Jan 16, 2012

1 TVS @ 2012 AutoExpo: 125 cc Radeon Prototype & official word of Victor brand to be re-launched

Motorcycles from TVS Motors @ 2012 AutoExpo..

TVS @ previous AutoExpos:

The image that TVS Motors projects itself at almost every AutoExpo is that of an extremely adventurous 2 wheeler maker who are not averse to trying exciting stuff. Since 2004 at every AutoExpo, TVS have been dishing out outlandish 2 wheeler concepts. Chicane, Taurus, Isotope, Predator, X-Fossil are names of some of those motorcycle concepts. There was even a futuristic quad bike concept called Hammer head during the last 2010 AutoExpo.

TVS @ this year’s (2012) AutoExpo

TVS pavilion @ 2012 AutoExpo

But during this year’s AutoExpo for a change there were no flashy motorcycle concepts from TVS. The TVS pavilion was strewn around with TVS current Indian lineup of Sport, Star City and Apache RTR variants among the motorcycles and the Scooty Pep+/Streak and Wego among the scooters.

TVS did show a hybrid (electric + petrol) scooter concept called the "Qube" at the Expo which according to TVS should be introduced into the market for customer trails soon. There was also the recently announced by TVS, a new engine with an all new Automatic Transmission at display on a bare bone scooter frame. But then I have always been least interested in scooters, hybrid, 100% internal combustion or with a new automatic transmission.

In a nutshell there was not much put on display at the 2012 AutoExpo for the motorcycle enthusiast (but then this was the story at the 2012 AutoExpo with most of the other brands as well).

TVS RTR 250 FX: Photo credit - Team-Bhp

TVS displayed its 150 cc, liquid cooled step thru model the Tormax which is manufactured and on sale in Indonesia. There was also another liquid cooled 250 cc, motocross motorcycle the RTR 250 FX which incidentally the factory racing team of TVS uses to race in the off road championships. Also according to my knowledge the 250 cc, liquid cooled engine of the RTR 250 FX is actually not TVS developed but an imported unit.

TVS 125 cc Radeon Prototype

TVS has officially stated that they would launch 2 new motorcycles in 2012. A 125 cc bike called Radeon (to be launched by this year mid) and another motorcycle under the resurrected Victor brand (to be launched by the year end).

TVS did show a 125 cc concept named Radeon at the Auto Expo but it was a very low key display which was mostly missed by our auto blogs/sites. The 125 cc Radeon displayed at the AutoExpo was shown in the body panels of the TVS Jive, had a front disc brake and a 125 cc engine, which according to TVS has been taken from the discontinued 125 cc engine of the Victor 125.

So I guess there is no twin spark stuff from TVS this time.

TVS Radeon 125 cc Prototype: Photo credit - Team-Bhp

According to the TVS officials at the Expo, this was just a prototype meant for display at the Expo and the actual Radeon bike which would be finally launched would feature completely new panels and design.

But then doesn’t this defeat the purpose of showing the bike at the Expo? Maybe TVS did not want the competition to have a peek at the new 125 cc bike. Lets leave it to TVS to showcase whatever they like and what they finally launch.

But the list of motorcycle brands from TVS is definitely getting a bit too long. Apache RTR, Sport, Star City, Jive, Flame and now Radeon & Victor. How about discontinuing the slow moving Flame and Jive to make way for the Radeon and Victor?

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Anonymous said...

Jive was a brave attempt by TVS, may be not too successful, but I like the fact that they tried something different. It's time that they quickly get their product strategy in place. At the moment only Bajaj seems to have it in place, others are too dispersed.

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