Jan 30, 2012

53 Next Gen Pulsar (Pulsar 200NS) Unveiled..!! [Photos/Specs]

The most awaited motorcycle of India the "Next Gen Pulsar", has finally been officially unveiled..

First things first: It is not a "launch" but more of an "unveil/first look". The commercial launch would take place in March-April 2012.

Photo Credit: xBhp

Posted here are photos of the Stunnng next generation Pulsar which has been officially unveiled today. The bike looks nothing short of space age and drips with lot a of brawny attitude. As seen from the photo posted below the bike actually looks much bigger than what's its tech specs suggests.

To sum it up it looks fast, muscular, brutal, edgy and new age. The new Pulsar 200NS (NS: Naked Sports) looks to be armed to the teeth to take on and to decimate any competition. The next gen Pulsar looks all set for another Decade of Dominance..!!

The bike unveiled is being called as "Pulsar 200NS (Naked Sports)". Gone is the signature Pulsar tank of the first generation. What you get is a totally restyled package. The chassis now has a Perimeter frame with a monoshock rear suspension..! The engine is a 200 cc, 4 valve per cylinder, liquid cooled, short stroke motor producing 23.5 Ps of peak power. The oficially stated price so far is "Under one lakh".

Pulsar 200NS speedo Console

Now, what do you guys think of the Next Gen Pulsar..??

Pulsar 200 NS Technical Specifications:

Type: 200 cc, Single Cylinder, 4 valve, SOHC, 3 Spark plug per cylinder
Max. Power: 23.5 Ps @ 9500
Max. Torque: 18.3 @ 8000
Cooling: Liquid cooling
Bore x Stroke: 72mm x 49mm
Fuel System: Carburetor 33mm (Ucal carburetor)
Air filter: Paper element
Gears: 6 speed

Frame: Pressed steel Perimeter
Front Tyre: 100/80 - 17, 52 P, Tubeless
Rear Tyre: 130/70 - 17, 61 P, Tubeless
Front Brake: 280 mm Disc
Rear Brake: 230 mm Disc

Length x Width x Height: 2017 mm x 804 mm x 1195 mm
Kerb Weight: 145 kgs
Ground Clearance: 167 mm
Seat height: 805 mm
Wheelbase: 1363 mm
Fuel Tank capacity: 12 Ltrs

Max Speed: 136 Kmph
Acceleration: 0-60 kmph in 3.61 sec, 0-100 kmph in 9.83 sec
Braking Distance: Both brakes (60- 0Kmph) 16.33 metres

Ignition system: DC Ignition
Battery: 12V 8AH VRLA
Head Lamp: 35/35W
Tail/Stop Lamp: 0.3/3 W, LED

Price: Under one lakh..!!

Photos [Courtesy: AutocarIndia]

Pulsar 200NSPulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NSPulsar 200NSPulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NSPulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NSPulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NSPulsar 200NS Pulsar 200NS

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wooooo !!!! maaaaaann




Anonymous said...


santosa said...

just hope the price < 1 lac
but still for me DUKE looks much better than Pulsar...

Anonymous said...

Looks good BUT Why is it NOT FUEL INJECTED?
Any comments Payeng?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


most probably because the common India is ready to pay for a "Full Fairing" but not extra for a "Fi" system.

Opting for carburetor instead for "Fi" should translate into attractive pricing

Anonymous said...

benelli benelli hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Wat abt 150,180,

Anonymous said...

Kerb Weight:145 kgs less than 180 pulsar,
omg 3spark plugs, pulsar rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

I am 5'4". Will this bike suite me?

If not pls tell which bike suits me above 150cc segment (naked, sporty, or any) pls leave your comments

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


your query can only be answered after a test ride of the bike

Koley Nilesh said...

So So So BAJAJ Back with A BIG BANG... and OMG The way it looks is like Pulsar out from A good pump at Gym and loads of steroids!!! goshh...ehhh!!!! The instrumentation console looks a mix between Pulsar 135 and Suzuki Gs 150... :D S.P now You's got 2 bikes for test ride bro... and what an irony Both coming out from the Same stable with almost same Specs But totally different Characters :D

Sergius said...

Great Job by Bajaj, does look like it needs a way bigger engine.
The only point for me is that it looks a little too inspired by the Honda CB1000R. The stance and character and even detailing like headlight shape, crown above it etc.

Shaiju B said...

The headlight is a Benelli inspired one. But as a whole the bike looks great. The specs are awesome. It has set a benchmark for the competitors. I sincerely wish it has improved in the refinement and durability aspect as well. This is surely going to rock the Indian streets. All the very best Bajaj and a big thanks for understanding the Indian youth and raising to the expectations.

Lets see who all are going to follow Bajaj's footsteps.

Prakash said...

looks great...the speedo is disappointing though

Anonymous said...

worth to wait for...hope it'll launched soon so we pulsarian=indonesia pulsar rider can have something to be proud of...


Great work but the bike attitude is more of a boy-ish one than of a masculine one. Impression is similar to KTM bikes. I do not think aged ones will buy Pulsar from now on.

Anonymous said...

Lots of work has gone into this bike and looks too big and bit complicated for a 200CC engine. What is with increase in spark plugs for every upgrade and do we even need 3 spark plugs on such a small displacement engine? Is that an oil spill on "pic2" and "pic6" ? Should satisfy Pulsar enthusiasts and should sell well. Lets see how Hero and TVS are gonna react to this one.

Anurag said...

headlight CB1000R, rest Benelli TNT inspired.. whatever the product is a mean machine indeed.. wonder how much the saree guard would succeed in ruining the overall aesthetics of the motorcycle. But the official booking commencing from Mar-Apr is a real brutality to the prospected buyers... :D

S.P. the front/rear brakes specs are interchanged, never mind the pictures are too sexy to drool upon and goof up things in excitement ;-)

Anurag said...

and we should expect the 150/180 soon.. cos the ones shot tested weren't 200 for sure.. missing rear disc and shorter wheel base says it all!!

Koley Nilesh said...

@ above New pulsar 350 inline says Mr Rahul "Pulsar" Bajaj... :)(:


SATADAL DA ,any clue when rest of the Pulsars(150/180 etc) are launching...

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks for the correction Anurag, got it corrected

@Vijay, logically there must be lower variants as well because that has been the Pulsar strategy so far. Lets wait and see.

Melville said...

What I like-
+ Petal disc brakes
+ Instrument console (way more mature than Duke, Shift light)
+ Engine bay is packed to the gills
+ Attention to detail with Italian styled, forged elements
+ Monoshock with Nitrox
+ Claimed fuel efficiency of 50+ kmpl ;)

What I don't-
- Styling, styling, styling
- Designed inspirations from Benelli to Ducati to Honda (As someone said on Xbhp, no harmony!)
- Over-designed with unnecessary complexity serving no purpose (Mahindra XUV of bikes?)
- Still Ill-Proportioned (classic Indian design traits- tad stretched bodywork makes wheelbase look short, headlamp and fairing high-placed exposing too much of front forks)
- Old Pulsar inspirations don't gel well (Side and tail sections virtually unchanged)
+ No Fi ?! (am beginning to wonder if Bajaj secretly has issues developing a reliable FI system)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Melville I know we would be in minority but the overall design does look a bit fussy and a bit overdone in the pics..

but then like it works for the majority on the XUV, it should work well on the Pulsar too.

About "Fi", if Bajaj can give it to the Duke then the only reason that I see the new Pulsar not getting it is because of the additional cost (around 15-20K) that a Fi unit will add on.

Anonymous said...

So what happened to the bike spotted with the KTM Racing engine in it. It did'nt have a rear disc brake as well. I think that all the pulsar's are going to look the same this time around too the 125/150 or 180 which is not a good thing if you are looking for exclusivity. It is very important not to be mistaken for riding a lower capacity bike.

Veerendra Giddaluru said...

Looks awesome in yellow. Bajaj's twin attack should give sleepless nights to competition. Keeping old tail section is a bit disappointing, but triple spark tech is the big surprise, which eliminates need for FI. When you can achieve minimal emissions with carburetor what's the need for FI, it saves huge cost that's usually associated with FI. It's an outstanding effort by Bajaj.. right now R15/ZMR/karizma should be worried as they are squarely aimed at by both P200 & Duke 200. CBR150? nah, I think it's dead even before launch, even if they launch it they will be aiming at a very niche segment, which wants faired bike with usable pillion seat.


bajaj PULSAR 200NS a bike of this dimension has only 35/35w head lamps is a big let down..;-(

Anonymous said...

@ above:
If the bike looks good and rides well, it would be meaningless to me to find whether it is a copy cat of any honda or ducati or anything else.... nobody in my society, in my block have these foreign two wheels... so why should i bother about these original design? even mighty tata sumo is a copy cat of merc g55... at the end, we the biker next door takes the bike as individual personality, no matter whether it is inspired one or not...

drowning me said...

I guess the next version, probably with a half fairing like current P220 will have HID/projector lamp.

Anonymous said...

ktm duke 200 is far better product...wat is dis triple spark? is it proven technology??

Sanket Kambli said...

kickass bike..

takes the pulsar cult forward

Anonymous said...

clipon handlebaes r necessary for naked?? a wide handle bar like on duke oe fz can be far better..

softwareprabhu said...

for those who are still thinking about Bajaj Pulsar 200NS vs KTM Duke 200:

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is the best middle-class sports bike and there is no doubt in it.
i love it. but, KTM Duke 200 is not just a bike, it a Lifestyle. like Bullet.

their model name is not just a name. they mean it.
(KTM) Duke - A nobleman (in various countries) of high rank
Rolal (Enfield) - Established, chartered or authorized by royalty

are you still comparing?!. visit some foreign blogs/website before comparing a foreign/other category bike.

PS: students, stay away from Royal Enfield & KTM, unless you have a fatso wallet for addon accessories/wears.
without those extra addons, there is no meaning of buying a KTM or Royal Enfield.

melville said...

I completely agree with you on its a mass appeal. Everyone's going ga-ga over it. This will wrest back the 'poser's favourite' tag from the FZ series for sure...
Also, what's with the multitude of colours and finishes? Red-black-gloss-matte-silver-dull gold... Utterly baffling!
Rajiv Bajaj says that this doesn't share a component with the Duke? Balderdash! Every bit of the specs point out that this is a detuned Duke engine in a fancy, cheaper package with less exotic parts and equipment.
Bottomline- Given a choice, I'll take the Duke, thank you very much! (Although it's an enirely diff tale tht given abt 3 big ones, I would take the 250 Kwacker)

Anonymous said...

This time i wud like the pulsar's to be different looking compared to each other. If I am buying Pulsar 200NS I wud like it not to be mistaken for a Pulsar 150NS or a 180NS but sadly i don't think it is going to be different this time around too. The spy pics seen earlier of the pulsar which had no rear disc brake was most propably with a 125 KTM Duke engine. The RACING KTM Orange engine LOGO was visible & the remaining bike look's same as the Pulsar 200NS.

Veerendra Giddaluru said...

@Melville, it's not detuned, it's as good as it can get with carburettor.(or should I say without FI). Of course, anyone can tell you that basic engine block is the same on both Pulsar & Duke. To me styling on this one is contemporary, save for the tail section, possibly left out for next upgrade.
With FI they can't price it below 1 lakh. They don't want to position this above 1 lakh, as that's where they positioned Duke 200.

Anonymous said...

since the new pulsar shares the duke's parts and basic platform does this mean the ktm powerparts and accessories like akrapovic exhaust can be fitted to the pulsars also to spice things up by a little margin or so ... any info and thoughts on this bro..?And can you throw some light on the faired version rumours which has projectors and full fairing and which is gonna be set primarily as a 220 replacement and as well as the possibility of Fi inclusion in future and upcoming other variants....
thank you

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

I agree with Veerendra the Pulsar would be positioned as a Value For Money proposition.. and the Duke as a premium offering

Custom Motorcycles said...

Thanks buddy sharing the pics and information regarding the pulsar. I was looking change of my bike.

Anonymous said...

NICE Bike ....
When this bike arrive to indonesia , hurry up cos honda will launch a new sport 150cc

Go pulsar go bajaj
from indonesia

yash said...

eargerly waiting for this ............oooooohoooooooooooooo

Shibadip said...

I had a pulsar 150cc which got stolen 2 yrs back.Snce den was waiting for r15 v2.0, but on it,s launch found it too impractical and too expensive!! So, again had to wait long for next gen pulsars.
Although i am a pulsar fan, but i am not a fan of naked bikes. But the aggressive looks of 200 NS is haunting me every day and so i am planning to book 200 NS on 1st day only, but can anyone tell me if a full fairing can b attached in d bike?? (After d warranty period is over)
Also will it be risky to book it so early without looking over some of the ownership reviews.

Anonymous said...

hi payeng bro.I am eagerly waiting for pulsar 200 ns test ride review.could you plz tell us when you are getting test ride of this bike.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for that bike to come out here in the philippines, i just had my pulsar 135 ls last month and so far so good but i would have a second thought of selling it and get this awesome model of pulsar once it is available here!

Anonymous said...

compression ratio....?????

pr@$! said...

hii.. friendz tel me company said miellage p.200ns bike

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


accrding to me expect a realistic mileage of around 35-40 kmpl

abhisek said...

The best designed bike in India IMHO. Its creating waves across the Globe. Guys dont worry about FE becz when it comes to FE, Bajaj are the king of motorbikes. I currently own Stunner. Not satisfied with it (apart from the looks). My next bike should be the next Gen Pulsar with Fairing [If Im not cash crunched ofcourse ;-) ] because I feel I am a hardcore biker who needs performance, stability, looks but have to consider FE and VFM too as an intelligent buy.

Anonymous said...

this machine deserves a fuel injection....the only thing that sucks about this bike....

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Maman said...



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