Feb 21, 2012

7 Honda CBR150R soon to clash head on with the Yamaha R15

Moto GP Champ Casey Stoner in the TV Commercial for the CBR150R.. alarm bells for the Yamaha India's R15 V2.0..??

Nearly 5 years back I had made a post on this blog that why doesn't Honda launch the CBR150R (sold in Thailand back then) in India too? [Click here to visit that post] Finally Honda (India) is going to launch the latest version of the CBR150R in India by most probably March 2012..!!

"Live to Race", that is the tag line Honda is using for the CBR150R. Honda has also made a TV Commercial for the CBR150R featuring Moto GP Champ and currently a Honda rider, Casey Stoner in that video. I guess one doesn't need to further clarify as to how Honda wants us to see the CBR150R as.

Honda CBR150R TV Commercial [Featuring Casey Stoner]

Honda CBR150R Vs Yamaha R15:

With the Yamaha R15 also positioned as a race track friendly bike, the 150 cc Honda looks all set to take the 150 cc Yamaha head on in terms of engine specs (both with liquid cooled, 150 cc, 4 valve, single cylinder engines), ride dynamics (both bikes seem to be designed as track friendly street bikes) and if news sources are to be believed, also in terms of pricing..!!

Should Yamaha India be worried for its R15?

Honda CBR150R Vs. Yamaha R15 V2.0: Specs Comparo

Honda CBR150R: Photos

New Honda CBR 150RNew Honda CBR 150RNew Honda CBR 150R

New Honda CBR 150RNew Honda CBR 150RNew Honda CBR 150R

New Honda CBR 150RNew Honda CBR 150RNew Honda CBR 150R

New Honda CBR 150RNew Honda CBR 150RNew Honda CBR 150R

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Siddharth Soni said...

In the next few months, I want to see the impact of Duke 200 on both these bikes CBR150R and R15.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


According to me in terms of specs, performance and value for money the 200 Duke is much better offering but then the 200 Duke misses down on one feature. i.e. a "Superbike" like Full Faired look. which I believe still appeals to most Indian buyers than real on road performance.

Had I been in my twenties, even I would have preferred a Full Faired bike more than a Naked bike

Shaiju B said...

Well said Payeng, Duke 200 is for guys who doesn't care about the big fairing. Apart from the fairing, Duke 200 tops all the features and specifications which is going to make it a winner.

Anonymous said...

Findings: 1. CBR is short stroke engine than R15, till its torque is much lesser than Yam... attention needed.
2. If Honda had its bullet in its pistol, why did its waited so long (specially after launching of R15 four years ago), and let made Yam the unofficial king of 150 cc performance bike? Failure of marketing & survey?
3. If I have Rs 130k to burn, I would rather go to bigger engine, ie Duke... (Similar to fact that, Corrola altis with tiny 1400 cc engine find hard to sell against 1800+cc German+ Czechs. This is just for example... as all of them matches notch to notch, including prices, except engine size) This is general mentality. Did Honda making it wrong pricing, what they did to spoil brilliant Jazz itself? I wish, price should be 15k lesser.


Anonymous said...

I agree with u guys and also the price of this bike should be still more lesser than it's actual price

pravn said...

Guys, actually CBR150R has its own reasons to be priced higher than 200NS, Duke200, R15...like,
2. FI<200NS lacks>
3. Closed loop fuel system
4. A good pillion seat
5. Comfy riding position

And, you can similarly quote such things from other models too, like linked mono from R15, Underbelly exhaust, triple spark(though 2 comes active only after triple digit speedos)....

This CBR150R, is surely a worth the buy but failed to impress as the extra expenses are over very minute performance oriented issues as quoted above.

Anonymous said...

waiting for your review

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