is still the king btw.. but duke is very impressive for that price tag

Anonymous said...

A very useful and eyeopener stuff.Kudos to the writer for such secondary level of research and no main stream companies have ever broached this aspect in their best vehicles.
Kudos once again dfor this usefil info.

Anonymous said...

i think the CBR250R has 26.2 pS not 25.35 PS

Supriyo Chakraborty said...

Nice work done DUDE,.,.,.
it will help most of the bikers who don't even know what is power to weight ratio is. So keep it up dude. I hope we will see u again with some other interesting posts.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks everyone,

About the doubt over the power figure of the CBR250R; according to its official India site (, the CBR250R has a max. power of 25 bhp which translates to 25.35 Ps

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job! But would have been better if u could add the figures of Hero Impulse

Anonymous said...

There was no need to include Bullets in the list as they are not bikes..Someone who will plan to buy a bike shall never even think about a Bullet..and who buys a Bullet shall not even look up in this list..He buys it for the love of it...Still a pretty informative article for boys who want to buy bikes..

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Hero Impulse now added to the above list..

thanks for pointing out that it was missing

Siddharth Soni said...

Well, the Duke and the Pulsar NS200 should run riot in that case. The only thing is 'fairing'. People fond of that kind of styling would still lean towards a R15 or a CBR250.

Umm, there's a comment about Bullet just above. I can understand that kind of statement. Bullet offers a very distinct 'sensorial' experience but having ridden and owned one for quite some time, it isn't yet a very reliable piece of machinery (even with the modern engine).

KAUSHAL said...

It should include some older ones too. Atleast released in the last 5 years

San@blog said...

Can somebody what is this in layman's term? Here discover is higher than pulsar 150 what is that means? Discover go faster?!

Sharath.S.Kamath said...

@Payeng - based on below formula ---
[Power (in Ps) / Weight (Kerb Weight in Kgs) ] x 1,000 = Power to Weight (in Ps/Ton)

KTM200 = (25.35 / 136) * 1000 = 186 (in Ps/Ton)
Pls correct it buddy. :p

Also after checking Top speeds(on youtube)of KTM200 / Pulsar200ns / R15v2.0,
1. KTM 200 (200cc - 25.35 Bhp) = 138 Km/hr (Top Speed)
2. Pulsar 200NS (200cc - 23.50 Bhp) = 136 Km/hr (Top Speed)
3. R15 V2.0 (150cc - 17 BHP) = 145 Km/hr (Top Speed)

Even though Engine CC, P/W ratio and BHP wise R15v2.0 is less than KTM200 or Pulsar200NS...Still R15-V2.0 is Faster than other two bikes in Top Speed!!!

Please let us know your comments on this...any idea why/how?? - SK

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Sharath, thanks for the correction.

About the YouTube videos.. don't believe too much of those videos. the R15 can't touch 140 kmph (true speed and not speedo indicated ones) in stock form.

I personally squeezed the life out of an R15 but couldn't go more than 135 kmph (that too speedo indicated) on a 1 kmph long stretch.. on that same stretch I could see a speedo indicated 143 kmph on the carbureted Pulsar 220.

Sharath.S.Kamath said...

@Payeng - Digital is most times are not correct in this case on even in Autocar show...they reviewed KTM200 and he said he had clocked 140km/hr on KTM200 (as per speedo) but he said in real it is just 133km/ this makes confusing whts the real top speed all these of KTM200, R15v2.0, CBR250...any idea u have or any one? - SK

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


from what I know, manufacturers are allowed a 10% error in the Speedo and actual speeds.. virtually all models come with around 10% error.

even R15 and CBR250R like all models have speedo error

Anurag said...

sp, top speed depends on ones riding style and bike's maintenance too… i ve done 138 on my r15 (speedo indicated though) with quite some juice left, thanks to that car that came in my way, else m sure 140 plus was an easy reach that morning…
ur perception to "full faired loving desi bikers" is limited an "obsession" for faired and big bikes… that, however is not true… faired bikes essentially look good; but apart from that, the reason behind their inception is what makes them so desirable. they provide an excellent aerodynamics. and had you ducked down while doing 135, you would have felt the difference… no more twisting the throttle reqd, just bend yourself into the windsheild and the bike gains atleast 5kmph. u are lucky to find a 1 km (and not 1 kmph, my frn) stretch, i did it on the renowned mumbai highway. ridden rightly, you should be able to attain even higher.

Anonymous said...

impulse weight is 119kg so power to weight ratio comes around 111

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@above, the Officially Quoted Kerb Weight of the Impulse is 134 kgs.. 119 Kgs could be its Dry weight.

Koley Nilesh said...

@ unsuspected friends please don't refer any bogus/fag automotive sites for getting Your information If You want know all about the specifications then visit the site of Respective Manufacturers or other reputed/productive sites for correct stats.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Excellent article, very informative indeed. Kindly tell me what is the power/weight ratio for the Bullet Machismo AVL 500. Regarding R15 and P220 clocking 140 kmph+, kindly use a speed gun if you want a reality check. The R15's true top speed is 129 kmph and the P220 manages a max 138 kmph as per readings observed with a speed gun. The Bullet Classic 500 manages a true top speed of 130 kmph. The CBR250R's true top speed is 150 kmph.

Anonymous said...

Really impressive workout.

Anonymous said...

when will d Pulsar 200NS be available in the market????

Anonymous said...

it is really informative for all bike lovers in country...hats off to you !!

Anonymous said...

please correct impulse weight and power ratio its weight is 119kg according to weight and power ratio it should be 109

Apacherenator said...

I think the RTR 180 Max power output is 17.3 PS and not 17.03 PS

jsg said...

yeah...17.3 PS fr RTR 180 :)

rms olympic said...

well than for any bike under 1 lakh rs pulsars are the king!!

the top 5 are:-
3)rtr 180
4) avenger 220
5) p180!!

proud to be a p180 owner!!

amazing article!

rms olympic said...

i guess rtr 160 & 180 marginally may have fallen behind due to beast series 180 is now 139 kgs & 160 138 kgs..

correct me if i'm wrong.

Amit said...

Eagerly waiting for the 2013 comparo!

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